Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 379

“Entangling Xia Mengyao?”
“Have you seen Lao Tzu entangled Xia Mengyao with that eye?”
“She is a divorced second-hand product that deserves to be entangled by Lao Tzu?” Liu Shaobo sneered. The reason why he was so diligent with Xia Mengyao was simply because Xia Mengyao is beautiful, he just covets Xia Mengyao’s body.
As for marrying Xia Mengyao? Without even thinking about it, it’s impossible.
At any rate, he is also a wealthy second-generation billionaire, what kind of woman can’t find? Marry a divorced woman as your wife? It’s only when the brain is kicked by a donkey.
Divorced? second hand?
Hearing Liu Shaobo’s words, the expressions of many people in the hall changed.
No one thought that the newly appointed beauty president of Kangmei Group turned out to be a divorced second-hand product?
This news is really explosive.
All of a sudden, the gossip fire ignited, and there were endless discussions.
Chen Feng’s face was also extremely cold.
Without even thinking about it, what Liu Shaobo said would affect Xia Mengyao’s reputation.
From today, the whole company will circulate the story of Xia Mengyao’s divorce.
Fang Ya’s pretty face also changed color suddenly. She didn’t expect that Liu Shaobo would be so ignorant that even Xia Mengyao’s divorce would dare to speak out in public.
“Shao Liu, what are you talking about? When did Mr. Xia get divorced, why don’t I know…” Fang Ya pulled out a strong smile. She couldn’t sit back and watch the rumors spread. She had to find a way to suppress it. After all, Xia Mengyao just arrived at the company, and her reputation is still very important to her. If the company knows that Xia Mengyao is a divorced woman, it will inevitably have a great impact on Xia Mengyao’s prestige.
“I don’t know?” Liu Shaobo sneered: “Fang Ya, do you and Lao Tzu have any meaning here?”
“The divorce of that bitch Xia Mengyao, you can find out if you just inquire about it. Doesn’t it need to be nonsense?”
“To tell you the truth, on the first day Xia Mengyao came to Zhonghai, Lao Tzu knew that she was divorced.”
“I also knew that her husband was a waste home son-in-law. He had not touched Xia Mengyao’s body once for three years. , Xia Mengyao is still a place.”
Liu Shaobo sneered again and again. When he said this, he didn’t mean to lower his voice, and he said it loudly to the many Kangmei Group employees in the hall.
His purpose was obvious, to destroy Xia Mengyao’s reputation and make Xia Mengyao succumb to his lewdness.
As expected by Chen Feng, after Liu Shaobo finished speaking, the audience exploded.
“After three years of marriage, Mr. Xia is still a good place?! My God, this news is too hot .” “It’s more than crazy. If the person who said this was Liu Shaobo, I wouldn’t believe it at all? Is there a problem with the general ex-husband in that respect, or how could there be such a beautiful woman as President Xia, who will not start for three years?”
“So, President Xia’s ex-husband, let President Xia stay for three years in vain. Widowed?”
“No wonder Mr. Xia always looks like an iceberg that is thousands of miles away. It turns out that there is too much desire and dissatisfaction.”
“Maybe not only desire and dissatisfaction, but also hate that iron can not make steel. Haven’t you heard Liu Shaobo say that President Xia’s ex-husband is a door-to-door son-in-law. How many prospects can door-to-door son-in-law have this year? I guess that President Xia’s ex-husband has more than sex. President Xia can’t be satisfied with his career, and his career is very unsatisfactory. If not, he will not become President Xia’s ex-husband.”
Fang Ya’s expression keeps changing, and there is no doubt that Liu Shaobo’s remarks have played their due role. At most one day, rumors about Xia Mengyao will spread throughout the company.
“Fang Ya, can I ask you Mr. Xia now?” Liu Shaobo gave Fang Ya a triumphant glance. Xia Mengyao’s reputation is not stinky, and it has nothing to do with him. He is greedy by Xia Mengyao’s body, but not This person Xia Mengyao.
“Shao Liu, you…”
“What are you? Fang Ya, I can tell you that I know about Xia Mengyao, but there are more than two things. If you don’t let Lao Tzu in, Lao Tzu will take all of Xia Mengyao today. Things are shaking out.” Liu Shaobo sneered again and again, but he didn’t believe it, Fang Ya would really sit and watch his big mouth talking nonsense here.
“Okay, I’ll take you to find President Xia.” Fang Ya took a deep breath, and finally decided to compromise with Liu Shaobo.
If Liu Shaobo is allowed to talk nonsense here, he may discredit Xia Mengyao.
Seeing Fang Ya and Liu Shaobo walking towards the elevator, everyone in the hall looked like a good show. Only Chen Feng’s expression was extremely cold.
After passing a cold light in his eyes, Chen Feng followed Fang Ya and Liu Shaobo into the elevator.
Just as Fang Ya stepped on her front foot, she felt a pain in the back of her neck, then she rolled her eyes and fainted uncontrollably.
Seeing Fang Ya fall to the ground, Liu Shaobo realized what had happened, and hurriedly pointed at Chen Feng and shouted in panic,
“You…what are you doing?!”
Chen Fengsen sneered coldly and did not say anything to Liu Shaobo. When he walked in front of Liu Shaobo, he raised his hand and slapped Liu Shaobo’s face with a slap.
Clear and loud applause sounded in the elevator.
Chen Feng’s heavy slap directly caused Liu Shaobo to turn around in a circle, and two or three teeth splashed out of his mouth.
After a buzzing in his head, Liu Shaobo realized what had happened. His eyes were blood red, and his chest was filled with an unknown rage. He gritted his teeth and looked at Chen Feng: “You…you dare to hit me?! You know my dad…”

Pop ” didn’t give Liu Shaobo too much opportunity to speak. Chen Feng sneered again and raised his big hand, slapped Liu Shaobo’s face with a heavy slap.
After two consecutive slaps, Liu Shaobo only felt that he was going crazy.
Who is this TM?
Lao Tzu doesn’t even know his name, so why does he beat Lao Tzu like this?
Seeing Chen Feng walking over again blankly, Liu Shaobo immediately panicked, and hurriedly waved his hand to beg Chen Feng for mercy: “Brother don’t fight first, don’t fight first, have you admitted the wrong person? I have no grievances with you. I have never seen you before…”
“Haven’t you seen me?” A sneer appeared at the corner of Chen Feng’s mouth.
Liu Shaobo, who looked at this sneer, was surprised, but he still hurriedly explained: “Yes, I can be sure, I haven’t seen you before, brother, you must have called the wrong person.”
“You called the wrong person?” “Chen Feng narrowed his eyes: “Your name is Liu Shaobo?”
Liu Shaobo was taken aback, and then nodded: “My name is Liu Shaobo…”

Pop ” Liu Shaobo hasn’t finished speaking, and Chen Feng is expressionless. A slap on his face.
“Since it is called Liu Shaobo, it is correct.”
“I’m calling Liu Shaobo!”

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