Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 39

“I didn’t want to repay the money I borrowed, but I want to kill the person who borrowed money from me, my heart is so dark!”
“That is, I have money to buy an Audi A6, why not pay people back!”
“You look like a dog, but you can’t do things.”
Passers-by spoke, many of them stood beside Sun Guifang’s mother and son.
“Everyone listened to me, she was my aunt. Seeing my husband bought a new car, she wanted to touch porcelain…” Xia Mengyao was almost crying.
But passers-by did not listen to her explanation at all.
“Cut! The porcelain has come out. It’s obviously that you borrowed the money and didn’t pay it back, and want to give it to others.”
“Funny. Whose aunt will touch her niece’s porcelain.”
“These rich people don’t have a good thing!”
Everyone, you and I say a word, as if Chen Feng and Xia Mengyao had committed an unforgivable sin.
Sun Guifang glanced at Chen Feng and Xia Mengyao triumphantly. The provocation in his eyes was very obvious. He wanted to fight with the old lady, so he could go back to his womb and practice for another two years.
Looking at Sun Guifang with a smug face, Xia Mengyao was even more angry, but at this time, she had nothing to do with Sun Guifang, because everyone was on Sun Guifang’s side.
“You said I borrowed you half a million yuan?”
At this time, Chen Feng spoke coldly.
“Yeah, two years ago you said you wanted to do business and you asked me to borrow money. I lent you the 500,000 worth of the house sold at home. At that time, you said that you would return it to me at most one month. Years…” Sun Guifang said straightforwardly, and people who didn’t know could not see that she was lying.
“What about the IOU? You borrowed so much money from me. You should always let me make an IOU.” Chen Feng said.
“IOU?” Sun Guifang’s eyes were a little dodge, and he bit the bullet and said: “I put the IOU at home. How could I take such important things with me casually.”
Chen Feng sneered and continued: “Okay, let’s not talk about the IOU. You just said that I wanted to kill you. Do you have any evidence?”
“Evidence?” Sun Guifang screamed, “I was almost killed by you. Where is the evidence.”
“Meaning you have no evidence?” Chen Feng said indifferently.
When Chen Feng said this, the brows of many passers-by began to frown. When Sun Guifang cried, they preconceived that Chen Feng and Xia Mengyao were the culprits. It seems that things are probably not what Sun Guifang said, because Sun Guifang’s reaction was a little abnormal.
“I…I don’t care. It’s true that you beat our mothers anyway. My son is lying on the ground. It’s impossible for him to beat him by himself.” Sun Guifang continued to snarly.
“I did the injury on your son’s body.” Chen Feng admitted lightly.
“Have you heard! Did you hear that! He admitted to the beast who killed a thousand swords. He was the one who hit my son.” Seeing Chen Feng dare to admit it himself, Sun Guifang’s expression was overjoyed.
“But I haven’t asked you to borrow half a million, let alone hit you.” Chen Feng said again.
“Then why are you hitting my son?” Sun Guifang said with his arms around his chest.
“Because he owes it.” Chen Feng said lightly.
“You…” Sun Guifang was angry. She thought Chen Shengeng was sophistry, but she didn’t expect that Chen Feng had no sophistry.
“Criticism, everyone, this conscientious beast, not to mention borrowing money from our orphans and widows, but also wants to kill our orphans and widows, is there any king?” Sun Guifang knelt on the ground again and began to sell miserably.
“Call the police! Take this scumbag to the police station and let the police teach him!”
“Don’t think you can do whatever you want if you have money! Everyone went together and took off the clothes of the dog and the man.”
Some people who conducted the unpredictable test intended to take advantage of Xia Mengyao.
“A bunch of brainless idiots!” Chen Feng glanced at many passers-by, his eyes instantly cold.
“Which idiot are you scolding?!”
“TM, you dare to be so arrogant if you make a mistake, let’s go together and kill him!”
Someone rolled up their sleeves, eager to try.
Sun Guifang, who was on the side, was full of delight. This trash, she was an out-and-out idiot. In this case, she even dared to commit public outrage. She could already predict the tragedy of Chen Feng being attacked by a group. Up.
Sun Guifang couldn’t help but glanced at Chen Feng, as if he wanted to see Chen Feng’s horrified expression, but who knew that Chen Feng smiled disdainfully, and asked faintly: “Do you know why I say you are dumb fools?”
Everyone kept silent.
Chen Feng shook his head and sneered: “Yes, you idiots, maybe you don’t even know that there is something in this world called a driving recorder!”
Driving recorder? !
Everyone’s complexion changed drastically in an instant, how could they not know this kind of thing.
Seeing that Chen Feng was so emboldened, everyone instantly reacted, the truth of the matter may not be what Sun Guifang said!
Immediately everyone turned their gazes to Sun Guifang, but saw that Sun Guifang’s eyes were really dodging.
“I owe you half a million?” Chen Feng glanced at Sun Guifang and asked lightly.
“I…I…” Sun Guifang hesitated, unable to speak.
“I just wanted to drive you to death?” Chen Feng sneered and continued to ask.
“I… I still have something to do at home, I’ll leave first.” After Sun Guifang put down these words, she left in a hurry. She was afraid that she would not leave again. Chen Feng directly published the video in the dash cam, which made the public angry. I am afraid it is her.
Seeing Sun Guifang fleeing with his tail sandwiched between them, many passers-by, no matter how stupid they were, realized that they were fooled by Sun Guifang!
For a while, everyone was ashamed and annoyed, and they dared not even look at Chen Feng.
Xia Mengyao opened her mouth wide, she didn’t know what to say anymore.
Only she in the audience knew that Chen Feng’s car was newly mentioned!
There is no driving recorder at all!
Chen Feng is cheating!
But by the way, no one can see it!
Seeing Sun Guifang and Lin Dajun leaving the scene like mourning dogs, Chen Feng couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. He was really afraid that this pair of superb mothers and sons had a streak in their minds, so they had to look at the driving recorder and follow him to the end. .
Chen Feng turned around and saw Xia Mengyao staring at herself blankly. Chen Feng couldn’t help but smile: “What are you looking at, is your husband so handsome?”
Xia Mengyao blushed. When Chen Feng scolded many passerby idiots just now, he was very handsome and had a special temperament, but Xia Mengyao couldn’t admit it.
“Where is handsome, it’s ugly.” Xia Mengyao curled her lips, Jiao Jiao said.
Chen Feng touched his nose and smiled, ugly? It’s not too ugly.
“Son, how come Chen Feng, this trash, can suddenly hit him like this? You can’t even beat him.” After fled to a residential building with Lin Dajun, Sun Guifang asked in a puzzled way. She knew her son’s abilities even in elementary school. Teacher, the evaluation of Lin Dajun is that the student has stable grades and strong hands-on ability. It can be said that Lin Dajun has hardly suffered a loss in fighting.
But today, in front of Chen Feng, Lin Dajun is like a primary school student. He fell down by Chen Feng even if he couldn’t even touch Chen Feng’s side. Could it be that Chen Feng, this waste, took some panacea to transform his body?

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