Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 384

“What character?” Chen Feng narrowed his eyes, exuding a dangerous aura.
“Unscrupulous, lawless!” Qin Xuerou said solemnly.
“He started from a small gangster, and he has been in his current position.”
“For someone like him, evidence is sometimes not important! He only pays attention to results!”
“If Liu Shaobo really died, he would kill. All suspects will be buried with Liu Shaobo!”
“Even if Xia Mengyao has no suspicion, Xia Mengyao must die too!”
“Because Liu Shaobo disappeared to see her.”
Chen Feng’s heart trembled , Qin Xuerou said. It is not impossible that if Liu Yuanqing is really the kind of unreasonable person, Liu Shaobo will die, Liu Yuanbo will indeed anger Xia Mengyao.
“Chen Feng, I warn you, don’t think about killing Liu Yuanqing, there are other people behind Liu Yuanqing, this person is not something you can afford, even if it is your Chen family, against the people behind Liu Yuanqing You have to weigh and weigh.” As if afraid that Chen Feng would also kill Liu Yuanqing, Qin Xuerou hurriedly reminded that if Liu Shaobo was killed, there was still room for maneuver. If Chen Feng killed Liu Yuanqing, it would be true. The pierced the sky.
“Don’t worry, I’m not that bloodthirsty.” Chen Feng shook his head and said, what does Qin Xuerou take him for, is he a murderer? Even if it was Liu Shaobo, he didn’t kill him, let alone Liu Yuanqing, but he did not expect Liu Yuanqing’s background.
Even the Chen family must be jealous…
These words are enough to explain everything.
In Huaxia, there are not many families that can make the Chen family jealous. To be precise, there should be only five, and they are called the Six Masters!
“Liu Shaobo is not dead, and I can spare him, but after I spare him this time, how can you assure me that he will continue to harass Mengyao in the future?” Chen Feng asked, squinting his eyes. Everything is done to eliminate hidden dangers for Xia Mengyao. If Liu Shaobo is released and Liu Shaobo continues to harass Xia Mengyao, it means that he has done nothing.
So he must get Qin Xuerou’s guarantee.
“Chen Feng…I will warn him.” Qin Xuerou paused.
“Speaking of this matter, I am also responsible. When Xia Mengyao came to Zhonghai, I promised you that no one could threaten her safety, but Liu Shaobo…I was indeed negligent.”
“Here, I apologize to you.”
“No need, just apologize. You just need to promise that I will release Liu Shaobo this time and Liu Shaobo can control his dog’s paws.” Chen Feng said, he didn’t mean to blame Qin Xuerou, because In this matter, Qin Xuerou also had her difficulties.
In Kangmei Group, Liu Yuanqing is the largest shareholder, and Qin Xuerou is just one of many shareholders. She can control only the branch of Kangmei Group in China Shipping, Liu Shaobo, which is beyond her control.
“Okay, I can assure you that you will leave Liu Shaobo to me.” Qin Xueju said.
“By the way, does Liu Shaobo know your relationship with Xia Mengyao?” Qin Xuerou asked again. If Liu Shaobo didn’t know the relationship between Chen Feng and Xia Mengyao, she could find a way to remove Chen Feng from this matter. Liu Yuanqing has offended many enemies over the years, and Liu Shaobo’s charges can be charged to any enemy casually.
“I don’t know, he doesn’t know anything.” Chen Feng smiled. Before he took the initiative to teach Liu Shaobo, he thought that he would take Xia Mengyao out of this matter, so he didn’t reveal any information at all. Liu Shaobo’s only Only his face can be remembered.
Even if you want to find him, it is difficult to reach the sky.
“That’s good, I will find a way to remove you from this matter.” Qin Xuerou breathed a sigh of relief. If Liu Shaobo knew that it was the relationship between Chen Feng and Xia Mengyao, then this matter might be difficult to handle.
Even if Liu Yuanqing knew that Chen Feng was the heir of the Chen family, he would find a way to take a bite out of Chen Feng.
Chen Feng smiled and sent Qin Xuerou the position of Liu Shaobo.
Qin Xuerou’s movements were very fast, and it took less than twenty minutes to take people to the abandoned factory.
After seeing Liu Shaobo, Qin Xuerou’s mouth twitched suddenly.
She really couldn’t connect the young man in front of her with the stench of excrement and urine with the self-proclaimed and suave Liu family.
What did Chen Feng do to Liu Shaobo in just two hours?
Can Liu Shaobo become such a person, a ghost or a ghost?
Qin Xuerou ordered someone to rescue Liu Shaobo and was about to ask a few words about Liu Shaobo’s previous experience.
However, he found that Liu Shaobo was as frustrated as he was at this time. He only smiled silly. No matter what he asked, Liu Shaobo couldn’t tell, he just grinned.
Qin Xuerou helped her forehead and sighed, yes, now there is no need to think about how to threaten Liu Shaobo so that Liu Shaobo should stop looking for Xia Mengyao, because Liu Shaobo has been tortured crazy by Chen Feng.
In this state, if Liu Shaobo still wants to harass Xia Mengyao, it can only be said that he really loves Xia Mengyao, and Qin Xuerou has nothing to say.
“Dong Liu, I found your son.” After finishing some thoughts, Qin Xuerou called Liu Yuanqing.
“My son…” Liu Yuanqing’s voice trembled at first, then calmed down: “Thank President Qin, dare to ask President Qin, how is my son now?”
“Shaobo is still alive, but he is in his current state. It feels a little unstable.” Qin Xuerou’s words were very tactful, she was afraid that Liu Shaobo had lost her heart, and Liu Yuanqing would not be able to bear it.
“Just stay alive, just stay alive.”
“Thanks again to Mr. Qin. Another day Yuanqing will bring a gift to visit Mr. Qin. Mr. Xie Qin will save my son, Shaobo.” On the other end of the phone, Liu Yuanqing said loudly, regarding Liu Shaobo’s status. The question and how Qin Xuerou discovered Liu Shaobo didn’t mention a word, as if she didn’t care at all.
“Dong Liu is polite, it’s all a family.” Qin Xuerou smiled politely, but she was a little worried. This is the cunning aspect of Liu Yuanqing, an old fox. He didn’t mention Liu Shaobo’s status or how she was. The discovery of Liu Shaobo does not mean that he is not curious about these.
But he had already made his own judgment on these things, he didn’t want to listen to what Qin Xuerou said, he didn’t want to be misled by Qin Xuerou.
Maybe he listed Qin Xuerou as the number one suspected target at the moment.
This is where Qin Xuerou really has a headache. When dealing with old foxes like Liu Yuanqing, Liu Yuanqing doesn’t eat at all in a normal way.
This kind of old fox doesn’t believe in heaven, and sometimes, he doesn’t even believe what he sees, he only believes what he judges.

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