Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 385

“Mr. Xia, the members of the Liu family have already left.”
Fang Ya was finally relieved when he saw Liu’s Mercedes-Benz team leave. At the same time, she also prayed that Liu Shaobo’s person would be taken away. It would be better for Liu Shaobo not to come back in this life. .
“Fang Ya, didn’t you really see the appearance of the person who entered the elevator with you?” Xia Mengyao couldn’t help but ask. After hearing Liu Shaobo was about to come up, she originally planned to ask Qin Xuerou for help, but she didn’t expect that behind Something like that will happen.
Liu Shaobo disappeared from the company out of thin air. She had only seen this incredible thing in Chen Feng.
But will Chen Feng do this thing?
“President Xia, that person attacked me behind my back. I didn’t even have a chance to look back. I was knocked out by him. How could I see what he looked like.” Fang Ya smiled bitterly, she could understand In Xia Mengyao’s current mood, no matter what reason that person took Liu Shaobo away, that person helped Xia Mengyao get out of the siege, and it was only natural that Xia Mengyao wanted to know that person’s information.
“Yeah.” Xia Mengyao nodded absent-mindedly. In her mind, there was always a feeling that Chen Feng was always by her side and Chen Feng had never left her.
But she also understood that the possibility of this feeling being true is very slim. Not surprisingly, Chen Feng should be in Cangzhou now, not Zhonghai.
“Mr. Xia, your mother just called you again. She said she will come over tomorrow. Look…” Fang Ya glanced at Xia Mengyao with an inquiring look. Since Xia Mengyao became president, he received the most daily The phone is not from the company’s partner, but from Lin Lan. Lin Lan makes dozens of calls almost every day to ask where Xia Mengyao is.
“Let her come over tomorrow.” When Lin Lan was mentioned, Xia Mengyao had a headache. Lin Lan didn’t know that she came to Zhonghai as the president of Kangmei Group. What she told Lin Lan was that she came this time Zhonghai intends to find a job in Zhonghai casually, and relax by the way.
But now, Lin Lan obviously started to doubt her, otherwise she would not call her every day to ask her where she was, and now she would go to Zhonghai to see her in person.
When Lin Lan arrives in Zhonghai, she will be the president of Kangmei Group, I am afraid that Lin Lan will not be able to hide it.
At night, Chen Feng received a call.
Xiao Wei called.
“Brother Feng, are you free tonight?” Xiao Wei on the other end of the phone had a cheerful tone and was obviously in a good mood.
“Yes, what’s the matter?”
“Hehe, there is a little fairy who is going to perform on stage at night, I want you to come and see.” Xiao Wei smiled.
Chen Feng smiled openly: “Little fairy? Are you talking about yourself?”
“Well, I don’t have that thick skin. The little fairy I am talking about is Wanqiu.”
“Tonight is the 100th anniversary of the establishment of Zhonghai University. For the school celebration, Wanqiu’s participation in the dance Seven Fairies Xiafan was selected as the finale show. This is the first time Xiao Nizi has been on stage and performing in front of so many people. I am afraid that she will be nervous then, as Wanqiu’s boyfriend ‘Aren’t you just here to cheer for Wanqiu?” Xiao Wei joked. After returning from the Hongye Club last time, she and Lin Wanqiu became veritable best friends. As best friends, the first thing Xiao Wei needs to understand is Lin Wanqiu. Relationship status.
To understand Lin Wanqiu’s relationship status, Chen Feng cannot be avoided.
But every time I asked about the relationship between Lin Wanqiu and Chen Feng, Lin Wanqiu blushed and said that Chen Feng was her brother, not her boyfriend.
Xiao Wei naturally didn’t believe this.
Whether Chen Feng liked Lin Wanqiu, Xiao Wei didn’t know.
But Xiao Wei knew that Lin Wanqiu must like Chen Feng.
Because every time you mention Chen Feng, Lin Wanqiu’s face will be very red.
This time on stage, Lin Wanqiu would definitely invite Chen Feng to come over. But half an hour ago, Xiao Wei asked if Lin Wanqiu had invited Chen Feng, but Lin Wanqiu blushed and shook her head.
At that time Xiao Wei was speechless. There is no doubt that Lin Wanqiu was timid and guilty, for fear that others would know her relationship with Chen Feng.
As Lin Wanqiu’s best friend, Xiao Wei could not sit back and watch this happen.
So he took advantage of Lin Wanqiu to leave and called Chen Feng.
“What time is Wanqiu’s show?” Chen Feng paused and asked, Xiao Wei obviously misunderstood his relationship with Lin Wanqiu, but there is no way to explain this kind of thing. If you explain, it will only become darker and darker. He and Lin Wanqiu know each other well.
“At seven o’clock, you’d better come in advance, come over late, you won’t see Wanqiu.” Xiao Wei smiled.
“Okay.” Chen Feng hung up the phone with a wry smile, then took a look at the time and found that it was almost six o’clock. If Lin Wanqiu’s show was at seven o’clock, then he had to go by now.
The new car was driven by Li Le to install the driving recorder, and Chen Feng could only drive Li Le’s second-hand Santana.
Although this Santana is second-hand, Li Le has always maintained it well, and it feels very comfortable to drive.
At this moment, the backstage of the auditorium of China Overseas University.
As soon as Xiao Wei hung up the phone, a peerless figure dressed in a white dress and light makeup appeared in front of everyone.
The moment the figure appeared, all the staff and students in the backstage could not help but stop breathing. nice!
So beautiful!
In everyone’s minds, a poem emerged at this moment, there are beautiful women in the north, and they are independent from the world, look at the city of Qingren, and then the country of Qingren!
Lin Wanqiu in front of her is truly a country and a city!
A white skirt wrapped her exquisite body in a patchwork fashion. The elegant makeup perfectly showed her pure face.
Bright eyes and white teeth, skin looks like fat.
All the words that describe beauty can be used on her at this moment.
She just stood there quietly, and all the eyes of the audience would automatically gather towards her.
She is like a night pearl, destined to shine on the audience!
Xiao Wei was the first to recover from the shock. Today’s Lin Wanqiu, the light is so dazzling, even her school girl is somewhat eclipsed in front of Lin Wanqiu.
Xiao Wei .” Seeing Xiao Wei staring at herself blankly, Lin Wanqiu couldn’t help feeling a little shy.
“Wanqiu, you are too beautiful today. If someone sees you later, their eyes will fall off.” Xiao Wei smiled and walked to Lin Wanqiu.
“Someone?” Lin Wanqiu glanced at Xiao Wei suspiciously. What did Xiao Wei mean by someone?
“I was wrong, it was not someone, it was the livestock from the school.” Xiao Wei hurriedly changed her words as if she realized that she had missed her words. She wanted to give Lin Wanqiu a surprise. If Lin Wanqiu knew now, Chen Feng I’ll come over in a while and talk about any surprises.

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