Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 386

“Wanqiu, you are very beautiful today. This dress suits your temperament.” Xiao Wei also wanted to whisper a few words to Lin Wanqiu. At this moment, a tall young man in a white suit walked over.
This young man is tall and handsome, looks similar to a popular custard niche, and exudes a warm breath.
“Thank you.” Lin Wanqiu responded politely, and then turned her gaze back to Xiao Wei.
With such an unsalty or indifferent look, she immediately gritted her teeth angrily in the arena, what kind of attire? What is there to pretend?
The cursive white Wen Li of China Overseas University took the initiative to say hello to you, but you only answered thank you? Did you pretend like that?
Seeing the envy and jealous eyes of many girls around, Xiao Wei couldn’t help being a little disdainful. Others didn’t understand Lin Wanqiu. She still knew Lin Wanqiu. Lin Wanqiu would not pretend to be interested in you.
Perhaps the Bai Wenli in front of them, in the eyes of most girls, is a well-deserved Prince Charming, the lover of his dreams.
But here in Lin Wanqiu, Bai Wenli is no different from a passerby.
Don’t like it, just don’t like it.
Although Lin Wanqiu’s response was indifferent, Bai Wenli seemed completely unaware of it. After talking with Lin Wanqiu with a smile, he turned and left.
As soon as Bai Wenli walked on his front foot, a few handsome and handsome young men came over and talked to Lin Wanqiu for various bad reasons.
These boys are all influential figures in various colleges and outstanding students.
Either the family background is amazing, or the ability is outstanding.
On weekdays, they have no shortage of people to pursue, all of them are people with a higher eye than the top.
But seeing Lin Wanqiu tonight, their vision never rises up.
Everyone’s hearts were captured by Lin Wanqiu.
Surrounded by a group of boys, Lin Wanqiu felt a little uncomfortable.
At this time, Xiao Wei smiled and stood up and relieved: “Hey, hey, don’t surround Wanqiu. If you surround Wanqiu like this, Wanqiu’s boyfriend will be jealous.”
“Wanqiu has a boyfriend?! ”
Xiao Wei’s news, like a blockbuster, detonated the audience, and the faces of a few students who had accosted suddenly turned green.
I have a boyfriend, what kind of diligence do I offer here?
Lin Wanqiu was also taken aback when she heard Xiao Wei say this, but even after reacting, Xiao Wei said this to help herself.
“Yes, Wanqiu has a boyfriend, and her boyfriend will come here soon.” Xiao Wei smiled and pulled Lin Wanqiu out of the crowd.
“Xiao Mai, Wanqiu Schoolgirl has a boyfriend, why don’t I know?”
“Yes, I have never seen Wanqiu Schoolgirl’s boyfriend come to school.”
“Xiaomai, you are not lying to us. ”
Several unconvinced boys started booing.
“I didn’t lie to you, you will know right away.” Xiao Wei said, now that things are happening, I don’t care about surprises Lin Wanqiu. If you can’t solve Lin Wanqiu’s suitors, everything is useless.
Hearing what Xiao Mai said, although several boys were not convinced, they didn’t say anything, but they were thinking of what Xiao Mai said about Wanqiu’s boyfriend. If the other party is capable, they can give up Lin Wanqiu.
But if the other person is an ordinary person, don’t blame them for grabbing love!
“Sister Xiaoyu, it’s okay for you to lie to them like that, they will trouble you for a while.” Lin Wanqiu gave Xiaoyu a worried look. In order to relieve her, Xiaoyu told a lie, and these people want to see you later. Without the so-called boyfriend, they might spread their anger on Xiao Wei.
“I didn’t lie to them, your boyfriend will definitely come over soon.” Xiao Wei gave Lin Wanqiu a sly look.
Lin Wanqiu was taken aback: “Sister Xiaoyu, you won’t…”
“Xiaoyu, Wanqiu’s boyfriend you mentioned is the man who picked up Wanqiu last time.” Lin Wanqiu was about to ask Xiaoyu if she was right. I called Chen Feng, but at this moment, Wang Yanan came over. Behind her were five or six tall women in stage costumes and heavy makeup.
“Does it have anything to do with you?!” Seeing Wang Yanan, Xiao Wei’s face suddenly became cold. It was Wang Yanan who kidnapped Lin Wanqiu to the Hongye Club last time. If it weren’t for Chen Feng and Shi Pojun to save people later, Lin Wanqiu might have been successful. Liu Kun’s plaything.
Wang Yanan raised her eyebrows: “Xiao Hao, what are you doing so aggressively? I just ask you, can you make it so angry?”
“If I guessed correctly, the boyfriend of Wanqiu you said was Give you the local tyrant who bought your gifts. ”
Wang Yanan’s remarks were like throwing a nuclear bomb on a calm lake, and suddenly a stormy wave was set off. Everyone in the court couldn’t help but turn their eyes to Xiao Wei.
Undoubtedly, the hottest thing that the entire Zhonghai University has discussed in the past few days is, who is the local tyrant who gave Xiao Wei a gift? !
One hundred and forty super rockets, as well as ten space battleships for the first time in history!
Gifts worth nearly 1.5 million!
It was all given by that Shenhao alone!
Such a god, the background in reality is absolutely monstrous.
Countless people are very curious about his identity.
Some people say that he is the school board who took care of Xiao Wei, and some people say that this superstar is the second generation of a well-known rich in Zhonghai circle.
But no matter what it is, it is all guesswork without any basis.
Now, Wang Yanan said, she had seen this person before and had taken Lin Wanqiu away?
For a while, everyone’s curiosity was aroused.
“Wang Yanan, don’t talk nonsense!” Xiao Wei’s face changed. Wang Yanan’s intentions in these words were not vicious. It not only provoked her relationship with Lin Wanqiu, but also dragged Lin Wanqiu into the muddy water and made the school students. Subconsciously thought that Lin Wanqiu had also taken the same path as Xiao Wei.
“Are I talking nonsense? You know it in your own heart.” Wang Yanan snorted coldly, and said, from the look of Xiao Wei, what she said just now, even if it is wrong, I am afraid it will be true, and gave Xiao Wei a gift that day The Shenhao, even if it is not Chen Feng, should be related to Chen Feng.
“Wow, I seem to have heard some amazing news.”
“The god hao who gave Xiao Wei a gift has actually picked up Lin Wanqiu. Is he also related to Lin Wanqiu?”
“It’s not the legendary 3P, right? Xiao Wei and Lin Wanqiu usually walk very close.”
“It is very possible, who is Xiao Wei, you don’t know, she can do that kind of thing.”
“I am even more curious about the identity of the goddess. No, I don’t care if I took care of Xiaomai, even Lin Wanqiu was also taken care of, the blessing of the people.”
Xiaomai’s expression changed, and Wang Yanan poured countless dirty water on Lin Wanqiu with a word. Lin Wanqiu may not be able to clean up after jumping into the Yellow River.

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