Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 387

Xiao Wei’s mouth moved, and she wanted to explain a few words. At this time, her mobile phone rang, and as soon as she pressed to answer, the voice of Chen Feng’s wry smile rang out on the other end of the phone: “Xiao Wei, can you come out? Pick me up, the security at the door won’t let me in.”
” Don’t let me in ?” Xiao Wei was taken aback for a moment, and then immediately reacted. Today is China Overseas University’s school celebration. The school does not allow strangers from other schools to enter the school for fear of causing some trouble. Necessary chaos, so only students and alumni of China Overseas University can enter.
“Brother Feng, wait, I’ll come out to pick you up right away.” Xiao Wei said hurriedly. She knows exactly what the security guards of China Overseas University are. If she doesn’t go out quickly, those security guards might have conflicts with Chen Feng.
“Sister Xiaoyu, did you call Brother Chen Feng?” Lin Wanqiu was surprised to cover her little mouth when she heard Xiaoyu’s name. There was a nervous look on her pretty face. She thought that Xiaoyu was just talking to her. Just kidding, but unexpectedly, Xiao Wei actually called Chen Feng over, and now, Chen Feng has already reached the door.
“I wanted to give you a surprise, but now…” Xiao Wei glanced at Lin Wanqiu and sighed: “You have seen it too. Would you like to pick up your Chen Feng brother with me?”
Lin Wanqiu blushed pretty. After hesitating for a while, he nodded gently: “Well, let’s go together.”
After speaking, the two walked out side by side.
After a large group of handsome men and women who remained in the background looked at each other, they hurriedly followed out.
This was the only chance to see the true face of the mysterious local tyrant who gave Xiao Wei more than 1.4 million gifts, and they would not miss it.
Apart from Wang Yanan, no one in the field has seen Chen Feng, so when they were still on the road, everyone began to imagine Chen Feng’s image in their minds.
A middle-aged fat man with a big belly? Or a handsome and handsome rich man? Or the legendary evil and overbearing president?
In just a few minutes, everyone conceived thousands of images for Chen Feng.
But when they saw the real person, everyone was instantly dumbfounded.
There are even a few people who rubbed their eyes subconsciously, thinking that they must be dazzled. The one in front of him is mixed with a few security guards, talking and laughing, smoking and smashing, a normal-looking young man dressed in a street stall, will be The mysterious local tyrant who gave Xiao Wei a million gifts?
What an international joke!
If this kind of person can buy more than one million gifts, the people all over the street are all local tyrants, OK?
A few girls in the field were instantly disappointed, and all the fantasies turned into a bubble the moment they saw Chen Feng.
Seeing the image of Chen Feng, Xiao Wei was also sluggish for a moment. Why is the Chen Feng she saw this time completely different from the Chen Feng she saw last time.
The last time she saw Chen Feng, he was domineering and cold, and screamed at the top rich second-generation Liu Kun from China Overseas University who didn’t even dare to let go.
But the Chen Feng she saw this time made people feel like an ordinary young man, even mingling with a few security guards and smoking cigarettes.
It’s just like two people.
However, although she was astonished, Xiao Wei did not show it on the surface. Instead, she smiled and pulled the blushing Lin Wanqiu to Chen Feng.
“Sorry, Brother Feng, I forgot to tell you on the phone that China Overseas University is under martial law and foreigners are not allowed to enter the school.” Xiao Wei smiled openly.
“It’s okay, I have just arrived.” Chen Feng smiled. The security guards at the door did not give him a good face when they saw him, but when a few cigarettes were released, the attitudes of a few people immediately changed, sometimes.
“Brother Chen Feng…” Lin Wanqiu blushed and glanced at Chen Feng. Seeing Chen Feng’s gaze moved over, she hurriedly lowered her head again.
Seeing Lin Wanqiu like this, Chen Feng was a little helpless. He was not blind. Lin Wanqiu liked him. Of course he could tell, but he had already been filled with Xia Mengyao, so he had always treated Lin Wanqiu as his sister.
But he didn’t know how to express this idea to Lin Wanqiu.
“Come on for a while, don’t be nervous when you come on stage.” In the end, Chen Feng smiled and told Lin Wanqiu, no matter what, the most important thing is to let Lin Wanqiu handle the first performance in his life tonight, not the other.
“Yeah.” Lin Wanqiu nodded lightly, and there was a touch of insignificant sadness in her beautiful eyes.
“Brother Feng, how did you come? Driving or taking a taxi?” Xiao Wei asked.
“I came by car.” Chen Feng pointed to Santana by the road.
“Santana?!” Seeing that the car Chen Feng pointed to was actually a Santana, Xiao Wei couldn’t help but his eyes widened. There was a look of surprise in his beautiful eyes. In terms of Chen Feng’s grade, no matter how shabby it is, it is not It’s time to drive a Santana.
“I am not wrong, right? This man opened the car, Santana?”
“You’re not wrong, that Santana!”
“Ha ha ha, killing me, how he did not open Wuling Hongguang come ah.” “He when our university in the sea somewhere? scrap yards, right? Santana to open up, not too ashamed. ” ” and TM is a used Santana, estimates are open seven or eight years. ” a crowd of beautiful people milli Relentlessly mocking Chen Feng, today is the school celebration of China Overseas University. Many alumni who have achieved fame return to school and scream for the school celebration.
Therefore, the cars that entered the China Overseas University were of the Audi A8 level, and better, there are also supercars such as Porsche, Bentley, and even Maserati.
Chen Feng’s Santana is really unprecedented.
In a lot of luxury cars, it is very conspicuous.
Obviously, this is obviously not a compliment.
Chen Feng just smiled at the unscrupulous ridicule of the people, and didn’t take it to heart. He couldn’t be guilty of arguing with a group of college students who didn’t even get out of society.
“Wang Yanan, do you remember what I said before?” At this time, Xiao Wei sneered and spoke. Chen Feng was indeed a little shabby driving the Santana, but this Santana also slapped Wang Yanan in the face.
Wang Yanan’s face changed. Of course she remembered what she had said before, but what she said before was not unfounded, but justified.
She still remembered the scene where Chen Feng hit Liu Kun and Wu Zhike in the face of the Hongye Club.
She had never met Liu Kun. Liu Kun would be jealous of a person, to such a degree. At that time, she decided in her heart that Chen Feng might have some extraordinary background, so she said that Chen Feng was the mysterious local tyrant behind Xiao Wei. Such words.
But now, Chen Feng’s shabby clothes and this old, second-hand Santana slapped her in the face.
Shenhao, who has bought a million gifts, will drive a second-hand Santana out of shame?
Are you kidding me?

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