Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 388

“Wang Yanan, you are talking!” Xiao Wei took a step forward, quite aggressive.
“Didn’t you say that Brother Feng is the goddess who gave me the gift? Didn’t you say that Brother Feng took care of me and Wanqiu? Now? Do you dare to say what you said again?” Xiao Wei coldly Looking at Wang Yanan, she wanted to take this opportunity to wash away the dirty water Wang Yanan poured on Lin Wanqiu.
She didn’t mind if Wang Yanan poured dirty water on her, because she had soiled herself a long time ago, but Wang Yanan would pour dirty water on Lin Wanqiu, and she would never agree!
Wang Yanan’s lips moved, but in the end she didn’t know how to open her mouth. She was not without evidence. As long as she told the truth about what happened at the Hongye Club that night, everyone would understand that Chen Feng in front of her was absolutely not. simple.
Can she dare?
She dare not!
She wanted to dare to tell the story of Chen Feng’s slap on Liu Kun and Wu Zhike. Those two would definitely kill her alive.
“In the future, do less bloody things and accumulate some virtue in your mouth.” Xiao Wei gave Wang Yanan a cold look, only to feel extremely happy in his heart. Chen Feng’s Santana finally made her breathe out.
“Wang Yanan is also true. Lin Wanqiu, the jealous person, just said, what are you doing with this kind of trick?”
” Yes, what did you say that this diaosi is the goddess who gave Xiaoyao gifts, when we didn’t have eyes. Isn’t it?”
“It’s just sensationalism, I have long seen that she is not a good thing.”
Many girls have pointed their fingers at Wang Yanan. After all, it was Wang Yanan’s previous remarks that caused them to brave the cold and run out of the backstage. I thought I could witness the true face of the legendary god, but in the end I saw a stinky cock with Santana in it, and people would not play it like that.
The harsh accusations of many girls fell into Wang Yanan’s ears without fail, but Wang Yanan couldn’t refute it.
“One day, you will understand.”
Really out of anger, Wang Yanan bitterly put down a scene, turned and left the school gate.
“Brother Feng, let’s go in, the party is about to begin.” Without Wang Yanan’s annoying fly, Xiao Wei’s mood suddenly improved a lot.
“Good.” Chen Feng smiled and nodded.
Afterwards, Lin Wanqiu and Xiao Wei entered the gate of China Overseas University with Chen Feng from the left to the right.
This scene immediately made several of Lin Wanqiu’s admirers jealous.
Although Xiao Wei’s remarks just now proved that Chen Feng is not the goddess who gave her gifts, but the relationship between Chen Feng and Lin Wanqiu is real.
As long as the eyes of the people in the field are not blind, they can see how much joy Lin Wanqiu looks at Chen Feng, and that joy is by no means pretended.
It is true and sincere, and it is natural.
How can they not be jealous?
“Damn, a stinky dick who drives Santana, dare to remember Wanqiu?”
“That’s right, such a stinky dick is not worthy of even carrying shoes to Wanqiu, let alone being her boyfriend.”
“Never let it be. He has defiled Wanqiu. Tonight, we must teach him a lesson he will never forget, so that he can understand that Wanqiu is not something he can use with rubbish.”
The boy present is not a man with arrogance and eyes above the top. .
If Chen Feng is a rich second-generation or better than them, he will be fine with Lin Wanqiu. However, Chen Feng is just a dick with nothing. Why should such a trash ride their goddess under the crotch?
“Peak brother, today is the school in the sea for centuries University Day, the anniversary, the school is very seriously, so as early as two weeks ago, the school began to prepare for the celebration ceremony.”
“As a celebration ceremony in the weight In the heavy party, the school put a lot of energy into it. Not only did it prepare a sophisticated program, but it also invited a lot of celebrities and accomplished alumni to help out.”
“The potbellied middle-aged uncle over there is the number one in Zhonghai City. Yang Jianxiong’s name is Yang Jianxiong, and Zhonghai City will handle all matters big and small.”
“The short man wearing an Armani suit is the chairman of Fengda Group, named Zhu Qingfeng. He has graduated. Among the alumni, Zhu Qingfeng is not necessarily the most successful one, but he is definitely the richest one. When his Fengda Group was listed on Hong Kong Island last year, its market value was close to 38 billion.”
Xiao Wei While introducing Chen Feng to the background of several outstanding people in the crowd, while observing the expressions on Chen Feng’s face, she wanted to know what expression Chen Feng would have when seeing these big people, envy, or disdain?
Either way, you can help her judge Chen Feng’s approximate identity.
When she was at the Hongye Club last time, she thought that Chen Feng had relied on the stone to break the army and walked out of the gate. If there was no stone to break the army, Chen Feng would probably die at the Hongye Club that night.
But after seeing Chen Feng this time, she had a strange idea in her heart. Perhaps Chen Feng’s background is not much worse than Shi Pojun, or even worse?
There is no doubt that she was taken aback by her own thoughts. If her thoughts were true, then the Shenhao who gave her 1.5 million gifts later might not be a friend of Chen Feng at all. It’s Chen Feng himself!
So tonight, she wanted to test Chen Feng, she wanted to know the general background of Chen Feng.
And right now, these dignitaries who have moved Zhonghai are a good opportunity.
If Chen Feng is an ordinary person, hearing her introduce big figures like Yang Jianxiong and Zhu Qingfeng, his eyes will inevitably show a look of envy. If Chen Feng is not an ordinary person, but the status is higher than Yang Jianxiong and Zhu Qingfeng The big man, hearing her introduction like this, perhaps Chen Shanfeng sneered, or dismissed it.
These two looks, no matter which one, are enough for her to judge Chen Feng’s general background.
Unfortunately, Chen Feng disappointed Xiao Wei again.
For the Yang Jianxiong and Zhu Qingfeng introduced by Xiao Wei, Chen Feng did not show any expression from beginning to end. Chen Feng’s eyes were always calm and unwavering, neither envied nor calm.
This made Xiao Wei a little big head. She found that she could not understand Chen Feng in front of her. Chen Feng in front of her was completely different from the young talents she had seen before.
He is calm like a ten thousand year old stone, never revealing any emotions to the surface.
Chen Feng naturally didn’t know what Xiao Mai was thinking. If he knew, Chen Feng would only shook his head, saying that Xiao Mai was thinking too simple.
Yang Jianxiong and Zhu Qingfeng, perhaps in the eyes of ordinary people, exist in the sky.
But in his eyes, these two people are nothing at all.
Not to mention anything else, just by pulling out Shi Pojun, two people can be more than a street in seconds.
How could such two people make his mood fluctuate?

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