Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 389

The venue for the party is the Art Performance Center of China Overseas University.
It is said that it is an art performance center, but it is actually a very large venue. From the perspective of the area, the entire venue is enough to seat 20,000 people.
In the center of the venue, there was a temporary round stage, which gathered everyone’s attention.
The position where Chen Feng sits is not far from the round stage, which is considered to be the first group in the student seat.
In front of the student seats, there are alumni seats and VIP seats.
The VIP seat is naturally the best position for the audience.
Most of the people sitting in the VIP seats are either rich or expensive. Yang Jianxiong and Zhu Qingfeng, whom Xiao Wei introduced to Chen Feng before, are impressively listed, and the positions of the two are extremely high, almost the most in the entire VIP seat. Good location.
Chen Feng didn’t care about who was sitting in the VIP table, so after just a glance, Chen Feng withdrew his gaze and began to close his eyes and relax.
But what Chen Feng didn’t expect was that he didn’t care about the people sitting in the VIP table, and the people sitting in the VIP table, but he cared about him.
Not long after Chen Feng sat down, Bai Wenli got up from the VIP table and left with a playful look. Under the leadership of the two younger brothers, he came to Chen Feng.
“Your name is Chen Feng?” Bai Wenli glanced at Chen Feng condescendingly, with a touch of arrogance in his eyes.
“Well, are you?” Chen Feng nodded, and glanced at Bai Wenli in a puzzled way. He didn’t seem to have seen the young man before him before.
“You are not qualified to know my name.” Bai Wenli shook his head, his face full of disdain.
Then he glanced at Chen Feng again, and said: “I came to tell you something.”
“What’s the matter?” Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. It turned out that he was here to find fault, which was kind of interesting.
“Leave Wanqiu.” Bai Wenli spit out four words faintly.
“Wanqiu is not worthy of you.” Before Chen Feng opened his mouth, Bai Wenli added another sentence.
Chen Feng smiled and said, “How do you know that I am not worthy of Wanqiu? Just because I drove a Santana?”
Bai Wenli’s tone was stagnant, as if he didn’t expect Chen Summit to be so direct.
“Yes, just because you are driving Santana, I don’t think that a man who drives Santana can give Wanqiu happiness.” After taking a deep breath, Bai Wenli said in a deep voice.
Chen Feng nodded, then smiled and turned his gaze to Bai
Wenli : “What car do you drive?” “Bentley Mulsanne.” Although I don’t understand why Chen Feng asked this question, Bai Wenli was full of pride. Opened his mouth.
“Bentley Mulsanne?”
Chen Feng smiled: “It’s a pretty good car. It costs more than five million for the whole car .” “Yes, the whole car does cost more than five million when it landed. You are a dick. Quite understanding.” Bai Wenli sneered, and his eyes were full of sarcasm when he looked at Chen Feng. He didn’t understand that Chen Feng, a dick who drives a Santana, understands the meaning of the price of a luxury car like Bentley. Does he think he can buy it? Can afford?
Chen Feng smiled faintly, and ignored Bai Wenli’s ridicule, instead he smiled and asked: “Did you buy the car yourself, or did your father buy it for you?”
“Does it have anything to do with you?” Bai Wenli’s face changed. Change, as if being poked into the pain by Chen Feng’s words.
“It’s okay.” Chen Feng shook his head: “I just want to tell you that my Santana, no matter how broken, no matter how old, is I bought it myself.”
“And your Bentley Mulsanne, no matter how stylish, no matter how fashionable, that You didn’t buy it yourself. Without your dad, let alone Bentley Mulsanne, you can’t even buy a Bentley Mulsanne wheel.”
“So, when you can buy a Bentley Mulsanne by your own ability, will you say that you can give Wanqiu happiness?”
Bai Wenli ‘s face became ugly, I have to say, Chen Feng These words pierced his pain point. The most criticized place for the second generation of rich people like him is that if you leave your father’s generation, you don’t even fart.
Without his parents, he really couldn’t afford the Bentley Mulsanne, and he would not be qualified to show off in front of Chen Feng.
“You are very sharp.” Bai Wenli glanced at Chen Feng gloomily.
“Thank you for the compliment.” Chen Feng smiled faintly.
“Thank you?” Bai Wenli sneered suddenly, “I hope you can still thank you when I take the stage!”
After speaking, Bai Wenli turned his head and left.
However, Chen Feng’s brows wrinkled. Why did you listen to Bai Wenli’s meaning and want to do something after going on stage?
After a few minutes, the party officially began.
Two pairs of handsome male and beautiful female hosts took the stage, read the opening speech, and released a message. After tonight’s finale, there will be a heavy guest on stage to sing a song for the 100th anniversary of China Overseas University.
Everyone’s curiosity was aroused, and there was a heated discussion about the identity of this heavy guest.
But after discussing for a long time, there was no discussion about the reason.
Chen Feng is not very sad about all this. His purpose of coming here is to watch Lin Wanqiu’s performance. As for other heavy guests, it has nothing to do with him.
The first performance of the party was a martial arts performance. The performer was a tall young man in white practice clothes. His symmetrical figure and bronzed skin caused small stars to appear in the eyes of the young students.
As the young man took off and leaped into the sky, blocks of wooden boards were kicked to pieces, and the atmosphere off the court became extremely enthusiastic. From time to time, young girls screamed and stood up to cheer for the young men.
Chen Feng, who was in the middle of the crowd, felt that his eardrum was about to be shattered.
After the tall boy’s martial arts performance was over, the screams in his ear disappeared, and Chen Feng finally breathed a sigh of relief, but his expectations for Lin Wanqiu’s dance performance were even more ardent.
An hour later, the party was finally coming to an end, and the quality of the programs on the stage gradually increased. The mood of the audience reached a peak.
After another Guzheng solo, the audience once again burst into thunderous applause.
After the applause was over, the female host in a red evening dress came to the stage with a smile.
“Among the thousands of ancient and modern musical instruments in various countries in the world, modern pianos are hailed as the’King of Musical Instruments’ by many musicians. The sound of the piano is like the sound of nature, playing the softest ballads in the heart, and the sound of the piano is like a stream, winding. The twists and turns, thousands of times…”
“Yes, the next great talent in the management system, Bai Wenli, will present a piano solo for everyone…” As soon as the three words Bai Wenli came out, the audience sounded again. The harsh scream, this sound, even suppressed the host’s voice.
Many girls are in a state of nympho, as if they have met a favorite star.
Chen Feng frowned. Why did he have a hunch that Bai Wenli in the host population was the young man who came to provoke him just now?

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