Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 390

Without letting Chen Feng wonder for long, the female host in a red evening dress confirmed Chen Feng’s guess.
“The name of this piano solo is “To Alice”.”
“Everyone knows that “To Alice” is the famous work of the famous musician Beethoven. Beethoven created this piece of music to his wife express their love. ” ” here, you may wonder, wit our big oak Bai, why in today’s day, select “Fur Elise” as its song playing it? ” had Said that the female host’s ability to mobilize emotions is first-rate, and when she said this, the emotions of everyone in the audience rose.
“Does the male god want to use “To Alice” to confess to others?”
“No way! I have never heard of whom Bai Wenli likes.”
“The host has said so, how could it not?”
“Damn, Which girl is so lucky to be admired by Bai Wenli?”
Many girls in the audience began to chat about, Bai Wenli is a well-deserved school grass of China Overseas University, with an excellent family background, a good basketball player, and a handsome person. , The piano has also won a silver medal in an international performance competition. Such a person with almost no shortcomings, one can imagine how many girls will like it.
“Everyone guessed right, our great talent, tonight really wants to use “To Alice” to confess to the girl he likes.” The hostess smiled and said, actually there was no such link, but when she was in the background, Bai Wenli suddenly found her and asked her to add this link.
For this kind of request, the hostess naturally has no reason to refuse. After all, it is now a university, not a high school, and the leaders can’t control the students who fall in love.
“who is it?!”
“Who is that woman?!” After the hostess said this, the hall exploded again. There were even many girls who stood up from their seats in excitement. Bai Wenli actually has a girl he likes. The hottest news from China Overseas University this year.
Everyone shouted, wanting the hostess to say the girl’s name.
But the hostess smiled and shook her head: “The name of that lucky girl will be kept secret for the time being. When our talented man finishes “To Alice”, he will tell everyone in person.”
After saying this, the girl The host stepped off the stage, but the suspense she left behind made everyone in the audience feel uncomfortable.
“It’s over, my goddess has a girl I like, and I’m about to break in love, ooh.”
“Why is it so sudden, there was no news before.”
“I just want to know, who is that lucky girl? Why is she? Get Bai Wenli’s love?”
Many girls who had a crush on Bai Wenli began to cry, and many girls angrily inquired about the name of the girl who would be confessed by Bai Wenli.
In the crowd, Chen Feng’s face was cold and terrifying.
He could understand why Bai Wenli had to say that kind of endless words before he left, because he wanted to teach himself a lesson.
Soon after the host stepped down, Bai Wenli took the stage, and the lights were shining. He was dressed in a white tuxedo, just like a prince in mythology, and was eye-catching.
“Ah!!! I’m dead!!!”
“My male god is so handsome!”
“Male god I love you!” The audience screamed again, and many girls even fainted with excitement, as if Seeing the emperor superstar.
Facing this grand scene, Bai Wenli was calm from beginning to end, with a perfect smile on his face.
After a very gentleman bowed to everyone, Bai Wenli took a seat and began to play.
Elegant, calm, no rush or delay.
Every note was filled with admiration.
The audience was mesmerized.
A few minutes later, Bai Wenli stood up calmly and bowed to the audience again, ending the performance.
There was thunderous applause from the audience, prolonged.
Even the giants on the VIP seats gave their thumbs up and whispered in praise of Bai Wen Li.
Seeing that the atmosphere was almost over, Bai Wenli smiled and took the microphone, cleared his throat, and said aloud: “Hello everyone, I am
Bai Wenli from the first class of management class 13.” The three words Bai Wenli just fell, and the audience Then there was a scream again.
Bai Wenli smiled faintly, pressed his hands, and pressed down the scream.
“Presumably everyone already knows the purpose of my performance of “To Alice” tonight.”
“Yes, I am in love with a girl.”
Hearing Bai Wenli’s personal confession, there was a heartbreaking voice in the venue again. .
“She is very beautiful, very beautiful. I have lived for more than 20 years. I have never seen such a beautiful girl. In one sentence, this girl should only be seen in the sky, and seen in the world.”
This woman should only be in the sky, see you a few times in the world!
These words came out of Bai Wenli’s mouth, which can be called the highest evaluation of a girl!
“I’m a layman, I am greedy for money, and lustful, so when I saw her first side, I fell in love with her.”
“Lin Wanqiu! Will you be with me?!”
Bai Wenli suddenly held the microphone and directed at the backstage Roared out this sentence.
The audience was silent for an instant.
Lin Wanqiu?
The girl Bai Wenli likes is Lin Wanqiu? !
Who is Lin Wanqiu? !
Why haven’t you heard this name before?
Many people don’t know why, except for some students in the same class and department as Lin Wanqiu.
After all, Lin Wanqiu has just arrived at the school not long ago. Although her looks are all over her country, her reputation in Zhonghai University is not that great, and it is limited to a small range of spread.
So Bai Wenli suddenly said it, and many people in the field were stunned.
In fact, not only many people in the venue were stunned.
Many performers who were preparing to perform in the backstage were also stunned. The scene where Bai Wenli took the initiative to greet Lin Wanqiu before, they saw and they also knew that Bai Wenli liked Lin Wanqiu, but they did not expect that Bai Wenli would be so crazy. Let me confess to Lin Wanqiu directly in front of the teachers and students!
For a while, everyone’s eyes moved to Lin Wanqiu, stunned, envious, jealous…
But Lin Wanqiu, who was at the center of everyone’s eyes, was a little angry.
“What the bastard Bai Wenli is doing?! Does he think he is handsome?!” Xiao Wei was also angry. Bai Wenli’s hand completely pushed Lin Wanqiu to the forefront. No matter what the outcome of this incident is, it will be caused to Lin Wanqiu in the future. Great influence.
“Wanqiu, I know you are in the background. Promise me, okay?” Without giving Lin Wanqiu much time to react, Bai Wenli continued to press on. The smile on the corner of his mouth was charming and confident. His hand, although very It was abrupt, but the sensation it caused was real.
He believed that no girl could refuse such a grand confession.

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