Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 40

“I don’t know.” Lin Dajun said with a look of bad luck: “This waste is like taking Viagra today. It’s powerful, and I feel that he still has his hands.”
“He still left his hands?!” Sun Guifang’s eyes widened, and his hands were so fierce?
“Son, it’s better for our mothers not to provoke him in the future.” Sun Guifang worried.
“No! Mom, let others know that my Lin Dajun was beaten by a squatter, what others would think of me, I will still be in the street in the future.” Lin Dajun was not convinced.
“But you can’t beat that uselessness now.” Sun Guifang said.
“Mom, I can’t beat him alone, but I still have more than a dozen brothers. I don’t believe it, that one can beat a dozen!” Lin Dajun sneered, and a fierce light flashed in his eyes.
Sun Guifang nodded, and said, “You can fight that wastefulness anytime, but before we beat him, my wife has to make a fortune from that wastefulness.”
Sun Guifang’s eyes were full of greed. She had seen it before. The car that Chen Feng drove was an Audi A6 with a landing price of more than 500,000 yuan. She had never seen so much money in her life.
“Mom, how do you fish?” Lin Dajun couldn’t help but move.
“We went directly to your third aunt’s house and filed a complaint with your third aunt, saying that Chen Feng beat us up and asked Chen Feng to pay us for medical expenses.”
“Does Chen Summit listen to my third aunt?” Lin Dajun asked hesitantly. He always felt that today’s Chen Feng is different from the previous one, but he couldn’t tell where the specifics were different.
“Son, you forgot that when we went to your third aunt’s house for dinner two years ago, your third aunt did not let Chen Feng serve the table, did Chen Feng obediently take the meal to the kitchen?” Sun Guifang pulled out the corner of his mouth. Asked with a touch of sarcasm.
Lin Dajun’s eyes lit up and said, “Mom, I remember! After Chen Feng entered the kitchen, you still smiled and told my third aunt that you are more obedient than a dog.”
“No, but in the eyes of Mom at the time, the dog was not as good as a dog! At least the dog was forced to bite, and he would not even bite the dog!”
“So son, just put your heart in your stomach, and we will go to your third aunt’s house in a while, as long as you file a complaint with your third aunt, and then ask your third aunt to put pressure on that wasteful waste. He absolutely dare not ignore your third aunt. If that happens, then, without your brothers, my wife can return the humiliation we suffered today.” Sun Guifang said gloomily.
“Mom, let’s go quickly, I can’t wait to let that useless kneeling in front of me.” Lin Dajun said excitedly.
Almost as soon as Chen Feng and Xia Mengyao went home, Sun Guifang and Lin Dajun rushed over.
As soon as Lin Lan opened the door, she saw Sun Guifang’s imposing face.
“Sister-in-law, why are you here?” Lin Lan was surprised. The Sun Guifang family had not come to the house for two years since they came to Xia Weiguo to borrow money last time. One family never asked.
“Why can’t I come?” Sun Guifang opened her mouth with a strange tone of yin and yang. After speaking, she ignored Lin Lan and led Lin Dajun directly into the door without changing the slippers, as if, She is the owner of this house.
“Chen Feng is a wasteful man, let him get out and see me!” Sun Guifang yelled, sitting on the sofa with a grin.
“Sister-in-law, what are you looking for Chen Feng for?” Lin Lan asked suspiciously. Hearing Sun Guifang’s tone, it was obvious that Chen Feng had provoked her.
“Why do you talk so much? If you call him out, don’t you know.” Sun Guifang said impatiently.
Lin Lan’s face was a bit ugly. Sun Guifang was famous for her troubles. If she didn’t handle it well today, Sun Guifang would definitely be on her mother’s side and scold her upright, but she didn’t know. Where did Chen Feng provoke Sun Guifang? It is not easy to make a round.
“Chen Feng and Mengyao went shopping for groceries and will be back soon.” Lin Lan said.
“Buy food? What kind of food to buy! Call him quickly and let him get back right away.” Sun Guifang said with an aura.
Seeing Sun Guifang’s attitude, Lin Lan was also annoyed, so she could only pick up the phone and cast her anger on Chen Feng.
“Chen Feng, you quickly get me back!”
“What’s the matter, Mom?” On the other side, Chen Feng was confused. Why did Lin Lan feel like eating a dynamite bag.
“Did you offend your aunt somewhere?” Lin Lan asked boredly.
Chen Feng squinted his eyes, and it turned out that Sun Guifang came to the door.
“There is a little friction, why, did they come here?” Chen Feng asked.
“Their family is sitting on the sofa now, Chen Feng, you’d better come back right away and take care of this matter for me!” Lin Lan ordered, and after speaking, she hung up the phone.
A few minutes later, Chen Feng and Xia Mengyao rushed back.
As soon as I walked in, I saw Sun Guifang sitting leisurely on the sofa, eating grapes.
“Sister-in-law, you can always tell me now, where did Chen Feng offend you, right?” Lin Lan asked with her arms around her chest.
“Mom, don’t listen to my aunt’s nonsense, it was my aunt who had to touch porcelain first, and Chen Feng did it to her.” Sun Guifang didn’t say a word, Xia Mengyao was anxious, but she had seen Sun Guifang’s ability to reverse black and white, she was afraid of Sun Guifang. Open your mouth, what can I say.
“You damn girl, what nonsense! Am I touching porcelain? Obviously, I accidentally fell while walking, and fell down. Then Chen Feng was so useless, he wanted to drive me to death!” Sun Guifang Yizheng In words, she thought clearly on the way here. Anyway, she didn’t say anything about Chen Feng’s money. The video of herself crawling in front of Chen Feng’s car on the dash cam did not mean that she touched porcelain.
“Chen Feng drove you into a car?” Lin Lan was stunned. Where did Chen Feng come from? Isn’t Chen Feng only an electric car?
“Yeah, you son-in-law, he may be patient now. You still drove an Audi A6 and Lin Lan. You gave him a lot of money.” Sun Guifang sneered with yin and Yang.
Lin Lan’s face turned dark immediately. Where did she give Chen Feng money, if Chen Feng gave her the same amount of money. ,
“Sister-in-law, are you sure that Chen Feng drives an Audi A6?” Lin Lan asked.
“You don’t know?” Sun Guifang was also stunned.
Xia Mengyao secretly said a bad cry. She did not tell Lin Lan that she was picking up a car for Chen Feng. Her plan was to hide Lin Lan for a while because she told Lin Lan in advance that Lin Lan would never agree to buy a car for Chen Feng. , Even if the money comes for nothing.
“Chen Feng! What’s the matter? Where did you get the money to buy an Audi A6?” Lin Lan’s face was a little cold.
“I asked Mengyao to buy it for me.”
“Mom, I bought it for Chen Feng.”
The two were almost in unison, but what they said was very different. Chen Feng said that he asked Xia Mengyao to buy it for himself, so as to prevent Lin Lan from blaming Xia Mengyao, and Xia Mengyao said that he bought it for Chen Feng on his own initiative. It was also clear that he did not want Lin Lan to scold Chen Feng.

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