Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 396

“Go and see if there is anything wrong with Bai
Wenli !” Principal He was also shocked by Chen Feng’s hand, but his reaction was quick, and the first time people went to observe Bai Wenli’s situation, although Bai Wenli was lost today. The face of China Overseas University, but what he said, is also Bai Xiaotian’s son, so he must not have an accident.
Soon, the dean of teaching took a few teachers to Bai Wenli’s side and started an inspection for Bai Wenli.
“Principal He, Bai Wenli, he… he just fainted.” The dean of instruction wiped the cold sweat from his head.
Principal He was relieved to learn that Bai Wenli was okay.
Then he turned his gaze to Chen Feng, his face suddenly became gloomy, and he shouted with dissatisfaction: “What does the security department eat? Why are everyone going in and letting out! If something goes wrong, can you bear it?”
See He The principal was so angry that several security guards at the school shuddered.
Anyone with a discerning eye can see that Principal He is planning to trouble Chen Feng.
After all, all of this today was caused by Chen Feng. Without Chen Feng, this kind of thing would never happen.
“Don’t control him yet, call the police!” Principal He reprimanded with a hatred of iron and steel. In any case, it is a fact that Chen Feng knocked Bai Wentong stunned, so only by handing Chen Feng to the police can the greatest To a limited extent, China Overseas University was extracted from this incident.
Several security guards nodded hurriedly, preparing to take the stage.
At this time, an unhurried voice rang in their ears: “Principal He, what are you doing calling the police?”
“If I’m not mistaken, it was the gentleman who attacked by Bai Wenzhi first, right? The action…should be a legitimate defense?”
Chu Celadon gave Principal He a smile.
At this glance, the younger Principal He suddenly burst into a thin layer of cold sweat, and couldn’t stop taking a breath.
Did he hear that right, Chu Celadon wanted to protect the man on the stage? !
How can this be? !
Principal He was shocked. As the host of this evening party, he naturally knew the true identity of Chu celadon in front of him.
The third-generation leader of the Chu family, and at the same time the granddaughter of the old God of War!
The third-generation leader of the Chu family, this identity is nothing, but the identity of the granddaughter of the old war god’s most beloved, if you want to say it, I am afraid that a large number of people will die.
Because looking at the whole country, there is only one person who can be called the old god of war!
Chu Family, Chu Zhen Country!
One person, one country!
The true founding father!
The only remaining marshal of Huaxia’s fruits!
Known as the God of War!
Among the four great members of China Shipping, the Chu Family is not the strongest.
But the four of them are undisputedly led by the Chu family. why?
It is because the Chu family has an old God of War!
As long as the old God of War is alive, there will be no other three people who dare to ride on the head of the Chu family and poop!
It is conceivable that as the granddaughter of the old God of War, Chu Celadon has a lofty status.
It can be said that even if Chu Celadon wants the stars in the sky, someone will try to get her off.
Back then, Chu Celadon, who was in the cardamom years, liked to sing and dance, dreaming of being a big star.
This dream may be very popular in the eyes of ordinary people.
But in the big family like the Chu family, celebrities are actors!
The actor is the next-rate profession!
The sons and daughters of the Chu family are either officials or the party in charge. Either join the army and conquer the ruling and opposition parties.
In short, you must never engage in any career related to actors.
The dream of Chu celadon was unanimously opposed by everyone in the Chu family.
Except for the old God of War.
The old God of War only said a word, give her what celadon likes.
She wants to be a star, so she can.
It was these words that made everyone in the Chu family dare not silence.
Later, Chu celadon exploded, spreading across the two sides of the strait, the seven oceans, and the four continents!
Today, who does not know the name of Chu celadon?
Everyone thinks that Chu celadon’s most glamorous identity is her star status.
But as everyone knows, the status of a big star is just the most inconspicuous of all the identities of Chu Celadon.
Chu celadon’s most glamorous identity is the granddaughter of the old god of war!
This status is enough to ensure her enjoy all kinds of glory and wealth, and worry-free forever!
“Ms. Chu is talking about legitimate defense and legitimate defense.” Principal He suppressed the horror in his heart and spoke with fear, even though he did not know why Chu Celadon gave Chen Feng the platform, but he did not lend him a hundred thousand courage. Dare to sing opposing scenes with Chu celadon.
Not to mention him, even if Bai Xiaotian came here, he didn’t dare to say anything in front of Chu Celadon.
Soon, Principal He called back several security guards.
Chu Celadon nodded in satisfaction. Although she did not speak for Chen Feng, Principal He’s people would not have any way to deal with Chen Feng.
But now that she saw it, how could she scream, after all, Chen Feng saved her life.
Unbeknownst to Chen Feng, the Chu celadon in the audience helped him resolve a wave of small troubles.
At this time, Chen Feng had already stepped off the stage and was about to return to his seat, but after seeing the admiring eyes of many students in the audience, Chen Feng couldn’t help but give up with a wry smile.
He followed Xiao Wei to the backstage.
Although Chen Feng left the stage, this evening party was completely pushed to a climax because of Chen Feng.
The atmosphere of the audience was extremely lively.
The news that Chen Feng is the little piano prince who has exploded on the Internet has spread like wildfire. In just ten minutes, it spread through various channels such as QQ groups, campus forums, Weibo, and other channels throughout China Overseas University.
For a while, the entire Zhonghai University exploded.
Many students began to discuss Chen Feng, and many others uploaded the “To Alice” talked by Chen Feng on Weibo, Douyin…
With the likes and reposts of students from China Overseas University, Chen Feng The video of talking about piano began to spread all over the Internet quietly.
“Brother Feng, are you the little piano prince on the Internet some time ago?!” In the backstage studio, Xiao Wei was shocked by Chen Feng again. She once heard her roommate talk about the little piano prince, and she herself heard the music talked by the little piano prince, but she did not associate the little piano prince with Chen Feng.
But today, some people say that Chen Feng is the little piano prince who was very popular on the Internet some time ago.
“I don’t know what little piano prince.” Chen Feng smiled bitterly and shook his head. Perhaps the so-called little piano prince Xiao Wei said was him, but he himself would not recognize such a name.
Hearing Chen Feng’s denial, Xiao Wei even more determined that Chen Feng is the little piano prince.
The reason for not admitting it is that Chen Feng wants to keep a low profile.
Chen Feng didn’t know Xiao Wei’s mind. If he knew it, I was afraid that he would sigh with emotion, a man would never be able to guess the mind of a woman.
In fact, Xiao Wei is not only suspicious of Chen Feng’s status as the little piano prince at this moment, she even suspects Chen Feng’s so-called local tyrant friend.
She felt that Chen Feng was making friends out of nothing!
His so-called local tyrant friend is himself!

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