Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 398

Soon, many students from China Overseas University thought of Chen Feng.
After all, Chen Feng has just made the limelight, and he is amazing and brilliant, and he can play the piano well.
After Chu Celadon finished talking about his old friend, he turned his gaze to the backstage, and said with a smile : “I wonder if the old friend will appreciate his face?” Backstage, after hearing Chu Celadon’s words, Chen Feng couldn’t help but smile.
He naturally knew who Chu Celadon’s old friend was.
But what he didn’t expect was that Chu Celadon would make this request.
“Brother Feng, the old friend that Chu Celadon said is not you?!” When Chu Celadon turned his gaze to the backstage, Xiao Wei immediately reacted. The old friend Chu Celadon said was probably Chen Feng. ? !
“It’s me.” Chen Feng nodded with a wry smile.
“It’s really you?!” Xiao Wei’s eyes widened, and she felt that her mind was once again shocked, and Chen Feng even knew Chu Celadon!
Chen Feng shook his head and didn’t explain much to Xiao Wei, he walked directly to the stage.
In the eyes of everyone, Chen Feng made his debut again.
The audience exploded instantly.
“My God, the old friend of Goddess Chu turned out to be the little piano prince?!”
“Who is this little piano prince? It doesn’t matter if he plays the piano well, he is still a good friend to Goddess Chu.” “He seems to be. The first man to cooperate with the Chu goddess in public.”
“It’s not like, yes! He is indeed the first man to cooperate with the Chu goddess in public.”
“It’s over, today’s news headlines are going to be this one It’s scheduled.”
“Did this man save the galaxy in his previous life? It’s fine to know a fairy like Lin Wanqiu, and now even the goddess Chu is involved.” As soon as Chen Feng appeared, he was locked in by countless jealous eyes.
I believe that if the eyes can kill people, at this moment, Chen Feng may die more than 100,000 times.
“Long time no see, Mr. Chen.” Chu Celadon smiled sweetly.
“It’s been a long time, Miss Chu.” Chen Feng smiled bitterly, but Chu Celadon caught him by surprise.
“Mr. Chen doesn’t blame me for being abrupt, right?” Chu Celadon blinked her eyes and asked. She didn’t know why such a thought suddenly popped up in her mind.
Perhaps it is because I have heard of Chen Feng’s “To Alice” that I still have more thoughts, or I simply want to cooperate with Chen Feng once.
In short, no matter what the reason, she just got Chen Feng onto the stage with a wicked mess.
“If I say yes, will Miss Chu let me step down?” Chen Feng smiled bitterly.
“Hehe, of course not.” Chu Celadon chuckled, but she finally hit this opportunity, and she didn’t have any reason to let Chen Feng go.
The piano used by Chen Feng just now was lifted up again.
After the two looked at each other,
Chu Celadon walked to the center of the stage and picked up the microphone.
Chen Feng raised his hand.
The audience was quiet for an instant, and the needle drop could be heard.
Chen Feng pressed ten fingers, and the black and white keys interlaced, and a beautiful prelude sounded.
The listener is relaxed and happy.
A few seconds later, Chu Celadon smiled slightly and began to sing a cappella.
A pleasant voice followed the sound.
The crowd closed their eyes and listened carefully.
The sound of the piano is extremely beautiful, and the sound is extremely beautiful.
What is Teana?
This is the sound of nature!
In drunkenness, an old friend ends.
Chen Feng got up, bowed with Chu Celadon, and then stepped down.
The 100th anniversary of China Overseas University, a perfect curtain call!
A few seconds after Chen Fengchu’s celadon left, the audience’s applause finally sounded like a volcanic eruption, like a sudden tsunami, endless, endless!
This is a collaboration destined to be recorded in the history of China Overseas University.
The students in the audience have also taken out their mobile phones, recorded the two old friends of the two, and posted it to Moments, buckle, Weibo, Douyin and other social platforms.
No matter what the event is, when the protagonist has Chu Celadon, the national goddess, then this event is destined to evolve into a major event.
The same is true tonight.
“Chu Celadon Cooperates with Mysterious Man on the Same Stage”
“Chu Celadon Romance Exposure”
“Chu Celadon’s Outside Boyfriend”
“Chu Celadon is a Little Third” soon after the video was released, all kinds of lace news swept across the world.
An invisible storm is brewing.
At this time, Chen Feng and Chu Celadon had returned to the background.
Although I had already expected it in my heart, watching the two walking side by side, everyone in the backstage was still eating.
Among them, Lin Wanqiu’s suitors were the most serious. They just mocked Chen Feng for being a Santana’s cock and not worthy of Lin Wanqiu’s boyfriend. In a blink of an eye, the famous national goddess Chu Celadon personally invited Chen Feng to come to power. Let Chen Feng be her accompaniment.
How many people in the country can have this honor?
Wang Yanan and several of her girlfriends didn’t look very good at this time. Chu Celadon had said in person that Chen Feng was her old friend, and Chen Feng’s identity was beyond doubt.
It can never be like this on the surface.
Chen Feng must have a deeper background, even if it is not the mysterious local tyrant who gave Xiao Wei gifts, he is not far away.
When I think of this, the intestines of a few people regret it. Why did I have to be so mean before, mocking Chen Feng and despising Chen Feng.
If nothing happened before, they might still be able to hug Chen Feng’s thigh.
But as their mouths were cheap, everything turned into a dream bubble.
Chen Feng brought Chu Celadon to Lin Wanqiu and Xiao Wei, and introduced Chu Celadon with a smile: “This is Lin Wanqiu. You should have seen it at the high-speed rail station before.”
“Well, I have seen it. Sister Wanqiu is very beautiful, yes. The most beautiful girl I have ever seen.” Chu Celadon smiled and nodded.
“Sister Celadon is serious, I don’t have Sister Celadon pretty.” Lin Wanqiu said nervously. It was the first time she saw a big star like Chu celadon, so nervousness was inevitable.
“This is Xiao Wei, um… she is your little girl.” Chen Feng teased.
“Hello, Sister Celadon, I…I like your song very much, can…can you sign me?” Xiao Wei was even more nervous than Lin Wanqiu, even to the point where she couldn’t speak.
“Of course.” Chu Celadon said with a sweet smile, Xiao Wei’s appearance is not much inferior to Lin Wanqiu’s, she is also a first-class beauty, and I don’t know how many good things Chen Feng has done in his previous life and there will be so many peerless beauties around him.
Although Chu Celadon is a few years older than Lin Wanqiu and Xiao Wei, the three of them are girls after all. If girls gather together, it is naturally easier to have a common topic. So in just a few minutes, the relationship between the three has become closer. Stride.
The hanging hearts of Xiao Wei and Lin Wanqiu were finally let go. They originally thought that a big star like Chu celadon would have eyes higher than the top and would be very prestigious, but unexpectedly, Chu celadon would be from beginning to end. Very approachable, she is like a confidant big sister next door, giving Xiao Wei and Lin Wanqiu a very comfortable environment.

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