Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 399

After exchanging contact information with Xiaoyu and Lin Wanqiu, Chu Celadon came to Chen Feng again and smiled and said, “I have something to ask Mr. Chen about the celadon. I wonder if it is convenient for Mr. Chen now?”
“Convenient.” Chen Feng nodded.
“Then Mr. Chen, please.” Chu Celadon stretched out her hand and made a request.
Then the two came to an uninhabited land.
“Does Miss Chu want to ask me, how did you see that the black ape killer is related to the Jin Jiazong that day?” Before Chu Celadon asked, Chen Feng opened his mouth.
Chu Celadon was taken aback for a moment, as if he didn’t expect Chen Summit to be so direct.
Then she nodded: “Yes, I really wanted to ask Mr. Chen how did he see that the Black Ape Killer was related to the Jin
Jiazong that day .” “It is true that Mr. Chen said that the people of the Wu League would have the Black Ape Killer that day. After being brought to Zhonghai, the black ape killer died within three hours.”
“Oh?” Chen Feng raised his brows: “The people of Wumeng did it?”
Chu Celadon smiled bitterly and shook his head: “There is no one yet. The evidence can prove that it was the people of the Wumeng, but… this incident is inextricably linked to the Wumeng.”
Hearing what Chu Celadon said, Chen Feng’s expression couldn’t help but become serious.
Although Chu Celadon didn’t say it explicitly, Chen Feng could roughly guess it.
The people who killed the black ape killer were the insiders of the Wumeng. Except for those inside the Wumeng, no one else had this ability.
Who on earth did Chu Celadon offend? This person can even infiltrate the Wu League?
How powerful is the energy of a person who can penetrate the Wu League… Chen Feng has not dared to think about it, it is definitely the existence of the top!
At least not weaker than the Chu Family!
If not, the other party would not dare to risk the world and assassinate Chu Celadon, the granddaughter of the old war god.
After the incident, he also took the Wu Meng’s hand to kill the black ape.
These two things are not easy even if the Chen family wants to do it.
“When the black ape died, all the clues were broken, and the negotiation with Jin Jiazong became an empty talk. After all, we have no proof.” Chu Celadon said helplessly. Before Chen Feng said that the black ape was related to the Jin Jiazong, she consulted Chu’s parents. After commenting, he handed the black ape to Zhonghai Wumeng.
Her original plan was to put pressure on Jin Jiazong through the Zhonghai Wu League and dig out the black ape behind the scenes.
Unexpectedly, the black ape actually died in the Wumeng.
So now the only clue fell on Chen Feng again.
If Chen Feng has conclusive evidence to prove that the black ape came from the Jin Jiazong, then the Chu family can follow the Jin Jiazong and dig out the black hand behind the black ape.
Chen Feng naturally knew the idea of ​​Chu celadon, but the reason why he could see that the black ape was related to the Jin Jiazong was because when the black ape hit Chen Zeli’s punch, the exercise method used was the Jin Jiazong’s Jin Jiaquan.
But now that the black ape is dead, Jin Jiaquan has naturally become empty talk.
There is no proof that Jin Jiazong would not recognize it.
Chen Feng told Chu Celadon the truth about her thoughts. Chu Celadon nodded. In fact, she had been mentally prepared before she came. Now that Chen Feng’s affirmative answer is obtained, she would not be too disappointed.
“By the way, Mr. Chen, are you free lately? If you are free, would it not be convenient to come to my Chu family as a guest? My grandfather would like to see Mr. Chen, and thank Mr. Chen for saving the life of celadon.”
At this time, Chu Celadon He suddenly spoke, but what he said surprised Chen Feng.
The old God of War wants to see himself? !
What international joke? !
Although he saved Chu Celadon’s life, this life-saving grace was definitely not so great that the old war god would invite himself to dinner!
Most people don’t know what the three words “old war god” mean! But Chen Feng knew very well.
Founding father! national hero!
The cornerstone of town and country!
These few names, no matter which one, can kill a large group of people.
Although the old God of War is not among the nine great masters, his status in China is not much worse than the nine great masters.
How could Chen Feng not be shocked if such a respected old man wants to see Chen Feng.
After taking a deep breath, Chen Feng forcibly calmed his mind.
“Miss Chu, I appreciate the kindness of the old man.”
“But the Chu family…I can’t go yet. Please forgive me, Miss Chu.”
Can’t go? !
There was a touch of shock in Chu’s celadon beautiful eyes. Doesn’t Chen Feng understand what the news that his grandfather wants to see him means?
Grandpa hasn’t seen outsiders in ten years.
The last time Grandpa interviewed someone was ten years ago.
The person who was received by my grandfather was just an unknown prefecture-level city official before being received by my grandfather, but after being received by my grandfather, the unknown prefecture-level city official was transformed into Jiangnan Province in just ten years. No. 1!
The current one is almost the youngest official in the country, and his potential is still very strong. In the future, he will even have the opportunity to aspire to the center and become the highest!
The reason why that person would be promoted like a rocket, naturally benefited from the side that met with Grandpa.
Now…Chen Feng is the second person to be interviewed by Grandpa himself.
If Chen Feng behaves better, he can satisfy his grandfather.
Then ordinary people will not be able to imagine his future achievements in China!
Politics can be peaceful, and officials worship the center.
Martial arts can reach the sky in one step and reach the master.
But now, Chen Feng…refused!
Rejected Grandpa’s kindness!
“Can Mr. Chen give Celadon a reason?” Chu Celadon couldn’t help but said. She really didn’t understand why Chen Feng refused Grandpa’s invitation. You know, Grandpa didn’t plan to see anyone again.
This time it was Chen Feng who saved her life. She really didn’t want to repay her. Grandpa agreed and saw Chen Feng.
If this kind of opportunity is missed, it will never be there again!
“Miss Chu should know my life experience.” Chen Feng smiled bitterly. Others could not find out the identity of his illegitimate child of the Chen family, but it was not difficult for the Chu family to find out the relationship between him and the Chen family.
“I know.” Chu Celadon nodded. It was precisely because she knew Chen Feng’s identity that she felt incredible, and she let her grandfather meet Chen Feng.
She couldn’t understand how Chen Feng got here from an illegitimate child excluded by 10,000 people.
Not only became the heir of the Chen family, but also abolished Chen Yingrou, the little princess of the Chen family.
Ordinary people simply cannot imagine all this.
Chu Celadon felt that Chen Feng must have some great secret, and Chen Feng himself must have something special.
“Since Ms. Chu knows, Ms. Chu should understand that the relationship between me and the Chen family has reached a similar level.”
“Once the old man meets me, I am afraid that the Chu family will be dragged into the water.” Chen Feng Said, Chu Zhenguo’s intention to meet him was obvious, and he wanted to help him.
However, Chu Zhenguo ignored one problem. The relationship between him and the Chen family was not as simple as it seemed.

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