Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 408

Chen Feng murmured, tears quietly streaming from the corner of his eyes.
He never thought that Lin Wanqiu would make such a move at a critical moment.
“Silly girl, in fact, you don’t have to be like this…”
Chen Feng sighed softly. With his current state, even if he was hit by the bulletproof Land Rover at a speed of 100 kilometers per hour, it would not cause serious problems. At most, it is internally injured.
But Lin Wanqiu didn’t know all this, she made the stupidest decision.
Take your own life for his life!
After taking a deep breath, Chen Feng began to fully mobilize the energy in his body, and flew into Lin Wanqiu’s body.
He must protect Lin Wanqiu’s heart.
At this moment, Lin Wanqiu’s life is hanging by a thread.
She is not a warrior, she is just an ordinary person.
An ordinary person who was hit by a bullet-proof Land Rover running at a speed of 100 kilometers per hour would be smashed to pieces on the spot.
But Lin Wanqiu didn’t.
She just has internal organs and suffered some damage.
Chen Feng felt that there was a power in the dark, protecting Lin Wanqiu at a critical moment.
At this moment, he must find out what this force is.
With doubts, Chen Feng transferred the energy in his body into Lin Wanqiu’s body.
Soon, Chen Feng’s complexion changed drastically.
Lin Wanqiu’s body also had an extremely majestic energy.
The vastness and purity of this vigor far surpassed the vigor in his body now!
In the late stage of Huajin?
Or is it… the master? !
Chen Feng couldn’t help but took a breath.
Obviously, the energy in Lin Wanqiu’s body was intentionally left in her body. There is a high probability that this energy was to save Lin Wanqiu’s life at a critical moment.
Who is the one who gives Lin Wanqiu energy?
What is his purpose?
In an instant, Chen Feng had countless thoughts in his mind.
He had never thought that Lin Wanqiu, who had an ordinary life background, would have such a big hand.
If you want to leave such a vast and pure energy in an ordinary person, you can’t do it in the early stage and middle stage of Huajin.
At least it must be the late stage of Huajin, even in the late stage of Huajin, it is extremely difficult to stay.
Therefore, there is a high probability that the energy in Lin Wanqiu’s body is left by the master!
Behind Lin Wanqiu, there is a possibility of a martial arts master standing!
Thinking of this, Chen Feng couldn’t help taking a breath again. If it hadn’t been for today’s accident, he would never have known that Lin Wanqiu, who seemed to be ordinary, would have such a big secret!
After taking a deep breath, Chen Feng suppressed his shock and began to silently guide Lin Wanqiu’s master-level energy to repair Lin Wanqiu’s internal injuries.
A few minutes later, the hidden injuries in Lin Wanqiu’s body had been repaired seven or eight.
However, to be on the safe side, Chen Feng still called Shi Pojun.
Let Shi Pojun bring a few top doctors from the war alliance.
Shi Pojun was very fast. After hearing that Chen Feng was attacked, he immediately ordered the blockade of the entire block where Chen Feng was located.
A few minutes later, three military green jeeps with special license plates for the Zhan League drove in front of Chen Feng.
“Xiaofeng, are you okay?” Shi Pojun hurriedly got out of the car and gave Chen Feng a worried look.
Chen Feng shook his head: “I’m fine, Brother Shi, let your people take a look at Wanqiu first.”
Shi Pojun winked, and soon there were several doctors in white clothes for Lin Wanqiu. Check the injury.
Shi Pojun turned his gaze to the black swordsman lying on the ground. When he saw the Japanese-style long sword beside the black swordsman, Shi Pojun’s complexion suddenly became gloomy: “Japanese?!”
“What? Japanese? What are you talking about, I don’t understand.” Although the black swordsman strongly denied it, he betrayed himself with a bad Chinese.
“Don’t understand?!” Shi Pojun’s mouth flicked coldly, walked a few steps in front of the black swordsman, raised one foot, and stepped on the back of the black swordsman’s hand.
Then put more effort.
“Kacha” reminded of the crisp fracture sound, the black-clothed knife man’s face began to be distorted visible to the naked eye, and there were bursts of painful roar in his throat.
“Say, who sent you here?!” Shi Pojun asked coldly, Watanabe Taiichi and the Japanese Envoys, he had long been staring at the war alliance people until Chen Feng had an accident, and there was no one there. go away.
Therefore, the swordsman in front of him was definitely not sent by Watanabe Taiichi.
There must be someone else!
“No one sent me here. I think this kid is not pleasing to my eyes and want to kill him!” Although his hand bones were almost crushed by the Stone Breaking Army, the black-clothed swordsman was surprisingly hard at this moment, and he did not admit himself to death. Who sent it.
Chen Feng frowned and said nothing. At first, he suspected that it was Shenyin, but after thinking about it carefully, this was definitely not Shenyin’s handwriting. If Shenyin wanted to kill him, he would never just send a swordsman in the middle of the dark energy. .
If Shenyin wanted to kill him, he would let Takanin at the level of Taichi Watanabe make a shot!
But if it weren’t for Shenyin, who sent the black swordsman in front of him?
You know, the black-clothed swordsman’s ancestor is likely to be the great Japanese master, Yagyuichi, known as the saint of swordsman.
Master disciple, not just anyone can drive it.
“Who is Liu Shengyi?” Chen Feng glanced at the black swordsman coldly. His top priority now is to figure out the identity of the black swordsman, whether it is Liu Shengichi’s apprentice or his disciple.
Hearing one or three words from Liu Sheng, the pupils of the black swordsman couldn’t help but shrank. Although he quickly concealed it, Chen Feng still noticed this subtle change.
“I don’t know what Liu Shengyi is.” The black swordsman suppressed the shock in his heart and calmly said.
“I don’t know?!” Chen Feng sneered. If the black-clothed swordsman had no change in his eyes, he might really believe the black-clothed swordsman’s nonsense, but after hearing the name of Liu Sheng, the black-clothed swordsman had his pupils. The shrinking is so obvious that if he can’t see it again, he is a fool.
“Can you dare to say what you just said in the face of that old dog?” Chen Feng sneered again and again, the Japanese martial arts world martial artist, the most important etiquette, in their minds, the man who taught them the martial arts , Is God.
If someone scolds their gods in front of them, they will surely run away!
As expected by Chen Feng, after Chen Feng scolded Liu Sheng an old dog, the black-clothed knife man suddenly became furious and his eyes were bloodshot: “Ba Ga!”
“I want to kill you!”
“I want to destroy your entire clan ! ” ” pop ”
Ishiba military sneer, grabbed Swordsman black collar, a vicious slap thrown in the black Swordsman face.
“Little boy, this is China, not Japan, please be honest with me!”
After being slapped by Shi Pojun, the black-clothed swordsman immediately calmed down, but the eyes that looked at Chen Feng were still full of resentment.

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