Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 424

This tragic scene immediately frightened everyone in the box.
Especially many of Guan Chuyi’s classmates, at this moment, even dare not breathe.
No one would have thought that Guan Chuyi, who is usually dazzling and arrogant, would be reduced to the point where he would rely on slapped his head to save his life.
Li Le’s expression is also extremely complicated.
Among the crowd, only he knew about Chen Feng and Guan Chuyi.
One is a small grassroots employee of Kangmei, and the other is a young man in Jiangdong who is worth billions.
Logically speaking, when things have reached this point, it should be a small employee of Kangmei Group who kneeled on the ground and begged for mercy.
However, the one who knelt on the ground and begged for mercy was the Jiangdong young man who was worth billions.
I have to say that this scene before him has subverted his worldview.
Compared with the shock of Guan Chuyi’s many classmates and Li Le, Xiao Wei’s expression was much calmer.
In her opinion, the person kneeling on the ground should be Guan Chuyi.
Because the person he faced was Chen Feng!
“I knew this, why did it at the beginning?” Chen Feng shook his head and smiled, with a somewhat ironic tone. When Chuyi arrogantly made him kneel down before, I am afraid that this scene would not have happened.
It can only be said that the blame is on its own.
“Get off!” Chen Feng waved his hand tirelessly, and he didn’t have much to care about with reptiles like Chuyi, he was really out of status.
“Thank you Chen Shao! Thank you Chen Shao! I’m going to get out! I’m going to get out of here!” Guan Chuyi was so happy that he almost crawled out of the box like a pardon.
Although the word Chen Feng said was “Fun”, at this moment, the word “Fun” was the best sound of nature that Guan Chuyi heard.
After Guan Chuyi left, Bai Wenli’s expression suddenly became a little complicated. After hesitating again and again, Bai Wenli gritted his teeth and said: “Mr. Chen, the previous matter was Wen Li’s fault. I hope Mr. Chen will not remember the villain’s past and don’t care about Wen Li.”
“The previous matter?” Chen Feng Somewhat was wrong: “What happened before?”
Bai Wenli was taken aback for a moment, and then he realized that Chen Feng was saving face for him, and forgot about the previous events.
“Thank you, Mr. Chen.” Bai Wenli clasped his fists in gratitude. He didn’t expect that Chen Summit was so generous, he would be so uninformed.
Wan Funing, who was behind Bai Wenli, was also involuntarily relieved at this moment. With Chen Feng’s words, Bai Xiaotian’s side, he can explain. Maybe, Bai Xiaotian will lift the confinement of Bai Wenli because of Bai Wenli’s actions. .
“You’re polite.” Chen Feng waved his hand and smiled. He is not the kind of person who likes to be aggressive. When Bai Wenli’s clothes are soft, he will give Bai Wenli a step down.
Of course, the most important thing is that between him and Bai Wenli, there is actually no inevitable hatred.
After Bai Wenli left, many of Guan Chuyi’s classmates also followed.
“Brother Feng, then I’ll go now.” Li Le pulled out a far-fetched smile, his tone somewhat restrained.
Emperor Chen Fengyan swiped through the insignificant complexity, and then smiled and nodded: “Well, you go first.”
After coming out of the box and going downstairs, Li Le discovered that none of the previous classmates had left. On the contrary, they gathered around one after another, with an extremely enthusiastic attitude.
“Li Le, what is your background about Brother Feng?”
“Brother Le, can you introduce Brother Feng to us?”
“That is, Lok, you can be everything he knows, ah, we, after all, a student can use the service, or want to use the service ……”
“Lok, who peak brother have a girlfriend?”
Beginning to call everyone It was Li Le, but when someone called Le Ge, everyone changed their slang to Le Ge.
Li Le’s look is complicated. In the past, this group of classmates, let alone call him Brother Le, is his real name Li Le. These people are too lazy to call him.
But now, these so-called classmates, called him Le Ge, are called more cordial than anyone else.
The reason these people are so called, of course, is not because of how awesome they are.
But because he knows Chen Feng.
His name is Chen Fengfeng.
“If I say that Brother Feng, like me, is just a small grassroots employee of Kangmei Group, do you believe it?” Li Le said with a complicated expression. To be honest, he doesn’t believe it himself. Chen Feng’s true identity is Kangmei Group. The grassroots employees.
“Li Le, you are a bit unkind.”
“That’s right, Li Le, you should be decent if you lie. The person who can make Guan Chuyi kowtow to beg for mercy will be just a grassroots employee of Kangmei Group. ? ” ”
More than tube Chu Yi, and Bai oak, oak Bai was afraid peak brother, I even have a feeling, Bai oak before being peak brother to pack too. ” ”
I have this feeling, I think, Bai oak
I’m very afraid of Brother Feng.” “My dear, even Bai Wenli is afraid of the son of that brother Feng, it’s not, the four big ones…” When talking about the big four, many of Chuyi’s classmates looked obvious. Become excited.
As a native of China Shipping, no one knows better than them, what the four members of China Shipping mean.
It can be said that even one dog among the four is enough to make them look up, let alone a living person?
“Brother Le, you have developed in the future, you can’t forget us.”
“That’s right, Brother Le, if you develop in the future, you can help us old classmates more.”
Seeing that Li Le didn’t want to disclose No one asked more about Chen Feng’s information, but his attitude towards Li Le was a thousand times better than before.
After all, Li Le came close to a super thigh that seemed to be the heir of the four great families.
It can be said that as long as Li Le wants to, the rich side will not be a problem in the future.
Reflective Guan Chuyi, the original Guan Chuyi, everyone must revolve around him.
But after this incident, everyone would stay away from Guan Chu Yi as long as they were not stupid.
After all, Guan Chuyi offended Chen Feng. In case Chen Feng wants to retaliate against Guan Chuyi on a whim, then they who came close to Guan Chuyi will suffer.
Seeing everyone greet each other one after another, Li Le couldn’t help sighing and shook the car keys in the handshake.
The sign of this car key is Audi A6. He borrowed it from Chen Feng before. He wanted to borrow Chen Feng’s Audi A6 to support himself.
But I didn’t expect that when he arrived at the classmate meeting, no one cared what car he drove.
On the contrary, it was Chen Feng, who got the attention of everyone by mistake, and it could even be said that he was flattering.
This result was something Li Le had never expected before.
“Check out, Manager Huang.” In
Jiangmanlou, Xiao Wei smiled and said, she is the host today, this meal should be invited by her.
But after she said, Manager Huang’s complexion changed drastically, and even a little frightened: “Miss Xiao is too serious. It’s too late for our Jiang Manlou to pay you, so how dare you take your money.”

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