Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 425

“Apologize?” Xiao Wei was a little surprised. The attitude of Manager Huang was so humble, how could he make himself like a bully.
“Miss Xiao, Mr. Chen, I was intimidated by Chu Yi before, and I did that kind of stupid behavior. Miss Xiao, Mr. Chen, you two adults have a lot of them. It seems that I still have a family to support. For good reason, just spare me once, I promise, I will never…” Manager Huang said, there was even a cry in his voice.
Xiao Wei was a little bit dumbfounded, she just realized that the reason why Manager Huang did this was because she was afraid that Chen Feng would care about what he had done before, and that Chen Feng would settle accounts with him after the autumn.
“Okay, Okay, Manager Huang, don’t say anything, I won’t check it out, can’t you?” Xiao Wei interrupted Manager Huang somewhat helplessly. She was afraid that Manager Huang would go on. He is a big man. Will cry on the spot.
“Thank you, Miss Xiao!”
“Thank you, Mr. Chen!”
Manager Huang burst into tears of joy. The meaning of Xiao Wei’s words was very obvious, and he was not familiar with him.
This means that he escaped this disaster.
In just one minute, Manager Huang’s face changed a few colors like a juggling, all of which was easily seen by Chen Feng.
In this regard, Chen Feng did not find it funny, Chen Feng only felt a little complicated.
He can understand Manager Huang’s mood like riding a roller coaster. In Manager Huang’s eyes, a character like him can completely determine the existence of an ordinary life and death.
Although his Manager Huang is the manager of Jiang Manlou, he is considered a middle class in society, but in front of the existence that can make Guan Chuyi kneel down and begging for mercy, his manager Huang is just a joke.
It is no exaggeration to say that if Chen Feng wants him to die for the third watch, he will definitely not make it.
This is the sorrow of the little man, you never know, which will come first, tomorrow or accident.
Chen Feng sighed. In his eyes, Manager Huang was indeed just an insignificant little person.
But in the eyes of some people, is Chen Feng not an insignificant person?
After leaving Jiangmanlou, Chen Feng raised his wrist, glanced at his watch, and found that the time had come to ten o’clock at night.
“I’ll send you back to school.” Chen Feng paused. It was so late that Xiao Wei and Hu Siyuan were asked to go back alone, and he was a little worried.
Chen Feng was about to stop the car, but Hu Siyuan smiled and said, “No, Brother Feng, I’m driving, and I will send Xiao
Wei and the others back.” After speaking, Hu Siyuan took out a black car key from her bag. Tap it once.
On the side of the road, a big red Lamborghini urus with Su E0000 license plate rang.
Chen Feng pondered a little, and then smiled: “Okay, trouble you.”
“No trouble.” Hu Siyuan shook her head, as if thinking of something, she smiled and said: “Yes, Brother Feng, it is convenient to add another WeChat?”
Chen Feng was taken aback, then smiled and said: “Of course it’s convenient, let me scan you.”
“Okay.” Hu Siyuan nodded, took out his phone, and opened his QR code. .
Chen Feng scanned it, and Hu Siyuan’s WeChat business card popped up on the phone interface.
The avatar is a very ordinary pet cat avatar, and the nickname is Sailor Moon, everything is plain.
Of course, Chen Feng didn’t think about it. He only used a WeChat to judge Hu Siyuan’s general history.
Hu Siyuan’s true identity and purpose need to be dig deep by himself.
Based on the information in front of him, it is impossible to determine whether Hu Siyuan’s intention is good or bad.
After watching Hu Siyuan and Xiao Wei leave, Chen Feng also took a taxi back to the hotel.
As soon as he arrived at the door of the hotel, Chen Feng saw Chen Zeli with a happy face.
“Uncle Chen, you can count as coming back!” Seeing Chen Feng, Chen Zeli’s face was full of joy.
“What’s the matter? Did something happy happen?” Chen Feng smiled slightly.
“Uncle Chen, there is a happy event!”
“There is a great happy event!” Chen Zeli danced excitedly.
“What a great happy event?” Chen Feng was taken aback for a moment, and then his expression became weird: “It’s not… Huang Lao San broke through, right?”
“Uncle Chen, how did you know?” Chen Zeli’s face was full of astonishment. .
Chen Feng’s expression turned weird again, he just said casually, but he didn’t expect that Huang Laosan really broke through.
“Where is Huang Lao San now?” Chen Feng couldn’t help asking, Huang Lao San’s breakthrough was indeed a happy event, but also a major event.
Huajin and Anjin are completely two realms!
The martial artist will be named as the master of martial arts after stepping into Huajin. In this era when the master of martial arts is not obvious, the master of martial arts will be the real top of the world!
“Master is now upstairs adapting to the realm.” Chen Zeli said, Huajin and Anjin are completely two realms. Huang Laosan has just broken through to Huajin, so naturally it will take some time to adapt.
Chen Feng nodded gently: “Take me up.”
“Okay.” A few minutes later, Chen Feng came to Huang Laosan’s suite.
When Chen Feng pushed the door, Huang Laosan opened his eyes, and he could clearly see that Huang Laosan at this time was much younger than Huang Laosan before. Among them, his hair was the most obvious. Huang Lao-san’s hair is all white, but now Huang Lao-san’s hair is large and black, which looks like a well-maintained middle-aged man.
“Hey, boy, I have broken through.” Seeing Chen Feng, Huang Laosan showed a familiar smirk on his face again, which made Chen Feng relieved. It seems that Huang Laosan’s temperament has not changed much. .
Some warriors break through from dark energy to transform energy, their mood will change drastically, and even their temperament will change drastically, Huang Laosan is not included.
“When did you break through, how did you break through?” Chen Feng ignored Huang Laosan’s show off, but asked two questions in a row. Before downstairs, he looked so weird because he didn’t expect it. , Huang Lao San will break through so quickly, and there is no sign, no movement, completely not in line with the breakthrough law of the martial artist.
You must know that Huajin is a threshold that crosses all warriors. Generally speaking, it takes at least dozens of days for a warrior to break through Huajin, adjust his own breath to the best, and let the spirit of spirit enter a perfect state. Be able to prepare for breakthroughs.
When breaking through, it is best to have a dedicated person to protect the law, only in this way, the warrior will calm down and break through with all his strength.
But Huang Lao San, neither prepared in advance nor anyone to protect him, but he broke through like this, and Chen Feng was not surprised.
Chen Feng seems to know what the general was thinking, Huanglao three Hey smile, spoke: “If I say, I just slept in the afternoon, and then woke up on the break, boy you believe it?”
Looked at Huanglao Chen Feng was speechless for a moment with his trivial expression.
He didn’t want to believe it, but Huang Laosan’s humble expression couldn’t help but he didn’t believe it.

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