Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 426

It is very likely that this old thing really slept, and then broke through to Huajin, Chen Feng thought a little speechless.
“What plans do you have next?” Chen Feng asked. After breaking through to Huajin, Huang Laosan can return to Malaysia alone, with Kagong and Lu Dongxiong, and then rebuild the Chinese Gang.
Huang Laosan paused, then glanced at Chen Feng and sighed: “I originally planned to return to Malaysia to be a native emperor, but your kid seems to have been in a little trouble lately, which made me again. I don’t want to go anymore.”
“Then don’t go.” Chen Feng said with a smile, not being polite to Huang Lao San.
It is indeed his time to hire people right now.
After coming to Zhonghai for just half a month, he provokes too many enemies, Jin Jiazong, Wang Family, Song Family, Shenyin… these are all the most important forces in the world.
It is indeed difficult to stop him alone.
Huang Laosan broke through to Huajin, just in time to help him.
“Okay, I won’t leave.” Huang Laosan readily agreed. He and Chen Feng had a life-long friendship. Even if Chen Feng didn’t say anything, he would not leave Zhonghai this time.
“By the way, Ali, do you and Gillian have time these few days? If you have time, help me secretly protect someone.” Chen Feng turned his gaze to Chen Zeli again.
“Who to protect? Uncle Master, just say it straight.” Chen Zeli said with a grin.
“Lin Wanqiu.”
“Lin Wanqiu?” Chen Zeli was stunned. Huang Lao San was also a little surprised. He obviously didn’t understand why Chen Feng wanted to protect Lin Wanqiu. What danger could Lin Wanqiu have?
“Boy, did someone stare at that girl?” Huang Laosan couldn’t help asking. Lin Wanqiu had met once. She was just an ordinary little girl. Apart from being more beautiful, she had no other characteristics, but even if someone stared It’s not going to send two warriors to protect her. Did Chen Feng make a fuss?
Chen Feng shook his head: “I’m still not sure if anyone is looking at her, but… she has a big secret, I must be cautious.”
“A big secret?”
“Well, Lin Wanqiu may be with someone A grandmaster is related…” Chen Feng re-told the previous incident on the Riverside Bridge. Although Lin Wanqiu had grandmaster-level energy on his body, it was top secret, but there was nothing to hide from his own people like Huang Laosan and Chen Zeli. Necessary.
“Grandmaster-level vigor!”
After listening to Chen Feng’s words, Chen Zeli couldn’t help taking a breath. Huang Lao San’s expression was also very solemn. He didn’t expect that Lin Wanqiu, who seemed ordinary, would have such a big secret in him. .
It now appears that Chen Feng’s decision to let Chen Zeli and Chen Zejiao secretly protect Lin Wanqiu was a wise decision, and it was definitely not a fuss.
Lin Wanqiu, who can be treated so carefully by the master, will certainly not be simple.
The grandmaster behind Lin Wanqiu could completely turn Lin Wanqiu into a martial artist, but he didn’t choose to do that. Instead, he silently protected Lin Wanqiu by instilling grandmaster-level vigor.
There may be only one reason why the master did this, and that is that he wanted to protect Lin Wanqiu, but at the same time, he didn’t want Lin Wanqiu to be targeted by people from the martial arts world.
“Uncle Chen, don’t worry, Gillian and I will protect Wanqiu. If someone wants to be against Wanqiu, unless they step over the bodies of Gillian and me.” Chen Zeli patted his chest to assure that Chen Feng could take such a top secret matter. Tell him that he obviously trusted him to the extreme. In any case, he must be worthy of Chen Feng’s trust.
“It’s not necessary.” Chen Feng shook his head: “If that’s the point, the only thing you and Gillian need to do is to survive, and then send the news to me as soon as possible.”
“If someone is really unfavorable to Wanqiu, I am afraid that the strength of that person is not something you and Gillian can stop, so you don’t have to work hard. All you have to do is send me the news.” Chen Feng Said, if someone really took a shot against Lin Wanqiu, the person who shot would have the least strength at the late stage of Dark Jin, and it was definitely not something Chen Zeli and Chen Zejiao could stop.
In fact, it is not so much that Chen Zeli and Chen Zejiao secretly protect Lin Wanqiu, it is better to say that he put a siren next to Lin Wanqiu, and once Lin Wanqiu has any accident, he will know the first time.
Not that Lin Wanqiu disappeared someday, he didn’t know anything, only his eyes were dark.
“Your Master Chen is right. If you really want someone to take a shot at that girl, you can’t stop it with your brother and sister’s two-legged cat skills, so don’t do it recklessly. You have to judge the situation, you know?” Huang Laosan said in a deep voice.
“I see, Master.” Chen Zeli shrank his neck. Huang Laosan and Chen Feng had both said so, and he would naturally become more mindful.
“Well, Wanqiu will be discharged from the hospital tomorrow. After she is discharged from the hospital, you two will go with her to Zhonghai University to protect her secretly.”
“Besides…Don’t let her know about this matter for the time being, so as not to burden her.” Chen Fengton After a pause, Lin Wanqiu herself probably didn’t know that she was related to a certain grandmaster. Of course, she didn’t need to know. Knowing it would only increase the pressure.
Royal One, the top villa area in Zhonghai.
Most of the villas here are ultra-luxury single villas of 1,000 square meters, and the price of villas starts at least 200,000 per square meter.
If you want to buy a villa in Royal One, you need to start at least 200 million yuan.
Two hundred million is naturally a sky-high number for ordinary people.
However, in the China Overseas Financial Center, Zhonghai, there are 200 million people that can be used, but there are many people. Take the Royal No. 1 villa area as an example. Within two months of completion, 49 villas were sold. It was empty, and most of them were in full.
In the words of the security guard in the Royal No. 1 villa area, the Shenhao who lives in the Royal No. 1 is not bad for money. In the eyes of others, spending 200 million to buy a villa is nothing like ordinary people for 200,000 to buy a car. the difference.
Ordinary people drive a 200,000 car, and the Shenhao of the Royal No. 1 villa area needs to drive a higher grade.
In the garage of the villa, global limited edition luxury cars such as Ferrari Enzo and Rolls-Royce Phantom can be seen almost everywhere.
Just take out one, it is a luxury car of ten million.
But tonight, a big red Lamborghini urus drove into the Royal One Villa area.
Compared with the tens of millions of luxury cars that can be seen everywhere in the villa area, this Lamborghini urus with a sale price of only more than three million is very unfamiliar, and it can even be said that it is a bit dick.
But it was such a car that made the security guards of the Royal Villa No. 1 respectfully pay attention.
Nothing else, just because the owner’s father is the developer of Royal Villa One.
All the villas of Royal One were developed by others.
If Chen Feng is here, he must be able to recognize that this big red Lamborghini driving into the Royal No. 1 villa area is the one that Hu Siyuan drove before.

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