Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 427

After going around for a while, the big red Lamborghini stopped in front of a villa.
This is a villa with a European-style decoration style. The area of ​​the villa is more than 1,000 square meters, almost the same as the manor.
After Hu Siyuan got out of the car, she walked into the villa blankly.
In the living room of the villa, a middle-aged man who was over 40 years old, with a tall skeleton and slightly sunken eyes, seemed to be sitting with his eyes closed.
After Hu Siyuan entered the door, the middle-aged man seemed to have a reaction, and opened his eyes,
“See him?”
“Go back to father, I saw it.” Hu Siyuan stopped, bowed slightly, and spoke respectfully.
“How?” the middle-aged man asked with a slightly indifferent tone, raising his eyelids.
After pondering for a while, Hu Siyuan said in a deep voice: “At present, he doesn’t have anything to shine.”
“Oh?” The middle-aged man raised his mouth, glanced at Hu Siyuan with some playfulness, and asked: “You don’t treat him well. Satisfied?”
“Don’t dare.” Hu Siyuan trembled, seemingly afraid of middle-aged men.
The middle-aged man shook his head and smiled: “Siyuan, I want to tell you one thing for my father today. Sometimes, if you don’t shine, it is often the result.”
“Father…you…” Hu Siyuan frowned and wanted to ask. What did the Nian man say, but when the words reached his lips, she swallowed it back.
And the middle-aged man obviously didn’t mean to solve Hu Siyuan’s confusion. He smiled and continued: “Siyuan, the father should have told you that if there is no mistress, there is no Hu’s family now.”
“Yes, father, you said it.” Hu Siyuan bowed again and spoke respectfully. Outsiders thought that the reason why the Hu family was able to sit firmly in the position of the top wealthy in Suzhou was because the man in front of him named Hu Jinghai was only from the Hu family People know that the position of the No. 1 giant of the Hu family in Suzhou has nothing to do with Hu Jinghai!
The Hu family’s current status was given by that woman!
Including Hu Jinghai’s status as the former richest man in Suzhou!
Without that woman, there would be no Hus in the world, and the richest man in Suzhou would not have anything to do with Hu Jinghai!
Seeing that Hu Siyuan hadn’t forgotten his roots, Hu Jinghai nodded in satisfaction, but immediately, he sighed again: “Before the mistress left, she entrusted the young master to be the father, but for the father… betrayed the mistress. Entrusted by him, the young master has suffered a lot in Cangzhou these years.”
“Father, the mistress will not blame you. The young master left Cangzhou and entered the Zuixia family. No one thought that he would join you. It doesn’t matter.” Hu Siyuan said calmly. After Su Zhaoxi died in Yanjing, Hu Jinghai was already ready to go to the Chen family, but in the end the Chen family broke the news that Chen Feng had already left Yan by himself. Beijing.
A few months later, news of Chen Feng’s entry into Zuixia’s house reached Hu Jinghai’s ears.
Undoubtedly, Hu Jinghai was taken aback at the time. He would never have imagined that Chen Feng would choose to be his son-in-law when he was killed.
It’s simply a big issue in the world!
Chen Feng’s sudden admission not only disrupted Hu Jinghai’s deployment, but also shocked the Chen family and gave up the idea of ​​removing Chen Feng from the grass.
At that time, everyone thought that Chen Feng entered the Zuixia family to save his life.
However, various signs later indicated that Chen Feng entered the Zuixia family because of Xia Mengyao.
“The past is not important anymore.” Hu Jinghai shook his head.
Immediately he looked at Hu Siyuan with scorching eyes: “Siyuan, I have let down the mistress once, and I don’t want to let down her a second time.”
“Do you understand?”
“I understand, father!” Hu Siyuan nodded solemnly. The meaning of Hu Jinghai’s words is very obvious, he must do his best to help Chen Feng!
Even if Chen Feng is trapped in a huge whirlpool now, even if the Hu family is involved, he will help!
“Just understand.” Hu Jinghai nodded lightly, and then sighed again: “Siyuan, the situation is more complicated than you think. This is a major reshuffle of all the old forces in China Shipping, and the young master is involved. If you are not careful, you will be crushed.”
“Our Hu family is based in Suzhou, and there are not many that can help the young master.”
“The only thing we can do is to do our best. The young master needs help most. When you are in trouble, you can help him so that he won’t become a target.”
“I understand, father.” Hu Siyuan’s expression is a little complicated. Hu Jinghai’s move is tantamount to pushing Hu’s family to the cusp of the storm.
Before, not many people in this world knew that the Hu family was related to Chen Feng, including Chen Feng himself.
Therefore, even if Hu Jinghai did not help Chen Feng, no one would make irresponsible remarks to the Hu family. At most, Hu Jinghai would feel a little guilty in his heart.
But now…
“This is the key to Villa No. 1. In a few days, you find a suitable opportunity and give it to the young master.” Hu Siyuan’s meditation did not last long, because Hu Jinghai took out a bunch from her pocket The key interrupted her contemplation.
“Okay, father.” Hu Siyuan nodded and took the key from Hu Jinghai.
Villa No. 1 is the best and largest building in the entire Royal Villa No. 1 area, with a market price of nearly 500 million!
The area of ​​Villa No. 1 is 1,500 square meters!
It is more than 500 square meters larger than the area of ​​Villa No. 2 where she and Hu Jinghai live.
Hu Jinghai’s intention to hand over the key to Villa No. 1 to Chen Feng is very obvious. From now on, the Hu family will respect Chen Feng, and Chen Feng will look forward to it!
At this moment, Chen Feng, who was in the Jintai Hotel, did not know that Hu Jinghai had prepared such a gift for himself.
All Chen Feng’s thoughts were on Shi Pojun’s phone.
“Xiaofeng, Jin Jiazong did send someone to rob prisoners!” On the other side of the phone, Shi Pojun’s tone revealed an unusual excitement.
Chen Feng’s previous strategy worked!
After learning that the Japanese swordsmen would be taken to the headquarters of the Yanjing War League for interrogation, Jin Jiazong panicked! Three full dark forces were sent to hijack the prison car on the halfway in the late stage!
But this time, Jin Jiazong made a mistake!
The Japanese swordsman in the prison car had long been replaced by Shi Pojun into an early stage of energization!
Undoubtedly, the Jin Jiazong’s three dark powers in the late stage, hit the gun, almost without a chance to resist, they were subdued by the Tianluodiwang of the war alliance.
“Where are they now?” Chen Feng was also a little excited. After subduing the Japanese swordsmen before, he thought about how to dig out the Jin Jiazong through the Japanese swordsmen.
In the beginning, his plan was to pry open the mouths of the Japanese swordsmen and let the Japanese swordsmen account for themselves.
But the hardness of the Japanese swordsman’s mouth was beyond his imagination.
In desperation, he came up with an idea.
Since the Japanese swordsman’s mouth can’t be opened, then try to make the Jin Jiazong jump out by himself.

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