Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 428

The way to get Jin Jiazong to jump out is also very simple. It is to let Shi Pojun release the news: The Japanese swordsman has already explained who the master is behind the scenes. This time I go to Yanjing to let the Zhanmeng headquarters set the master behind the scenes. crime.
The Jin Jiazong, as the main messenger behind the scenes, could not sit back and watch the Japanese swordsmen being sent to the headquarters of the Yanjing War League. Once the Japanese swordsmen were sent to the headquarters of the War League, the Jin Jiazong would peel off even if he did not die.
Therefore, there is a high probability that they will hijack the prison car halfway and kill the Japanese swordsmen.
Chen Feng had guessed this way before.
Now, Chen Feng’s guess came true, and Jin Jiazong really sent three dark powers to rob the prison car of the Zhan League.
However, the Japanese swordsman they were about to rob was not in the prison.
In the prison car is a deputy leader of the China Sea Division of the War League!
“They have been subdued by Meng Zhao, now they are all in Zhonghai Wu Prison.” Shi Pojun said.
Chen Feng slightly nodded, the martial arts prison is a kind of prison specially set up by the martial arts association for martial artists. Its security level is more than a hundred times higher than that of ordinary prisons. Even if the martial artist enters the martial arts prison, he wants to escape. It also takes some setbacks.
It is even more difficult than climbing to the sky if you want to escape in the late three dark power stages.
“What is the reaction of Jin Jiazong now?” Chen Feng asked. Wu League supervises all martial artists in China. Although Jin Jiazong is a major martial arts group, it is also subject to the supervision of Wu League. In Jin Jiazong, all disciples’ information is registered in Wu League. The information about the three late stages of the robbing prisoners can be known only by checking in the Wumeng.
There are all personal and physical evidences, even if Jin Jiazong has ten mouths, this time I am afraid it is not clear.
“Jin Jiazong…” Shi Pojun paused, and said: “Jin Jiazong said that this action was made by the disciples in the clan and had nothing to do with the clan.”
“It has nothing to do with the sect?
“Good one has nothing to do with the sect! “Chen Feng sneer again and again, post Anjin, even in such a large martial arts shining armor were also the elders level characters, who are now out of trouble, were shining armor says that this has nothing to do with them is simply nonsense!
Late mere three Anjin will rise in the absence of these doors inspired circumstances, to take the world of a limb robbery Zhanmeng van? they ate ambition guts not?
“how Zhanmeng say? “Chen Feng asked again, the key point of this matter will fall on the Zhanmeng. If the Zhanmeng is taken lightly, then no matter how absurd the reasons of Jin Jiazong are, the Zhanmeng will believe it.
If the Zhanmeng intends to deal with it seriously. No matter how clever the Jin Jiazong speaks, he can hardly escape accountability. “The Zhan League asked the Jin Jiazong lord to go to Beijing within three days to explain the whole story. “Shi Pojun said, logically speaking, a sect like Jin Jiazong should be supervised by the Wumeng, but this time, Jin Jiazong colluded with the Japanese swordsmen and assassinated Chen Feng on the street. When it comes to overseas, the Zhanmeng naturally has the right. Intervene.
“Good. ”
Chen Feng nodded with satisfaction. Judging from the current situation, the Zhanmeng clearly intends to deal with the Jin Jiazong seriously.
Otherwise, they will not let the Jin Jiazong suzerain go to Beijing. You know, Yanjing, the political center of China, has always been a warrior. A place to retreat.
Martial artists at the level of Anjin and above are not allowed to enter Yenching on weekdays without special reasons.
Even if they want to enter, they must report to the Wumeng in advance, and they can enter Beijing with the permission of the Wumeng . like Full Metal Jacket were such a large martial sovereign, go into Yanjing, it is to be reported one month in advance, sector by many layers of review before they can go in. the Zhanmeng only gave shining armor were sovereign three days time, apparently The attitude is determined to the extreme.
“In addition, Xiaofeng,
Leader Fang already knows the information about you.” “In a few days, he may ask you for questioning.” Shi Pojun said. Not many people know that Chen Feng is Xiao Guozhong’s disciple. Zhanmeng The deputy leader of the general alliance is one of them.
This time it was also the main force of the deputy league Fang who rejected all the opinions and made the decision to let the Jin Jiazong lord go to Beijing to confess within three days.
“It’s okay, I’m ready.” Chen Feng nodded calmly, although he had explained to Shi Pojun before and asked Shi Pojun to hide his information from the war alliance as much as possible, but if the senior leadership of the war alliance wanted to check him, Shi Pojun couldn’t hide it at all.
Therefore, Chen Feng was ready to be known.
Knowing the identity naturally has the benefit of being known.
The advantage is his status as a disciple of Xiao Guozhong.
After all, Xiao Guozhong is the founder of the Zhanmeng. With Xiao Guozhong’s relationship, the Zhanmeng will not easily let go of Jin Jiazong.
If he is not Xiao Guozhong’s disciple, but is just an ordinary warrior, then the final result of this matter is likely to be ignored.
After all, Jin Jiazong is China’s top ten martial arts master, they are three kinds of strength, not a decoration.
“That’s good.” Shi Pojun nodded, and said: “Xiaofeng, Jin Jiazong, I will help you stare. If there is any news, I will notify you in time.”
“Trouble you, Brother Shi.” Chen Feng smiled and said, even though it was his idea this time, Shibajun has exerted a lot of effort, not to mention, just invite the powerful warrior who replaced the Japanese swordsman, Shibajun. Took a great responsibility.
If Jin Jiazong hadn’t acted to rob prisoners, then the Huajin martial artist would have gone for nothing.
Afterwards, Shi broke the army and was bound to be held accountable.
Fortunately, Jin Jiazong did not disappoint Chen Feng.
“It’s not troublesome.” Shi Pojun smiled. Although he helped Chen Feng in name this time, he himself has lost a lot of benefits.
If it is really found out that Jin Jiazong is in collusion with Japan, then the adverb in front of the name of the deputy hall master of the Zhan League who has been doing it for several years can be removed.
“By the way, Brother Shi, in the past few years, has any grandmaster been to Cangzhou?” Chen Feng suddenly asked, thinking of something.
“Xiaofeng, why are you asking about this?” Shi Pojun’s complexion became solemn: “The master’s deeds are unpredictable. It is a big crime to inquire about the master’s deeds without authorization.”
“I know, Brother Shi, I just asked, no other meaning. “Chen Feng smiled bitterly. The reason why he asked Shi Pojun about this was naturally because of Lin Wanqiu.
Now the grandmaster-level energy in Lin Wanqiu’s body has become a thorn in his heart, and he always feels a little uneasy if he doesn’t find out the source of that energy.
“Xiaofeng, I know you have no other meanings, but you should know how lofty the position of the master in China is. Every master’s deeds are top secrets. If someone with ulterior motives inquires and makes arrangements, the consequences will be It’s unimaginable…” Shi Pojun said with a serious face. Every martial arts master is a strategic power of China. To put it in an exaggeration, in some respects, the deterrent power of the martial arts master is greater than that of a nuclear bomb. So many, so the Wuxie Association has set the rules not to inquire about the deeds of the master without authorization.

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