Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 430

“I’m too naive?” Lin Lan sneered, “Lin Yue, maybe you should check, the name of the current president of the Kangmei Group will say this again!”
“Lin Lan, what do you mean?!” Lin Yue made a sudden shock. Lin Lan’s words wouldn’t mean…
“What do I mean, you can check it yourself.” Lin Lan sneered again and again. She waited for this moment for a long time.
Lin Yue always relied on her status as the deputy general manager to arrogantly stand in front of her, but now it is finally her turn.
Before Lin Yue could speak, Lin Lan hung up the phone.
Listening to the beep from the phone, Lin Yue rarely became uneasy.
From the very beginning, she should have noticed that Lin Lan used to be in a low voice in front of her in the past, but today, Lin Lan is uncharacteristically and very arrogant.
Without any support, Lin Lan would definitely not dare to do this.
Could it be that Xia Mengyao really became the president of Kangmei Group?
Although there were 10,000 disbelief in her heart, Lin Yue took out her mobile phone, opened Tianyan to check, and started to inquire.
A minute later, with a bang, Lin Yue’s phone fell to the ground.
But Lin Yue’s fingers trembled, her lips turned white, and she looked completely unknown.
Xia Mengyao actually became the president of Kangmei Group!
It took a long time for Lin Yue to recognize this fact with some difficulty.
The information that Tianyan checked can’t be faked. Although she didn’t believe it in her heart, she had to accept it in the face of the facts.
In the past, the toy that she could knead and rub at will really became something she couldn’t afford or even wanted to climb.
“How could this happen? How could it happen?”
“How did that bitch do it?!”
Lin Lan gritted her teeth, a little unacceptable, and Xia Mengyao became so unattainable overnight.
You know, Kangmei Group is an aircraft carrier-class company with a market value of nearly 100 billion. Even if Xia Mengyao is a branch of Kangmei in China Shipping, the market value of this branch is nearly 30 billion.
When Xia Mengyao was the president of such a company at a young age, her future was almost limitless!
It even reached the point where she needed Lin Yue to look up!
This is the nature of human beings. You can accept that others live worse than yourself, but you can never accept that others live better than yourself, especially this person, who he despised before.
After a brief indignation, Lin Yue was surrounded by a deep sense of powerlessness. Although he couldn’t figure out how Xia Mengyao became the president of Kangmei Group overnight, at this moment, Lin Yue had to think about a problem.
What should I do?
Until now, Xia Mengyao would never bow to Wang De anyway.
At this time, Wang Defa didn’t deserve to let Xia Mengyao bow her head.
But if Xia Mengyao doesn’t bow her head, her position as deputy general manager will inevitably not be kept.
Wang Defa won’t give her the slightest face.
Lin Yue became more and more angry, and even Qi’s body was trembling. It was something she had never expected before.
Her original idea was to use Xia Mengyao’s hand to take her position further and promote her from deputy general manager to general manager.
But now, let alone a further step, her original position as deputy general manager will be lost because of Xia Mengyao.
For Xia Mengyao, Lin Yue was itching with hatred at the moment.
Unfortunately, she still has nothing to do with Xia Mengyao.
The president of Kangmei Group was not something she could offend.
“Mom, what’s the matter with you?” At this moment, Tang Ruoxue entered the bedroom. Seeing Lin Yue’s expression ugly, Tang Ruoxue couldn’t help but care.
“Ruoxue, did you know that that bitch became the president of Kangmei Group?” Lin Yue asked through gritted teeth. Tang Ruoxue studied medical management at University. Her goal after graduation was Kangmei Group, but during the retest stage, But it was brushed down.
Now if she knew that Xia Mengyao had become the president of the company she dreamed of joining, she might not be able to accept it.
“That bitch?”
“Mom, you are talking about Xia Mengyao!!” As
Lin Yue expected, Tang Ruoxue was sluggish for a moment, then reacted instantly, and then looked shocked.
“Well, I just called Lin Lan. Lin Lan said that the bitch is now the president of Kangmei Group. I didn’t believe it at the time, but I just checked…”
“Impossible!” Before Lin Yue finished speaking Tang Ruoxue interrupted angrily: “Mom, that bitch can’t be the president of Kangmei Group. Kangmei Group is a leading company in the domestic pharmaceutical industry. That bitch needs no education or qualifications, she even It is difficult to enter the Kangmei Group, let alone become the president of the Kangmei Group. Mom, my third aunt must be lying to you.”
“Oh, look for yourself…” Lin Yue handed the phone to Tang Ruoxue with some helplessness.
Tang Ruoxue took a look at her mobile phone. When she saw Xia Mengyao’s name, her pretty face suddenly lost its blood.
“Impossible, impossible…”
“It must be the same name, yes, it is the same name!” Tang Ruoxue shook her head in a daze, and immediately seemed to think of something, and her face burst into light again.
Although the probability of having the same name is small, but small, it does not mean that there is no!
“It’s not the same name.” Lin Yue sighed again, and then said earnestly: “Ruoxue, Mom knows you can’t accept it, but the facts are already there. This Xia Mengyao is the bastard of your third aunt. She is I came to Zhonghai a few days ago, and the new president of Kangmei Group took office a few days ago…”
“I don’t believe it, I don’t believe it!” Tang Ruoxue was a bit hysterical, and this news is no different from her. Pili, she was even more reluctant than Lin Yue to believe that Xia Mengyao became the general manager of Kangmei Group.
Because of her birth, she looked down on Xia Mengyao, her cousin, and felt that Xia Mengyao was just a bun.
But now, this tubaozi has joined the Kangmei Group she dreamed of, and she has also transformed into the president of this group.
How does this make her accept? !
Lin Yue shook her head and stopped speaking. She knew how arrogant and arrogant her daughter was. This incident did not affect Tang Ruoxue less than she lost her position as deputy general manager.
“Ruoxue, believe it or not, we have to accept this fact.”
“That bitch is indeed better than our mother.” Lin Yue said unwillingly. Right now, she lost the vice president of Zhongsheng Group. The managerial position has become an established fact.
Wang Defa couldn’t do anything to Xia Mengyao, he would vent his anger on her.
So her top priority is to find another way out.
“She must have slept with her, she must be!”
Tang Ruoxue still made vicious speculations on her own, and had no intention of listening to Lin Yue at all.

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