Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 436

“You troublemaker, did you offend people outside again?!” Just as Lin Yue pressed to answer, a roaring angry voice came from the phone.
Lin Yue was taken aback for a moment, and then hurriedly denied: “Husband, what are you talking about? I didn’t offend anyone, I’m sitting at home obediently.”
“Fart!” Tang Yaozong was irritated and exploded. I was blocked, and you still said you didn’t offend anyone?!”
“What?! Your hotel was blocked!” Hearing this news, Lin Yue was shocked and the only one under her husband’s name that could prove it. But that’s the hotel, if the hotel is sealed, then my family should really drink northwest wind.
“Husband, what is going on?” Although Lin Yue had a faint hunch in her heart, Lin Yue still didn’t want to believe it. It was related to Chen Feng.
“Do you ask Lao Tzu who will I ask?!” Tang Yaozong was very grumpy and almost ignored the dirty words: “Lao Tzu stayed in the office well in the afternoon. Suddenly a group of people came up there, saying that there is a problem with Lao Tzu’s hotel. I just sealed it to Lao Tzu…”
“Husband, where’s Zhang Ju? Did you find Zhang Ju?” Lin Yue couldn’t help but ask. In the past, Tang Yaozong’s hotel was not without incident, every time something happened. , Tang Yaozong would always find Zhang Ju to take care of it. Once and twice, Tang Yaozong also got in touch with Zhang Ju.
In the Zhonghai officialdom, although Zhang Ju is not the top hand, it still holds a certain position in the upper middle and upper reaches.
Generally, as long as it is not too big a problem, Zhang Ju can solve it.
“I found it! Can I not find it?!”
“The first time the accident happened, I called Zhang Ju. In the past, Zhang Ju would answer Lao Tzu’s calls no matter how busy he was. But today, I made dozens of calls. Zhang did not answer any of the bureaus.”
Listening to Tang Yaozong’s annoyed tone, Lin Yue once again realized the seriousness of the matter. Zhang Ju, whom the family had always relied on, did not even dare to answer the phone this time.
“Husband, how about… how many more attempts will you give to Zhang Ju? Maybe Zhang Ju is too busy to take care of it?” Lin Lan still has a fluke, although it is clear in her heart that this is almost impossible. She couldn’t get rid of the relationship with Chen Feng, but she still didn’t think that Chen Feng could have so much energy.
“Are you a pig brain?! No matter how busy Zhang Ju is, can you be so busy that you don’t even have the time to answer the phone?” Tang Yaozong was so angry that he had reached this point. Lin Yue still couldn’t understand the seriousness of the matter.
This made it clear that someone wanted to engage their family, and that person’s power was so great that Zhang Ju would not even dare to remind them.
Tang Yaozong only realized this problem after dozens of phone calls.
But after thinking about it, he couldn’t figure out what he had offended. In the recent period, he has been very peaceful, almost unable to get out of the door and the second door.
Since he didn’t offend anyone, Lin Yue or Tang Ruoxue can only offend people.
Among them, Lin Yue’s suspicion is naturally greater.
After all, he is a family, so Tang Yaozong is very clear about the virtues of his wife outside, and the things that have caused him in the past are not rare.
“Husband, I had a little friction with people today…” Tang Yaozong had already said this, and Lin Lan knew that she couldn’t hide it anymore, so she began to confess.
“You said that your niece is now the president of Kangmei Group?!” Tang Yaozong on the other end of the phone, after listening to Lin Yue’s remarks, couldn’t stop his mind shaking.
“Yes, I don’t know what kind of shit luck that slut took. In just a few days, he changed from a hillbilly to the president of Kangmei Group.” Speaking of Xia Mengyao, Lin Yue’s tone was both jealous and resentful.
“Fool! You are just a fool!”
“Everyone is the president, so you don’t have to be in favor of others, you still go to provoke them ?!” Tang Yaozong was so angry that he almost vomited a mouthful of old blood. He couldn’t think of killing him. The cause of the matter turned out to be a fool like Lin Yue. He took the initiative to provoke others.
After being insulted by Tang Yaozong, Lin Yue appeared aggrieved: “Husband, I am also good for Ruoxue…”
“Fart! You pig brain, if it is really for Ruoxue, you should not provoke that Xia Mengyao!”
“Also vice president?! Why do you have the embarrassment to open your mouth to ask for it?! You don’t know what kind of virtues our family Ruoxue has! Don’t give her a vice president, or give her a little supervisor, she may not do well. ! ” ” you’re a fool! I is not mad at you just want to be happy?! ” ” my husband, I did not mean it …… “Lin Yue whispered excuse, although Tangyao Zong education, Lin Yue but still can not feel, do their own What’s the problem.
What if Tang Ruoxue is unworthy of being a vice president? There are too many people who are unworthy. Xia Mengyao is a living example. Xia Mengyao can be the president, but his daughter is not too much to be a vice president, right?
Of course, Lin Yue only dared to think about this in her heart, and she categorically didn’t dare to say it. If she said it, Tang Yaozong might be pissed off on the spot.
“I don’t care what you mean, you immediately go and apologize to your niece and strive for her forgiveness!” Tang Yaozong said angrily.
“Husband, I’m afraid it’s not enough to apologize to that bitch…” Lin Yue said weakly. She just told Tang Yaozong about offending Xia Mengyao, but didn’t say that Liu Kun and Wu Zhike came to her afterwards.
Judging from the content of the words brought by Liu Kun and Wu Zhike, all this must be Chen Feng behind the scenes.
“Don’t you idiot offend other people?!” Tang Yaozong jumped into a thunder again. If he wasn’t by Lin Yue now, he would have to jump up and slap Lin Yue severely.
“It’s not someone else, it’s the slut’s ex-husband, just Chen Feng, that door-to-door son-in-law I’ve mentioned to you several times before.” Lin Yue said, since she married Tang Yaozong, she has rarely contacted Lin Yue, but However, she has always paid attention to the news about Lin Lan’s family.
” My son-in-law?”
“Chen Feng?”
Tang Yaozong was stunned, and it took a long time to search for information about Chen Feng from his mind.
“What does this matter have to do with him?”
“His two doglegs just found our house…” Lin Yue reiterated the matter about Liu Kun and Wu Zhike.
“The curse comes from the mouth?”
Hearing these four words, Tang Yaozong understood everything instantly, and immediately hated Lin Yue’s hateful tooth itch. From the beginning of the relationship, Lin Yue knew who the offend was, but Lin Yue did. It was abruptly walking around with him here.
“Husband, I have seen that trash several times in Cangzhou. He is just an out-of-pocket trash. When Lin Lan was eating at home, he could not even serve the dining table, but from this point, he suddenly became so big. I always feel that things are weird.” Lin Yue frowned.

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