Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 437

“There’s a weird fart! Who said that a door-to-door son-in-law can’t be powerful?!” Tang Yaozong looked furious, and now he can be sure that the hotel was sealed because Chen Feng asked someone to do it.
Aside from anything else, it can be seen that the other party’s energy must not be too small if he can find his home in less than an hour.
“It’s still a fart!” Lin Yue wanted to explain a few more words, but Tang Yaozong interrupted her mercilessly.
“Lin Yue, I don’t care what holidays you had with your Xia Mengyao, now I only have one request: go and apologize to Xia Mengyao!”
“Otherwise, I will break your leg!”
Tang Yaozong’s vicious tone was thick. He was very clear about Lin Yue’s threats. If he was not resolute, maybe Lin Yue would leave the apology behind.
“Husband, don’t be angry, can’t I go and apologize to that bitch?” Lin Lan said reluctantly. Although asking her to apologize to Xia Mengyao is as uncomfortable as letting her eat flies, Tang Yaozong has already said it. This time she went against Tang Yaozong’s will, and she would not give Tang Yaozong face.
In the afternoon, Lin Yue came to Kangmei Group again. The difference from the morning was that she came alone this time, and her attitude was obviously much more humble than the morning.
Sitting at the front desk is still the beauty in the morning.
“Why are you here again?!” Seeing Lin Yue, the smile on the face of the beauty receptionist disappeared instantly, and turned into an ugly face.
“I’m here to apologize.” Lin Yue said with a smile. Although she hated the itch of the beauty and the front desk hate in her heart, she did not dare to have it at this moment.
“Well, I apologize, please inform your manager Xia and say that I am here to apologize.” Lin Yue’s attitude was very low. When she came over, she was ready to be humiliated.
“Huh, I knew it so, why did it in the first place.” The beauty receptionist couldn’t help but ridicule. When Lin Yue came in the morning, it was not the same attitude as she is now. Lin Yue at that time, nostrils were almost up to the sky, even if When the security drove her away, she also scolded her out.
Lin Yue’s face turned blue and red. Although she was mocked in person, she didn’t dare to put a fart this time.
But fortunately, the beauty front desk quickly called Fang Ya.
In Xia Mengyao’s office, Fang Ya looked wrong after hanging up.
“Mr. Xia, that woman came to apologize.”
“That woman? Who?” Xia Mengyao was stunned, but did not react for a while.
“Just your relative.” Fang Ya said.
“Lin Yue? Are you sure it’s her? Impossible.” Xia Mengyao didn’t have any reaction yet. Lin Lan first spoke in surprise. Based on her understanding of Lin Yue, Lin Yue is not like the kind of person who can easily subdue. Ah, let alone apologize to Xia Mengyao, she is good enough if she doesn’t trouble Xia Mengyao at this moment, it won’t be the wrong person at the front desk.
“Yes, the front desk said it was the woman in the morning.” Fang Ya nodded, and then she turned her gaze to Xia Mengyao again, asking questions: “Mr. Xia…”
“No. ” Xia Mengyao said lightly, although she didn’t understand. Why did Lin Yue come to apologize, but now she has no interest in seeing Lin Yue at all.
“Understood, President Xia.” Fang Ya nodded, and then ordered again.
Although Lin Lan on the side felt that it was inappropriate to do this, she did not dare to refute the decision Xia Mengyao made now.
“not see?!”
The cold report from the beauty front desk without the slightest emotion immediately poured Lin Yue a heartbreak. She did not expect that Xia Mengyao would be so unrelenting now that she would not even give her the opportunity to apologize.
“Beauty, do you want to call you Mr. Xia again, just say that I really know I was wrong, and let her give me a chance to explain it face to face.” Lin Yue’s tone was imploring, Xia Mengyao said. The reaction really exceeded her expectations. Before coming, she had imagined many scenes, some were humiliated by Xia Mengyao, some were humiliated by Lin Lan, but this scene was the only one. In her opinion, Xia Mengyao would give it anyway. She had a chance to meet.
Unexpectedly, Xia Mengyao would not even give her a chance to meet.
“Excuse me, please go back. If we say that we don’t see you, we don’t see.” The beauty receptionist snorted, and said in a sarcasm. Lin Yue now knows he regrets it? late!
“Okay.” Lin Yue walked to the side with a weeping face and took out the phone.
“Husband, I have been to the Kangmei Group, but that bitch refused to see me.” Lin Yue can only ask Tang Yaozong for help at this moment, hoping that Tang Yaozong can give him some ideas.
“Refusing to see you? Why didn’t she want to see you?” On the other end of the phone, Tang Yaozong couldn’t help but sink.
“I don’t know, that slut was not like this before…”
“I don’t know! I don’t know! Ask you don’t know anything!” Tang Yaozong was a little frustrated, “You pig-headed, besides making trouble, you will do something else. Is it true?”
“Husband, I…”
“What am I! I don’t see anyone, just wait for me! Come back when you see someone!” With a
“pop”, Tang Yaozong hung up roughly Phone.
Lin Yue, who stayed in place, was itchy teeth with anger.
“Bitch! You bitch! Give it back to my old lady!” After cursing Xia Mengyao bitterly, Lin Yue could only wait in place under the sun.
In any case, she must see Xia Mengyao.
If Xia Mengyao’s forgiveness cannot be asked, Tang Yaozong’s hotel will not be able to open. If the hotel does not open for a day, the loss of money will be hundreds of thousands.
She cannot afford the price.
Soon, the afternoon passed.
“Ms. Xia, she is still waiting outside, and has been standing all afternoon.” Fang Ya truthfully reported Lin Yue’s situation to Xia Mengyao.
But after listening to Xia Mengyao, she didn’t even lift her eyelids and said, “Let her wait.”
“Yes, President Xia.” Fang Ya nodded respectfully.
Lin Lan, who witnessed all this, was secretly surprised. Xia Mengyao today is really different from before. If he hadn’t been staring at Xia Mengyao all the time, Lin Lan would have doubted whether Xia Mengyao had been transferred.
Lin Yue originally thought that Xia Mengyao would feel a little soft when he stood outside in the sun for an afternoon, and came out to see him, but even in the evening, no one came down.
“Bitch! Damn bitch! You’d better not let my old lady catch your handle!” Lin Yue gritted her teeth and breathed fire in her eyes. After standing for seven or eight hours, not only did her throat become dry, but her legs were also dry. Already standing numb, don’t mention seeing Xia Mengyao, not even Xia Mengyao’s shadow.

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