Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 438

In desperation, Lin Yue could only drag her weak legs back home.
For the next three days, Lin Yue seemed to be at work, appearing at the door of Kangmei Group on time every morning, one stop for one day.
This spirit of perseverance has naturally attracted the attention of many employees of Kangmei Group.
Soon, there was news that the woman standing at the door of the group was the same woman who had made the colored paper before.
Now she came to Kangmei Group to admit her mistake, but Xia Mengyao didn’t want to pay attention to her.
Under Fang Ya’s deliberate guidance, three days ago, Lin Yue asked Xia Mengyao to arrange for Tang Ruoxue as a vice president, and it quickly spread throughout the company.
For a time, everyone talked.
No one thought that there is a woman of Lin Yue in the world, so she asked her relatives to arrange a vice president position for her daughter. This is more than a lion’s mouth open, it is like Kangmei Group is its own The home is opened.
Deserve it!
There were still many people who sympathized with Lin Yue, but after knowing the whole story, these people didn’t say they sympathized with Lin Yue, and they didn’t spit on Lin Yue, which was considered good enough.
At this time, everyone finally understood that there was a high probability that the things on the colored paper before were fabricated by Lin Yue in order to pour dirty water on Xia Mengyao.
Gradually, public opinion began to reverse.
Although there are still some people who still hold the original point of view, these people are still a minority.
“Mengyao, your second aunt has been standing outside for three days. You really don’t plan to see her?” On the fourth day, Lin Lan was a little uncontrollable. Although Lin Yue had done too much before, In any case, Lin Yue is also her sister, and her heart grows. She really can’t continue to be indifferent.
Xia Mengyao frowned, and she had to say that Lin Yue’s behavior was a bit beyond her expectations.
She thought that if Lin Yue stood for a day or two at most, she would be unable to hold on, but she did not expect that Lin Yue had stood now, and looking at the formation, she still meant to continue standing.
Why does Lin Yue insist on doing so?
A question emerged in Xia Mengyao’s mind. Based on her understanding of Lin Yue, Lin Yue is not like this kind of person who can persist, unless Lin Yue has a reason to persist…
“Let her come up.” Xia Mengyao said lightly. , She wanted to know the reason for Lin Yue’s persistence.
A few minutes later, Lin Yue appeared in the office.
After being ravaged by the scorching sun for three or four days, Lin Yue had completely changed her appearance.
If the old Lin Yue was a well-maintained noblewoman, then Lin Yue now is a village girl who has been exposed to the wind and sun all the year round.
Lin Lan couldn’t even connect this charcoal-like woman with Lin Yue a few days ago.
“Mengyao…” Seeing Xia Mengyao again, Lin Yue had an urge to cry. Only God knows what she experienced in the past few days when she stood outside and exposed to the sun.
The change in appearance is not a big deal at all, what is important is the heart, her heart has been devastated in the past few days.
From the grudge at the beginning, to being soft, and then to the plea later.
It can be said that all her heart and soul have been worn away these days.
“Why do you have to see me?”
Xia Mengyao didn’t feel soft about Lin Yue, whose eyes were red. She just wanted to know why Lin Yue insisted.
“I…I want to apologize to you, Mengyao, I was wrong…I used to be too much…” Lin Yue’s voice was crying, and she didn’t know whether it was a disguise or true feelings.
“If it’s an apology, you don’t have to.” Xia Mengyao interrupted a little impatiently. She asked Lin Yue to come up, not to make Lin Yue apologize.
Not necessary?
Lin Yue was shocked. What do you mean, she wouldn’t forgive herself?
“Who made you apologize to me? Don’t say it’s yourself.” Xia Mengyao asked.
“It’s Chen Feng, you… don’t you know?” Lin Yue was a little surprised. She thought that Xia Mengyao knew what Chen Feng was doing behind his back, but Xia Mengyao obviously knew nothing about Xia Mengyao’s expression.
“Chen Feng?!”
Xia Mengyao hadn’t reacted to Lin Yue’s words, but Lin Lan was like a cat stepped on her feet, instantly exploding her hair.
“Sister Yue, you said it was Chen Feng who asked you to apologize to Mengyao?!” Lin Lan asked through gritted teeth. The name she was most afraid of hearing now was Chen Feng, but she did not expect what she was afraid of.
“It’s him.” Lin Yue nodded.
“Why did he ask you to apologize to Mengyao?! You listened to what he said ?!” “He let people close my husband’s hotel.” Lin Yue smiled and said, she didn’t want to listen to Chen Feng, but Tang Yaozong All of her hotels have been sealed, and if she doesn’t listen to Chen Feng, they should go to Beifeng.
“What?! He made people seal your husband’s hotel?!” Lin Lan was shocked. She knew about Lin Yue’s husband running a hotel, because the one Lin Yue showed off to her the most was her husband. Hotel.
But now, Lin Yue said that her husband’s hotel was sealed.
And the one who sealed her husband’s hotel was still the trash he had always looked down upon. How did he do it?
Compared to Lin Lan’s shock, Xia Mengyao seemed calmer. She understood why Lin Yue had been so low-pitched these days.
It turned out that Chen Feng was behind the shot.
“Mengyao, the second aunt already knows that she is wrong, and the second aunt will never dare to do it again, that… can you tell Chen Feng to let him let your second uncle go? Moreover, all of us are now dependent on your second uncle to support us. If the hotel is not unblocked, Ruoxue and I should go to the northwest wind.” Lin Yueqiang smiled, quite a bit of a misfortune.
But Xia Mengyao’s attitude was a little cold: “You have found the wrong person. I have nothing to do with him now. We are already divorced.”
“Mengyao, look at what you said, you can be friends after a divorce, right?”
“Besides, Chen Feng must still have feelings for you, otherwise, he wouldn’t help you like that behind his back.” Lin Yue smiled, with a low voice on his face, Tang Yaozong Hotel was sealed for three days, and the loss had already exceeded a million. , If she doesn’t unblock it, the next loss may not be measurable in a million, so today, she will have to take Xia Mengyao anyway.
“Sister Yue, I don’t like to listen to your words. My Mengyao has divorced that waste. There is no relationship between them! As for the feelings you mentioned, it is only that waste has to Mengyao. Feelings, we Mengyao don’t have any feelings for that trash.” Lin Lan tried to retort, Lin Yue wanted Xia Mengyao to help her, she could understand, but she couldn’t get involved with Chen Feng!
She managed to get Xia Mengyao to get rid of Chen Feng. If the two rekindled their old relationship because of this incident, she would rather Lin Yue’s husband go bankrupt.

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