Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 440

If God gave her another chance, she would never have that attitude towards Chen Feng.
“Daughter, you and Chen Feng… is it still possible between you now?” Lin Lan couldn’t help but ask. Judging from Chen Feng’s performance that day, he still has feelings for Xia Mengyao. As long as they have feelings, those two People may not fail to reunite.
“What do you mean?” Xia Mengyao’s mouth raised a hint of sarcasm, although she had long expected that Lin Lan would react this way after she told the truth.
But when Lin Lan said this, she was still a little sick for no reason. This was her good mother, a woman who fell into the eyes of money.
Lin Lan seemed to be a little embarrassed when he heard the sarcasm in Xia Mengyao’s tone.
“Daughter, Mom used to be a bit snobbish, but in the final analysis, Mom is also for your own good.”
“In addition, since Chen Feng is a member of the Chen family, why did he not truthfully tell us his identity in the first place, but to Lie to us?”
“If he doesn’t lie to us, between you and him, you won’t get to where you are today.” Lin Lan tried to get rid of his mistakes.
“If he doesn’t lie to us? You won’t call him trash, will you?” Xia Mengyao sneered.
“That’s for sure, if I know that he is from the Chen family, let’s not say that he is rubbish, it is too late for me to flatter him.” Lin Lan bit her scalp and said, although this is very shameless, it is the truest in her heart If she knew the identity of Chen Feng’s heir to the rich, she would definitely treat Chen Feng as a bodhisattva.
“You are really real.” Xia Mengyao couldn’t help but sneered again. She was very curious. What would Lin Lan look like after learning that Chen Feng and the Chen family are now in a hostile state?
When Xia Mengyao said reality, Lin Lan didn’t react at all. At this moment, Lin Lan only thought about how to reconnect Chen Feng and Xia Mengyao.
“Daughter, Mom can tell that Chen Feng still likes you very much. Why don’t you go to him and talk about your remarriage?” “I think it’s a pity that you missed the two.”
“What a pity?” Xia Mengyao sneered. “It’s a pity to know now? At the door of the Civil Affairs Bureau, you didn’t say that.”
Lin Lan smiled and said, “At that time, Mom didn’t know Chen Feng’s identity.”
“Now I know, Mom is sure about Chen Feng .” I can give you happiness. Naturally, I have to think about you.”
“If you really think about me, you won’t come to the company to disturb me in the future.” Xia Mengyao said in a cold voice, Lin Lan came and went freely in Kangmei Group these few days. The Kangmei Group is about to be his home. The employees in the group have complaints about Lin Lan, but her identity as the president is there. Even if these employees have complaints about Lin Lan, they dare not speak.
“Mom will come to the company less in the future, but you have to pay attention to the remarriage of Chen Feng.” Lin Lan smiled, and now she listens to what Xia Mengyao says, as long as she can make Xia Mengyao happy and let her do what she does All willing.
After sending Lin Lan away, Xia Mengyao took out her mobile phone from her pocket and found Chen Feng’s number.
Every time I see this familiar number, Xia Mengyao’s expression will be very complicated.
This time too.
After struggling for a full ten minutes, Xia Mengyao pressed the dial button.
A few seconds later, the sound of a call connection came from the phone.
“Where are you?” Xia Mengyao tried to calm down her tone.
“In the company.” Chen Feng paused.
“Second aunt’s matter… trouble you.”
“It’s not troublesome, it’s just a phone call.” Chen Feng smiled and said, indeed, as far as he is concerned, there are too many ways to get Lin Yue to submit, the simplest The thing is to give Liu Kun a call and let Liu Kun solve it.
“Just as Lin Yue came to me, she said she already knew she was wrong.” After hesitating again and again, Xia Mengyao spoke slowly.
Chen Feng was taken aback for a moment, and then smiled: “I see, at her husband’s hotel, I will let people unblock them as soon as possible.”
“One more thing, I just told my mother that you are the Chen family. She may come to bother you these few days.” Xia Mengyao said a little apologetically. She was angry with Lin Lan just now, and she couldn’t hold back. She said about Chen Feng’s identity. Now she calmed down and regretted a little.
For Lin Lan’s faceless and skinless character, she will definitely pester Chen Feng these few days.
“It’s okay.” Chen Feng smiled, not caring.
“By the way, how is she…?” Xia Mengyao suddenly asked, thinking of something.
“She is almost all right, there is no major problem, in the hospital these few days.” Chen Feng said truthfully, Xia Mengyao asked, naturally it was Lin Wanqiu.
“Can you tell me about her story?” Xia Mengyao took a deep breath and asked. She wanted to know how Chen Feng met Lin Wanqiu, and she had to face this question directly.
“Yes.” After a moment of silence, Chen Feng nodded.
“She’s Lin Wanqiu, and I met her for the first time…”
Chen Feng finally let out a long sigh after explaining the whole process of getting acquainted with Lin Wanqiu.
“She is a good girl.” Xia Mengyao’s tone was a bit complicated. Her previous judgment was not wrong. Another’she’ appeared beside Chen Feng.
This’she’ loves Chen Feng not less than her.
“Take care of her.” After sighing, Xia Mengyao hung up the phone.
On the other end of the phone, Chen Feng laughed bitterly.
I have to say that the development of things to this point has completely exceeded his expectations.
When Chen Feng was thinking about how to deal with Lin Wanqiu’s relationship, Shi Pojun called.
“Xiaofeng, the notice of Jin Jiazong’s handling has come down.” On the phone, Shi Pojun was straightforward.
“How to deal with it?” Chen Feng couldn’t help asking.
“Abolish the whole body cultivation base of Deputy Sect Master Sun Chu, and expelled from the country.”
“In addition, all Jin Jiazong disciples related to this assassination will serve ten years in martial prison.” Shi Pojun said.
“It’s okay.” Chen Feng nodded slightly, and had to say that the results of the Zhanmeng’s handling exceeded his expectations.
Two days ago, the Jin Jiazong lord came to Beijing, and confessed that it was Sun Chuhou, the deputy lord of the sect, who had colluded with the Japanese swordsman. Chen Feng was still wondering whether the Zhan Meng would relax the handling.
After all, Sun Chu is a warrior of Huajin.
In this age when the master is not out, Huajin is the peak combat power.
There are only a hundred of Huajin fighters recorded in the entire Chinese martial arts world.
Every missing one is a great loss to the Chinese martial arts world.
I thought that the Zhanmeng would detain Sun Chu for several years as a punishment.
Unexpectedly, the Zhanmeng directly made the decision to abolish Sun Chu’s whole body cultivation.
“Jin Jiazong also broke his arm this time. Sun Chu is not only one of the four great martial arts masters in the clan, he is also the younger brother of Sect Master Zhao Qianqiu. He can be said to be inextricably linked with Zhao Qianqiu, but now he has been pushed out by the Jin Jiazong…” Shi Pojun’s tone was quite regretful, a martial arts master, Jin Jiazong said that he lost it.

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