Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 441

“Abandon the car to save the handsome.”
“If Sun Chu doesn’t come out to commit the crime, then the whole
Jinjiazong will suffer.” Chen Feng said lightly. In fact, when Zhao Qianqiu came to Beijing two days ago, he had already guessed that there would be Now this situation.
Those three dark warriors had already nailed the Jin Jiazong to the pillar of shame. In any case, the Jin Jiazong could not escape the charge of colluding with the Japanese swordsmen.
Since you can’t get rid of it, you can only find a way to give an explanation to the Zhanmeng.
And Sun Chu, this is the explanation.
A martial arts master is enough to calm the anger of the war alliance.
As for whether the others of Jin Jiazong colluded with Japanese swordsmen…
Chen Feng felt that there was a high probability, but it was limited to the high-level.
“The only regret at the moment is that Sun Chu didn’t explain who was the real murderer behind the scenes. He insisted that he had a gap with you, so he sent the national swordsman that day to kill you.” Shi Pojun sighed, quite a few. Path of regret.
“Haha, gap?”
“I have never met him before. Even before today, I hadn’t even heard of his name. How could there be a gap between us?” Chen Feng sneered, Sun Chu This rhetoric is very low-level, and a discerning person can tell the truth at a glance.
But what can I do if I see it? Everyone knows that there are other people behind Sun Chu.
Is it possible to check?
Of course not!
Because just ascertaining Sun Chu’s place, he already told a martial arts master.
If you check it further, who knows what will be disturbed.
After all, the Zhanmeng is only an external organization, and the shadow behind Sun Chu obviously involves the domestic wealthy family.
Only the Wumeng can check the wealthy families in China.
But Zhonghai Wumeng itself is not clean. Let the people from Zhonghai Wumeng investigate the people behind Sun Chu. Who knows what they will find out?
So finding Sun Chu here is the best situation right now.
As for the people behind Sun Chu, although the Zhanmeng was not clear, Chen Feng could probably guess it.
However, their power is a bit too scary for Chen Feng.
Even if he guessed it, Chen Feng couldn’t do anything, he could only pretend to be deaf and dumb.
“Xiaofeng, after this incident, Jin Jiazong will hate you, so you have to be more careful.” Shi Pojun reminded in a deep voice.
“Big Brother Shi, don’t worry, I will pay attention.” Chen Feng nodded. It is inevitable that Jin Jiazong hates him, but at this time, they can’t make any excessive actions because there is a war alliance staring at the side.
If something happened to him now, the first suspected target of the Zhan League would be Jin Jiazong.
Therefore, if Jin Jiazong is smart, he should pray. He had better not do anything right now. If something happens to him, Jin Jiazong will not be well.
In fact, Jin Jiazong is indeed having a hard time at the moment.
This situation became more obvious after Zhao Qianqiu returned to the clan.
There was complaint in the clan.
Sun Chu’s collusion with Japanese swordsmen has spread throughout the martial arts world.
The disciple of the Jin Jiazong who was originally wearing the super strong aura and proud of the Jin Jiazong, after this incident, almost all of them became street rats, and they were rejected by many martial artists in the martial arts world.
It is impossible to say that there is no complaint in the heart.
After all, Sun Chu is the Deputy Sect Master of Jin Jiazong, in a sense, he can represent Jin Jiazong.
But now, he has done such a shameful thing.
This puzzled many disciples.
They really couldn’t think of the reason why Sun Chu colluded with Japanese swordsmen?
As the Deputy Sect Master of the Jin Jiazong, he really wanted to have hatred with others. He could completely order the disciples in the Jin Jiazong to avenge him, but he chose the most stupid way: colluding with the Japanese swordsmen.
Didn’t he know that the Chinese martial arts world, and the Japanese martial arts world, have always been incompatible?
Doesn’t he understand that colluding with Japanese warriors to assassinate Chinese warriors is a taboo in the martial arts world?
Many disciples in the clan were filled with grievances. I thought that Zhao Qianqiu would give them a reasonable explanation after returning to the clan.
But who knows, after Zhao Qianqiu returned to the sect, he didn’t even glance at them, so he plunged into the training room.
This move made the disciples in the clan who were dissatisfied with Zhao Qianqiu even more disappointed. On that day, many disciples packed up their luggage and left Jin Jiazong directly.
In this regard, Zhao Qianqiu did not know.
Of course, even if he knew, he wouldn’t have any indication.
Because at this moment, he has more important things to do.
After entering the training room, Zhao Qianqiu walked straight to the wall facing the front door.
Immediately, he looked around carefully, and after making sure that there was no one around, he stretched out his hand and took down the mural from the wall.
At this moment, if anyone is here, they will definitely see a strange scene.
After Zhao Qianqiu removed the mural, the originally snow-white wall suddenly cracked a neat gap from the middle, and then slowly opened to both sides like an automatic door, revealing a dark passage. The entrance of the passage is about 1.5 meters high and one meter wide, which almost completely fits the size of the mural.
As for the interior, except for the black paint, nothing else can be seen.
Zhao Qianqiu glanced vigilantly behind him again, and after making sure that there was no one behind him, he made a vertical leap and leaped into the passage.
A few seconds later, the two hidden doors closed automatically, and the walls became white again, and everything was as before.
After Zhao Qianqiu entered the passage, the passage was still pitch black.
But for Huajin fighters, this pitch black has no effect at all.
Zhao Qianqiu walked like flying, almost as if walking on the ground, he walked out of the passage in less than a minute.
After walking out of the passage, his vision suddenly brightened.
It is an elegantly decorated cave with an area of ​​more than 30 square meters.
The cave was cleaned very clean, you can see that people often come here.
“What’s the situation?” After
Zhao Qianqiu entered the cave, sitting on the meditation in the center of the cave, a dark shadow covered in black robe slowly opened his eyes and moved his gaze to Zhao Qianqiu.
“Something went wrong.” Zhao Qianqiu glanced at the black shadow and said in a deep voice.
“Assassinating a dark warrior, what can go wrong?” Black Shadow frowned, his tone a little unhappy.
“He’s not An Jin!” Zhao Qianqiu suppressed the irritation in his chest. At first, he thought Chen Feng was An Jin, so he asked Sun Chu to contact the Japanese swordsman he had known earlier. The national swordsman would kill Chen Feng simply and neatly, but who would have thought that not only did the Japanese swordsman not even hurt Chen Feng’s hair, he was also captured by Chen Feng.
“Not Anjin? Is it Huajin?!” Sombra’s voice was very hoarse, chilling.
“Uncertain, but it is very likely.” Zhao Qianqiu said solemnly. He is indeed not sure about Chen Feng’s realm, but according to the scene on that day, Chen Feng is not far away even if he is not Huajin.

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