Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 442

“Yes, yes, no, what is it? It is very likely to be?!” Sombra’s tone was even more dissatisfied, Zhao Qianqiu said so, and the other party was almost energized.
Immediately, he glanced at Zhao Qianqiu with a little dissatisfaction: “Why did you suddenly come up with an energy?! Before the assassination, don’t you do the investigation?”
“How could I not.” Zhao Qianqiu’s tone was full Annoyed, “Before I assassinated him, I sent three groups of people to check the identity of that guy. As a result, the idiots only got the surface, not the depth.”
“I wanted to check it myself. But who knows, the little girl from the Chu family went to look for him that day.”
“I was worried that he would leak the news to the Chu family or testify for the Chu family, so I asked Sun Chu to contact a Japanese swordsman whom I knew a few years ago. , Get rid of him as soon as possible.”
“Unexpectedly…” At this point, Zhao Qianqiu couldn’t help but feel regretful. In the final analysis, he was too anxious about this matter. If he stays steady, wait. After thoroughly investigating Chen Feng’s identity and then proceeding, it will not be the current situation at all.
“Unexpectedly, what?” Sombra frowned and asked, he was even more curious about what happened behind, because from Zhao Qianqiu’s words, it was obvious that Chen Feng’s identity was not simple.
“That guy is from the Chen family.” Zhao Qianqiu sighed. , “Chen?!
That is Yanjing Chen?!”
Shadow could not help but suck down a cold lump protruding eyes shocked almost to burst eye.
“Yes, it’s the Chen family of Yanjing.” Zhao Qianqiu said helplessly. There are tens of thousands of Chen families in China, and people of their status may be so afraid of them. Only the Chen family of Yanjing.
That one, the Chen family who once had two masters!
“It’s an idiot!”
“Why are you messing with the Chen family?! Don’t you know what the Chen family means to us?!” The shadow roared and his eyes were blood red.
His chest is extremely ups and downs, obviously an expression of anger to the extreme. He was angered by Zhao Qianqiu before. Although he was also angry, he was not angry enough to lose his mind, but at this moment, I heard that Zhao Qianqiu provoked Huajin. After the Chen family, he was completely lost.
“Don’t worry, listen to me first.” Zhao Qianqiu frowned, “That guy is a nice person from the Chen family, but his relationship with the Chen family is not what you think.”
“What do you mean?” Sombra looked at Zhao Qianqiu with some surprise.
“He is an illegitimate child. He is not welcome in the Chen family. Now many people in the Chen family want him to die.” Zhao Qianqiu said in a deep voice. If Chen Feng is treated in the Chen family, he is a serious Chen. Family, then this time, he, the Golden Armored Sect Master, had to die with Sun Chu.
Only in this way can the Chen family’s anger be calmed.
It is a pity that Chen Feng is not. Chen Feng is only an illegitimate child, and he has offended most of the Chen family. Now in the Chen family, there are not a few people who wish Chen Feng to die.
The reason why the Zhanmeng so easily let go of Jin Jiazong this time was also related to the secret use of some people in the Chen family.
After listening to Zhao Qianqiu’s story, Sombra was relieved.
He did not expect that things would be so complicated.
Originally, I only wanted to assassinate the little princess of the Chu family, but inadvertently involved a behemoth like the Chen family.
“The Chen family hasn’t expressed its position for the time being, but from the current point of view, they obviously don’t intend to intervene in this matter, and they even encourage us to fight with Chen Fenglong.” Zhao Qianqiu continued.
“Hmph, I think it’s pretty beautiful!” Sombra snorted coldly: “The Chen Feng you said is not treated by the Chen family, and has an enemy with the Chen family. So many people in the Chen family want him to die, but he He hasn’t died yet. This shows that there must be someone behind him to protect him, and the person who protects him is still very powerful within the Chen family, and it has even reached the point where others dare not have any opinions.
” Yes, this can be seen from the fact that the Chen family wanted to borrow our hand to kill Chen Feng.” Zhao Qianqiu nodded.
“Huh, I want to use us as gunmen, some people are really good calculations.” Soi Ying snorted, and then he glanced at Zhao Qianqiu again, and said in a deep voice, “Don’t mess with that Chen Feng next. The internal forces of the Chen family are too complicated, and if we are not careful, we will suffer a disaster.”
“I understand.”
“By the way, what did the Zhan League say?” Sombra asked.
“On the side of the Zhan League…their decision is to abolish Sun Chu’s entire cultivation base and expel Sun Chu from the country.” Zhao Qianqiu’s tone was a bit heavy, and I have to say that this decision has hit Jin Jiazong a bit harder, and Jin Jiazong has already There are only four martial arts masters known.
Sun Chu has the best relationship with him, and besides him, the strongest one.
Now that Sun Chu is abolished, his control of Jin Jiazong will be more than half of the previous.
“Settle down with his family, don’t let him chill.” Sombra sighed. In fact, Sun Chu can’t be abandoned at all. As long as Zhao Qianqiu is careful and don’t use Japanese swordsmen, Jin Jiazong will not He was charged with collusion with Japan.
But now that I say this, it is a bit of an afterthought. The reason why Zhao Qianqiu started the Japanese swordsman that day was to make things cleaner and avoid being associated with the Jin Jiazong. But who would have thought that the Japanese swordsman would be disadvantaged. What?
“What about that person’s deeds? Has it been investigated?” Sombra asked casually.
“The investigation is out.” Zhao Qianqiu said in a deep voice.
“Where has he been?!” Sombra’s expression became serious.
“Cangzhou!” Zhao Qianqiu slowly spit out two words.
“Nineteen years ago, that person went to Cangzhou once. At that time, he was in Cangzhou for more than a month.”
“Ten years ago, that person went to Cangzhou again. This time, he stayed in Cangzhou for five days.”
“After that, that person disappeared mysteriously. No one knows where he went.”
“Is the source of the news reliable?” Sombra asked calmly.
“Reliable, it is an elder of the Wumeng Supervision Department who provided me with the information.” Zhao Qianqiu said.
“Check! Check it out as soon as possible! Check out who has been in contact in Cangzhou as soon as possible! It’s here to see whether our plan will succeed.” Soi Ying’s expression was a little excited. After waiting here for five years, he finally waited until he thought. Wanted news.
Once the left behind is found, he can go and get the big day!
“I will arrange personnel to investigate as soon as possible.” Zhao Qianqiu nodded.
“Don’t arrange manpower, you can check it yourself! I don’t worry about such an important matter, except for you.” Soi Ying said coldly.
“Okay, then I will go personally.” Zhao Qianqiu was helpless, and asked him to run errands with a martial arts master, and only the one in front of him could do it.

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