Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 443

After leaving the company, Chen Feng returned to Jintai Hotel again.
As soon as he entered the hotel lobby, he ran into Huang Laosan and Chen Zeli who had come down from the elevator.
Since the breakthrough to Huajin, Huang Laosan’s complexion is obviously much better than before, and his aura is much younger.
“Boy, just get off work?” Huang Laosan asked casually.
“Yeah.” Chen Feng nodded, then glanced at the two of them, and said, “You are… going out?”
“Yes, it’s not a problem to plan to go out to see the house. It’s not a problem to always live in a hotel.” Huang The youngest man, he has been living in Jintai Hotel since he came out of the hospital. Although it is a five-star hotel with complete service facilities, he always feels that something is missing. In a word, Just feel uncomfortable.
“Let’s go together, I plan to see the house.” Chen Feng smiled faintly. Indeed, it is not a problem to always live in a hotel. Now Zhonghai is also half of his base area. Sometimes, he handles some secret things. It is really inconvenient to live in the hotel.
The two hit it off and were about to go out, when Chen Feng’s cell phone rang.
“Brother Feng.” After pressing to answer, a familiar voice came from the phone.
“Hu Siyuan?” Chen Feng was slightly surprised, and it was Hu Siyuan who called him.
But why did Hu Siyuan call her free?
“Brother Feng, are you free now? I have something for you.” On the phone, Hu Siyuan was straightforward.
“What?” Chen Feng narrowed his eyes subconsciously.
For some reason, he was always cautious about Hu Siyuan. After the party that day, he originally wanted to check Hu Siyuan’s background, but after a series of delays, the investigation matter was left behind. Today, Hu Siyuan took the initiative to come up again. What is her purpose?
“A bunch of keys.” Just as Chen Feng was thinking, Hu Siyuan spoke again.
“The key?” Chen Feng frowned.
“Well, Aunt Su left you the key to
Royal Villa No.1 .” Chen Feng hadn’t reacted to the Royal Villa No. 1, but the three words behind Aunt Su made Chen Feng’s heart suddenly Shrinking, what the mother left for her? !
“Where are you?” After taking a deep breath, Chen Feng calmed down his fluctuating mood. Regardless of whether Hu Siyuan’s news was true or not, he had to go there.
“I’m in the Royal Villa No. 1 area.” Hu Siyuan said.
“Wait for me, I’ll come over right away.” Chen Feng said in a deep voice, and after finishing speaking, he hung up the phone.
“We may not have to buy a house.” Chen Feng glanced at Huang Lao San and Chen Zeli.
“What do you mean?” The two were confused.
“My mother left me a house in the Royal Villa No. 1 area.” Chen Feng said truthfully.
“Royal Villa No. 1?!” Chen Zeli’s eyes widened and looked shocked: “Uncle Chen, your mother really left you a house there?!”
“What’s wrong, what’s special about the house there? Is it?” Chen Feng couldn’t help asking.
“And to say something special, just one word: expensive!”
“There is no one of the most expensive houses in Zhonghai. A few years ago, the houses there had been fired up to 250,000 square meters, and there were still no market prices. The current prices, I am afraid, have already reached the sky… …” Chen Ze said in a weird manner. Huang Laosan told him about buying a house a few days ago, so in the past few days, he has been paying attention to Zhonghai’s house, the famous Royal No. 1 villa area. He first understood the object.
But before we had time to understand the layout and decoration, we were beaten by the price.
Now, Chen Feng said that his mother left him a house in Royal Villa No.1.
This immediately made Chen Zeli itch.
Chen Feng frowned without saying a word. At this moment, he was also a little shocked.
He didn’t know his mother Su Zhaoxi very well. His only impression was that his mother was a gentle and stern woman from time to time.
In addition, the mother’s other performance is just an ordinary person.
But how can an ordinary person afford the house of Royal Villa One?
“I’m still not sure whether the house matter is true or not, let’s go and take a look.” Chen Feng sighed. In fact, Hu Siyuan is very unlikely to lie about this kind of thing, and her mother did leave him a little bit out of ten. Set of the house of Royal Villa One.
Half an hour later, Chen Feng drove to the Royal Villa No. 1 area.
But before entering the door, he was stopped by a few security guards.
“Did you see where this is? Just rush in?!” The security guard glared at Chen Feng viciously, his tone extremely unkind.
“Can’t go in?” Chen Feng frowned, and was stopped by the security guard. He had encountered this once in Yuquan Mountain before, and he had never imagined that he would encounter it again in this Royal Villa No.1 today.
“Nonsense!” The security leader rolled his eyes, “Do you think this is the ordinary community outside? You can enter if you want?”
“Look clearly, this is the Royal Villa No. 1 area! Only the owner can enter!” The security guard at the head pointed to the sign on the side, which was quite a show off.
“How do you know that I am not the owner of this place?” Chen Feng said silently.
“The owner here?”
“Hahaha, you guys really can tell jokes, you are the owner of the Royal One! You are the owner of the Royal One?” The headed security guard disdains With a sneer, the security guards behind him also laughed with the roar of laughter. The people who live in the Royal Villa No. 1 area, even if they are just a nanny, go out to buy food and drive the owner’s Porsche 911 sports car, like Chen There is no such Audi that drives more than 500,000 yuan.
Maybe outside, more than half a million Audis can get on the table, but in the Royal Villa No. 1, the more than half a million Audis are not even qualified to be a nanny car.
“Who do you say is Chinese cabbage!”
Just as several people laughed at Chen Feng unscrupulously, a cold voice sounded from behind them.
Hearing this voice, the bodies trembled together, their complexions suddenly changed drastically.
“Hu…Miss Hu…”
The voice of the security guard headed trembled, and even stood a little unstable.
“I ask you, who did you just say is Chinese cabbage?!” Hu Siyuan stared coldly at the headed security guard, her beautiful pretty face covered with frost.
Ten minutes after calling Chen Feng, she suddenly remembered the rules of Royal Villa One, so she hurried over. The thing she feared most on the way was that the security of the villa was disrespectful to Chen Feng, but she did not expect that, What are you afraid of?
As soon as she got here, she saw several security guards taunting Chen Feng unscrupulously.

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