Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 449

“Then I will hit you!”
Chen Feng sneered. As soon as his voice fell, the young man’s pupils couldn’t help but shrink, and then he began to spin uncontrollably in front of him.
Chen Feng slapped his face heavily, and directly fanned the young man around in two big circles. Before he stopped, seven or eight bloody teeth flew out of his mouth.
This scene immediately scared the net red-faced beauty beside the young man.
“Ah! Hit someone!” After a harsh scream, the net red-faced beauty hurriedly helped the yellow-haired young man.
“Brother Bo, are you… are you okay?” The beauty of the net red-faced beauty turned pale, she couldn’t believe it, the man with a blue nose and a swollen face in front of her was the one who just pressed her under her body and flogged her wildly. Yuwenbo.
In the current Yuwenbo, there is still a bit of a human appearance there. He is simply a pig’s head. How much power did Chen Feng use in that slap?
“I’m going to kill you! I’m going to kill you!” After staggering to his feet, Yu Wenbo slammed his fist over Chen Feng’s head with a crazy look.
“I can’t help myself.” Chen Feng smiled disdainfully, took a step forward, and slapped Yuwenbo’s face without saying anything.
The strength of this slap is three points bigger than the slap just now!
After a crisp “pop”, Yu Wenbo flew out at an angle, a full seven or eight meters away!
“Ah! Help!” The net red-faced beauty uttered a harsh scream again, and this scream finally attracted the attention of the people in the underground parking lot.
Soon, three young people with different costumes dared to come over.
“Liu Tian?” The tall young man headed seemed to know the beauty of the net red face, and shouted in surprise.
“Brother Tao, help.”
Seeing the tall young man, Liu Tian suddenly rushed into the arms of the tall young man as if she saw a straw for life.
The nephrite jade was warm and fragrant, and the tall young man suddenly felt his heart, but at this moment, he had no time to enjoy it.
“Don’t be afraid, Tiantian, say something slowly. With me here, no one can hurt you.” The tall young man patted Liu Tian’s fragrant shoulder, comforting Liu Tian with righteous words.
“That lunatic, he… he just beat Bo brother!” Liu Tian pointed at Chen Feng angrily. Since Yu Wenbo was slapped and slapped by Chen Feng and flew seven or eight meters away, there was no sound, even life and death. Do not know at all.
“Brother Bo?” Wang Tao’s eyelids jumped wildly, and hurriedly asked: “Which Brother Bo? Yu Wenbo?”
“Yeah!” Liu Tian nodded heavily. Wang Tao reacted like this, as she expected. in.
Among the rich and young circles of China Shipping, Yuwenbo is second only to the big four. As the only son of real estate tycoon Yuwen Chengying, Yuwenbo almost gets wind and rain at Yuwen’s house.
Although Wang Tao in front of him has a certain reputation in the circle, compared with Yu Wenbo, Wang Tao can’t make it to the stage at all.
“Where are the Bo brothers?” As expected by Liu Tian, ​​after confirming the identity of Yuwenbo, Wang Tao suddenly became filled with indignation, as if he was going to make a stand for Yuwenbo.
“Brother Bo is there.” Liu Tian pointed to seven or eight meters away. Fang Caiyu Wenbo was slapped by Chen Feng and shot seven or eight meters away, so the first time Wang Tao came over, they did not see Yuwen. Bo.
“There?!” Wang Tao was taken aback first, and then hurriedly trot to Yuwenbo’s side and helped Yuwenbo up.
After seeing Yu Wenbo’s miserable appearance at this time, the few people were so shocked that their eyes almost fell off.
Is this person really Yu Wenbo? !
“Ah! Kill that bastard for me! Kill him!”
“Who killed him, who I gave ten million!”
Several people originally had doubts about the identity of the person in front of them, but when this person was vague After speaking, several people dispelled their doubts in an instant.
The one who was beaten up in front of him was Yu Wenbo!
This is Yu Wenbo’s voice, he didn’t run away.
“Boge, don’t be angry, we’ll help you get him.” After confirming Yuwenbo’s identity, Wang Tao hurriedly started flattering himself.
The other two also followed Wang Tao to show their loyalty. After all, Yuwenbo is the top young man in China Overseas. If they can hold Yuwenbo’s thighs, they will surely occupy a certain position in the circle in the future.
“Who moved the hand?!”
After handing Yu Wenbo to Liu Tian, ​​Wang Tao came to Chen Feng and Li Le coldly.
Before Chen Feng spoke, Li Le had already taken a step ahead of Chen Feng, and stood in front of Chen Feng: “It’s me!”
“You?” Wang Tao glanced suspiciously at Li Le, when he saw the red palm print on Li Le’s face. At that time, Wang Tao smiled disdainfully: “Boy, take a piss and take a picture of yourself before you become a hero. Is it that material? You are not worthy of even lifting shoes for Bo brother.”
“It’s Bo brother you hit. “Wang Tao turned his gaze to Chen Feng again.
Compared with Li Lelai, Chen Feng is obviously more like a beating. If nothing else, Chen Feng’s aura is far different from ordinary people.
“So what?” Chen Feng smiled faintly.
“So what? Boy, you are crazy.” Wang Tao’s face suddenly became cold. Chen Feng saw the three of them approaching, not only not timid, but also so confident. This can only show one problem. Chen Feng is very confident. Emboldened.
However, the three of them are not vegetarian!
“Wang Tao, don’t talk nonsense with that bastard! Immediately kill Lao Tzu, and I will be responsible for something wrong!” At this moment, Yu Wenbo at the back spoke bitterly.
When Wang Tao heard the words, a vicious look suddenly flashed in his eyes: “I’m sorry, brother, Brother Bo wants you to die… Then please die!” After the voice fell, Wang Tao took a step forward and made a cannon punch. Chao Chen Feng slammed the door.
This cannon fist is obviously very high-level. Compared with this cannon fist, Yu Wenbo’s previous colorful fist is completely of kindergarten level.
Before Wang Tao’s fist fell on Chen Feng’s door, Yu Wenbo’s expression behind him turned hideous.
Liu Tian is also very excited. She has heard about Wang Tao’s strength before. It is said that she has won the championship of the Zhonghai City Free Fighting Competition three times in a row. It is bound to be a hand-to-hand grip to deal with such a small warrior like Chen Feng…
Liu Before the sweet thoughts fell, there was a scream like a pig.
In the next second, Liu Tian’s eyes widened, and the excitement on Qiao’s face instantly turned into fear.
The hideousness on Yu Wenbo’s face was also instantaneous, and he even couldn’t believe it, what he saw before his eyes!
The aggressive Wang Tao actually half kneeled in front of Chen Feng!
But his arm was bent into a strange arc in Chen Feng’s hand!
At this time, Wang Tao, who was half kneeling on the ground, was no less shocked than Yu Wenbo and Liu Tian.
He is the winner of the three consecutive Zhonghai City Free Fighting Championships. Why did he become paper-cut in front of Chen Feng? one hand!
Chen Feng only used one hand, and he abolished him!

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