Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 46

Xu Feirong frowned slightly, and Shen Junwen completely hated her. When she thought of the forces behind Shen Junwen, Xu Feirong had a headache.
Immediately, Xu Feirong turned her head and glanced at Chen Feng. In her expectation, Chen Feng’s expression should be panic at this time. After all, she offended Shen Junwen, a rich young man who did not know the depth.
But Chen Feng’s performance once again exceeded her expectations.
He walked into the villa without even looking at her.
Xu Feirong was stunned, and she wanted to continue pretending? Isn’t he going to ask for help?
Chen Feng didn’t know Xu Feirong’s thoughts at this time. If he knew it, he would only say something ridiculous. Shen Junwen, a mere mere Shen Junwen, dared to retaliate against him, and that was it. On this one-third acre of land in Cangzhou, Chen Feng, he really has nothing to fear!
Although Xu Feirong made Chen Feng a little uncomfortable, he was not such a stingy person. After all, he and Xia Mengyao now live in Xu Feirong’s house. This time, they helped Xu Feirong deal with Shen Junwen. Paid.
In this way, Chen Feng and Xia Mengyao stayed at Xu Feirong’s house for two days. During this period, Lin Lan called Xia Mengyao dozens of times, asking Xia Mengyao to go home, otherwise she would cut off her mother-daughter relationship with Xia Mengyao, but this time, Xia Mengyao was an iron man. He wanted to stand on Chen Feng’s side.
If Lin Lan did not apologize to Chen Feng, she would never go home!
Lin Lan was so angry that several mobile phones were broken.
“Lin Lan, when will Xia Mengyao come back?”
In the living room, Sun Guifang asked in a bad tone.
After Chen Feng and Xia Mengyao left, Sun Guifang took Lin Dajuntang to occupy the bedroom of Chen Feng and Xia Mengyao, and stayed for two days with a good reputation. In fact, Lin Lan knew very well that Sun Guifang was monitoring her, fearing that she would suddenly run away.
“Sister-in-law, Mengyao… she’ll be back in a few days.” Lin Lan replied in a wink.
“Lin Lan, are you deaf as your old lady?” Sun Guifang sneered and said: “Don’t think that the old lady didn’t hear, what the little bitch said on the phone.”
“Sister-in-law, I…” Lin Lan’s face changed.
“No matter what method you use, I must let that little bitch get back for me within three days. If after three days, I can’t see anyone, I can’t get the five hundred thousand, hum, what you did with Wang Menglong I will post all scandals online!” Sun Guifang threatened coldly.
Lin Lan’s face was instantly pale, and she completely lost her blood. If the things she and Wang Menglong did were posted on the Internet, there would only be one fate waiting for her, ruined!
“Lin Lan, let me tell you that you are also a trash. The little bitch of your daughter used to listen to you very much, but now, she is a waste of money, even your mother does not want her. It’s really a failure for mom to be like you.” Sun Guifang curled his lips and said, the original Xia Mengyao was compliant with Lin Lan. She was still very envious at that time. Lin Lan gave birth to a good daughter, but in a blink of an eye , But Xia Mengyao ran away with a useless, not even returning home.
“Sister-in-law, what you said is that I am a trash.”
Lin Lan lowered her head, gritted her teeth, and hated Chen Feng more and more, and blamed Chen Feng!
If it weren’t for Chen Feng’s inducing, with Xia Mengyao’s character as a good girl, she would never refuse to listen to her.
“Well, my sister-in-law will give you a trick. It will be done. Not only can you let your daughter go home obediently, but you can also let Chen Feng’s trash get out of the Xia family!” Sun Guifang took a sip of tea and said slowly. .
“What… trick?” Lin Lan asked hesitantly.
“It’s very simple. You will announce in a while that Chen Feng’s trash is no longer the son-in-law of your Xia family. Your daughter Xia Mengyao has returned to her single state. Then, you will find a new son-in-law for your daughter!” Sun Guifang Word by word.
Hearing these words, Lin Lan’s eyes suddenly lit up. Why did she forget this? Her daughter, who is now the head of the Yuquanshan project, a hot goddess-level figure in Cangzhou, if she wants to recruit her husband again, The threshold of their family will probably be broken by those rich second generations.
Lin Lan knows very well that those rich second generations don’t mind that Xia Mengyao got married once, first because of Xia Mengyao’s current identity as the head of the Yuquanshan project. Whoever marries Xia Mengyao will have the moneymaker to intervene in Yuquanshan. opportunity.
Secondly, the person who was married to Xia Mengyao is Chen Feng, a well-known trash. After three years of marriage, Xia Mengyao is still innocent, so marrying Xia Mengyao is no different from marrying a big girl.
Lin Lan’s breathing began to heavier. If this time, if he could really recruit her husband and son for Xia Mengyao, then the man who recruited, and the family assets, would at least start in the hundreds of millions!
Definitely a thousand times better than Chen Feng!
“But, sister-in-law, Mengyao has been abducted by Chen Feng’s trash. If she never goes home, what should I do, and the two have not divorced…” Lin Lan’s excitement didn’t last long, she thought again Given the current situation, Xia Mengyao didn’t go home, everything was empty talk.
“Hmph, if you want your daughter to go home, it depends on whether you dare to gamble.” Sun Guifang said.
“Bet? What to bet?” Lin Lan asked puzzled.
“Betting that your position in your daughter’s mind is more important than Chen Feng’s trash.” Sun Guifang sneered.
“This… how to bet?”
“It’s very simple. After you announce that Chen Feng’s trash is not your son-in-law, hold another auction.”
“Auction? What is the auction?” Lin Lan was confused.
“Auction, your daughter’s, you know!” Sun Guifang smiled deeply and said.
Lin Lan was stunned. How could Sun Guifang even come up with such a bad idea. Will anyone buy a girl’s famous festival at auction? Although Xia Mengyao is indeed very beautiful, and his current status is not what it used to be, Lin Lan still doesn’t think someone will buy a girl’s name.
Seemingly knowing what Lin Lan was thinking, Sun Guifang smiled and asked, “Are you worried that no one will get the bait?”
“Even if someone takes the bait, Mengyao will definitely not come back then.” Lin Lan affirmed that she was very clear about her daughter’s character, and her innocence was more important than anything else.
“If you are willing to sacrifice yourself, Mengyao will definitely come.” Sun Guifang continued.
“I…sacrificing myself?”
“Yes, at auction, you have to sign a legally beneficial contract with the auctioneer. Once the auctioneer pays, your daughter must show up and give her first night to the auctioneer. If your daughter dares not come, even Your breach of contract, the consequence of breaching the contract, is that you spend the rest of your life in prison.” Sun Guifang squinted his eyes.
“This can’t work!” Lin Lan refused without even thinking about it. If Xia Mengyao doesn’t come, will she really go to prison for the rest of her life?

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