Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 47

“Lin Lan, I’m not discussing with you!” Sun Guifang’s tone became cold, and the threat was obvious, “You have no retreat now, and this is your only chance!”
“If you can successfully auction your daughter’s first night, then cook the raw rice into cooked rice, without you, Chen Feng will divorce your daughter, and then get out of the Xia family. At the same time, you will also help you My daughter found a good husband. Believe me, the man who can auction off your daughter’s first night will definitely not go there, at least a hundred times stronger than Chen Feng’s uselessness!” Sun Guifang narrowed his eyes.
“But, what if Mengyao doesn’t come by then?” I have to say that Sun Guifang’s remarks do have some truth. The auction of Xia Mengyao’s first night can indeed be said to kill three birds with one stone, but the biggest problem is Xia Mengyao Not coming back, this is what Lin Lan is most worried about.
“That’s why I said, you have to bet that your position in your daughter’s mind is more important than Chen Feng’s trash! If she does not come then, she can only watch you spend the second half of your life in prison, do you think , Is your daughter so unfilial?”
“On one side is your own biological mother, and on the other, your own useless husband, Lin Lan, don’t you even have this confidence?” Sun Guifang asked with a sneer.
Lin Lan gritted her teeth, a trace of determination flashed in her eyes.
“Okay, I bet!” She didn’t believe it. She had worked so hard to raise her daughter for more than 20 years, and she would really abandon her for a useless person who had known her for less than three years!
Sun Guifang smiled, and there was a touch of pleasure deep in his eyes. Chen Feng, I asked you to offend my old lady with trash. I didn’t expect my old lady to auction your wife for the first time!
“You immediately announced to the outside world that Chen Feng, this trash, was driven out of the Xia family by you, and now he is not your Xia family’s son-in-law.”
“Then, I will ask the army to find a buyer who is capable of auctioning Xia Mengyao’s first night in Cangzhou. In this matter, I must be a little bit concealed. I must not let Xia Mengyao and Chen Feng know what happened. , You can just send the contract to Xia Mengyao directly, and then she can’t help but not come!”
Sun Guifang has arranged everything in an orderly manner. Once the Linlan auction is successful and the buyer has paid, there will be no chance for everyone to go back.
At that time, Xia Mengyao will either give her first night to the buyer, or watch Lin Lan be sent to prison, and then carry a lifetime of unfilial stigma. In Sun Guifang’s view, Xia Mengyao has a high chance of choosing the former!
After all, surrendering your first night will not only save your mother, but you can also marry yourself into a wealthy family!
Sun Guifang had planned everything, so that the buyer Lin Dajun was looking for would naturally have to marry Xia Mengyao to enter the house after Xia Mengyao’s first night under the auction.
And once Xia Mengyao marries into a wealthy family, Lin Lan will become a cash cow for her Sun Guifang, inexhaustible!
Lin Lan moved quickly. That afternoon, news of Chen Feng being driven out of the Xia family spread throughout most of Cangzhou.
All of a sudden, the streets and alleys of Cangzhou became very lively. Cangzhou Daily wrote a special topic for this event, and the topic was named: “The Poor Son-in-law’s Journey to the Rich!” “.
It introduces the background of Xia’s family and Xia Mengyao’s current status in detail. There are also several photos of Xia Mengyao. Chen Feng naturally occupies a large page, but for Chen Feng, the Cangzhou Daily is devalued within its ability.
Most of Chen Feng’s photos were taken when he was delivering food. He was dressed shabbyly and had a rickety figure. From the photos alone, Chen Feng couldn’t even compare to migrant workers.
However, Xia Mengyao’s photos fully show the beauty of Xia Mengyao. At first glance, it gives a sense of surprise. Even if it is compared to several popular female stars in China, it is not inferior, even It’s still worse.
One is a poor boy who delivers food, and the other is a beautiful god who lives in a wealthy family. It is conceivable that the combination of the two will attract the attention of many people.
The Cangzhou Daily introduced in detail Chen Feng’s journey into the family. From the beginning, Chen Feng was looked down upon by everyone in the Xia family. He called it like a dog. For three years, he had been very useless. The Xia family hoped Chen Feng very much. Can make a change.
But Chen Feng did not. Even after Xia Mengyao became the person in charge of the Yuquanshan project, he was still as useless as before, and even cheated Xia Mengyao’s money to buy a car for himself.
Finally, the Xia family couldn’t bear it anymore. They didn’t want Xia Mengyao’s life to be wasted in the hands of this kind of waste. They decided to drive Chen Feng out of the Xia family!
This is the end of the poor son-in-law’s trip to the rich family!
This is a special topic by a friend of the Cangzhou Daily that Lin Lan specifically asked for. Therefore, in the newspaper, the image of the Xia family is naturally extremely tall, while Chen Feng was written as a toad in a stinking ditch. Not enterprising, but also greedy.
Lin Lan’s idea is very simple. She wants to use this opportunity to completely stun Chen Feng! On the one hand, it is to retaliate against Chen Feng, on the other hand, it is also intended to let Xia Mengyao give up on public opinion.
I have to say that Lin Lan’s plan this time was very successful.
All the newspapers of Cangzhou Daily were sold out that day!
This time, almost all the people in Cangzhou knew the name Chen Feng!
Cangzhou’s most notorious door-to-door son-in-law!
“This kind of uselessness should go out and let the car crash to death!”
“That’s, the man’s face was completely lost by him.”
“After three years of marriage, my wife is still a virgin. This TM is no longer a waste. If I say, this waste, there must be a problem in that respect.”
“It’s a pity that his wife is so beautiful, she is more beautiful than those female stars on TV, but she has never tasted a man.”
“What’s a pity, after a few days, the Xia family will definitely find another man for that Xia Mengyao. This time, it is definitely a golden tortoise son-in-law. The family’s assets, how can it be more than five or six billion.”
“That said, Chen Feng’s trash is quite pitiful. It is like taking care of someone else’s wife. He will definitely regret his death by then, especially when he thinks of his wife being slept by someone else, hahaha.”
“Deserve it! What is pitiful for him, if I were him, I would have left the Xia family a long time ago, and I would never leave the Xia family ashamed.”
Walking on the street, people talking about Chen Feng and Xia Mengyao can be seen almost everywhere. Of course, both men and women are scolding Chen Feng, especially a group of men, they can’t wait to tear Chen Feng.
Many people also sympathized with Chen Feng and felt that the Xia family’s food looks ugly. Xia Mengyao had just gained some fame, and the Xia family drove Chen Feng out.
However, more people still felt that the Xia family was doing it right, and even clapped their hands to cheer. People walked up high and water flowed down low. A waste like Chen Feng was simply not worthy of Xia Mengyao.
What did he give Xia Mengyao happiness? Is his battery car that delivers food?

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