Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 461

“Come here, let’s take that bastard out tonight!” A grinning smile crossed Yu Wenbo’s face, as if he had completely controlled Chen Feng’s life and death.
“Yes, Bo Shao!”
Wang Tao hung up the phone with some excitement, and he immediately shared the good news with Liu Tian and his two younger brothers.
The two of them felt excited after hearing this.
“Brother Tao, your cousin is too strong, right? Less than an hour after going out, he brought the bastard back.”
“Hmph, my cousin is a professional killer. He can deal with an ordinary small fish without his hands. It’s a weird thing.” Wang Tao looked extremely proud. After he and Yu Wenbo left the underground garage more than two hours ago, Yu Wenbo immediately wanted someone to kill Chen Feng.
However, he asked several people who were in the middle of the road. After hearing about Chen Feng’s skill, the other party gave answers that he could not guarantee that Chen Feng would be cleaned up because Chen Feng’s skill was too strong, even Wang Tao. Small and famous boxing champions in the circle can be defeated with one move, and no matter how many ordinary punks go in the past, they will only give away food.
Maybe it would offend Chen Feng.
In this regard, Yu Wenbo is very annoyed.
Finally, Wang Tao naturally thought of his cousin who was a killer abroad, Wang Biao.
In the past few days, Wang Biao happened to be in Zhonghai, so Wang Biao’s shot was foolproof.
After all, Wang Biao can assassinate even the leaders of foreign armed forces, let alone a somewhat skilled bastard.
With Wang Tao in the middle, Yuwenbo quickly reached contact with Wang Biao.
So in less than an hour, Wang Biao rushed to the Chu Mansion and buried Chen Feng in the underground parking lot.
“Okay, let’s go. I can’t wait to see the bastard kneeling down and begging for mercy.” Wang Tao said with a ferocious and excited expression.
Within ten minutes, the four rushed to the East Palace Villa.
On the leather sofa on the balcony of the villa, Yu Wenbo in a bathrobe is sitting peacefully.
With a glass of Lafite in his hand, he looked at the direction of the entrance of the villa, and there was a light of excitement in his eyes.
After a while, under Yu Wenbo’s gaze, dazzling lights came from afar.
“Is it here?”
Yu Wenbo moved his heart, raised his neck with a sneer, drank the red wine in the glass, and then slowly got up.
Step out from the villa.
A Range Rover from far to near, parked at the entrance of the villa.
“Bo Shao!”
Wang Tao and Liu Tian shouted respectfully when they got out of the car.
Seeing Wang Tao and the others, Yuwenbo was a little disappointed, but he still slightly nodded, and said, “Sit down for a while. People will probably bring them here soon.”
“Yes, Bo Shao.”
Wang Tao nodded. , And immediately found a sofa to sit on.
Liu Tian was like an octopus, attached to Yuwenbo intimately, and was about to tease Yuwenbo, but he smelled the perfume of Yuwenbo.
Liu Tian’s face changed slightly. She didn’t expect that when she had only been out for a while, a fairy climbed onto Yuwenbo’s bed.
Although she was a little dissatisfied with Yuwenbo’s behavior, Liu Tian didn’t dare to show it. Instead, she asked with concern: “Brother Bo, is your injury okay?”
“It’s okay.”
Yuwenbo waved her hand.
“Bo Shao, when did my cousin say he will come over?” At this time, Wang Tao couldn’t help but ask. Although Yu Wenbo said that Wang Biao had captured Chen Feng, he was still a little uneasy.
“No, your cousin only said that someone was caught. He didn’t say when he would come over.”
Yu Wenbo walked to the table and poured himself a glass of red wine.
“It should be coming soon. The Chu Mansion is not far from here. Besides, my cousin brought three guns today. It may not even take ten minutes to catch that bastard.” Wang Tao’s expression was calm, and he told Wang. The two big men in black with Biao are also professional assassins with names and surnames in the circle. The three professional assassins with guns shot together. If they can’t catch an unarmed trash fish, then the world will be too outrageous. .
“No hurry, now you should think about it, when that bastard arrives, how should we clean him.” Yu Wenbo took a sip of red wine and said with a smile.
The reason why Wang Tao was called over was very simple. It was to get a few people to brainstorm how to clean up Chen Feng, so that they would clean up better.
“Interrupt his legs first and let him lie on the ground to learn how to bark!” Wang Tao made a vicious look in his eyes.
“Yes.” Yuwenbo nodded slightly, obviously very satisfied with Wang Tao’s idea.

Here !” At this time, another dazzling light shone on the door of the villa, and Wang Tao stood up excitedly.
“Is it Wang Biao’s car?” Yu Wenbo’s heart moved, and he also got up.
“It’s my cousin’s car.” Wang Tao nodded in agreement.
“Go, let me greet this bastard!”
Yu Wenbo waved his hand, his expression extremely excited.
Soon the five people went out together.
Buick Business stopped steadily at the door of the villa.
With a bang, the car door opened.
Chen Feng got out of the car first, followed by Li Le.
“Dog bastard, are you surprised or surprised?” Yu Wenbo stepped forward with a look of excitement, preparing to mock Chen Feng first.
“Are you surprised or surprised?”
Chen Feng looked at Yu Wenbo with a weird face: “Yu Wenbo, I should ask you this.”
“What do you mean?” Yu Wenbo was shocked first, and then his pupils suddenly appeared. Tighten.
He patronized and was happy, but he ignored a very important thing. Chen Feng stood in front of him intact, and his expression was calm!
This cannot be the posture that a kidnapped person should have!
After thinking about it, Yu Wenbo couldn’t help but turn his attention to Wang Biao.
But the scene he saw later made his scalp numb, and his whole body was unstoppable.
Wang Biao’s hand is broken!
With the light, you can even see the white stubble and the dark red blood!
What is even more strange is that after Wang Biao got off the car, he stood aside without saying a word, not even daring to lift his head!
At this moment, it was not just Yu Wenbo who found something wrong.
Wang Taohua fore Liu Tian, ​​who followed Yuwenbo, also found something wrong.
The eyes of the few people were round, as if they had seen a ghost, their faces were all incredible.
“Are you surprised or surprised?”
At this moment, Chen Feng squinted his eyes and spoke with a smile.

Wh … what’s going on?” Yu Wenbo was like a lamb that strayed into a tiger’s mouth, with a panic on his face, and even his tone of voice was a little stuttering.
That’s not what Wang Biao said when he called him half an hour ago!
Is the world in a mess, or is he dazzled?
” Pl

Pl ” ” Pl ” responded to Yu Wenbo with the dull footsteps of Chen Feng.
“pound” with Chen Feng footsteps getting closer, heart Yu Wenbo severe beating up as if Leiqi drums in general, out of control.

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