Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 462

When Chen Feng came in front of him, Yu Wenbo’s heart stopped beating for an instant!
Then, his body was stiff and his legs became weak.
Fear, anxiety… and deep puzzlement!
“Brother Biao, what the hell is going on?!”
Finally, Yu Wenbo couldn’t stand it anymore, he resisted the uneasiness in his heart and asked hoarse voice.
But Wang Biao still did not answer him.
At this moment, Wang Biao dare not answer!
He was afraid that if he said a wrong sentence, Chen Feng would be furious and would lose his life.
At this moment, only silence is the best choice!
“Cousin, you have something to say!”
Behind him, Wang Tao also said with a look of anxiety.
He couldn’t figure out why things would turn into the current situation, but Wang Biao brought three guns.
It’s three pistols with live ammunition!
Not three toy guns!
As a result, Wang Biao’s own hand was broken.
And now, I dare not even say anything!
“How did you do it?”
At this moment, Yu Wenbo watched Chen Feng with a hoarse voice again and spoke. Although the facts before him were unacceptable, he had to accept it.
Wang Biao, indeed lost!
Moreover, he still grasped Chen Feng with three guns in his hand first!
Chen Feng smiled faintly, did not answer Yu Wenbo’s question, but took another step forward.
“You…what are you going to do?!”
This step immediately scared Yu Wenbo into a panic.
“I tell you, my dad is Yuwen Chengying. He is the chairman of Chengying Group. He is worth hundreds of billions. In Zhonghai, there are few who dare not give my dad face. If you dare to touch me With a finger, my dad will never let you go!”
“Really?” Chen Feng’s mouth raised a bit of playfulness, Yu Wen Chengying, sounds very awesome, but he didn’t step on Yu Wen Chengying’s. Number character.
“Yes, yes! My dad is very good.” Seeing that Chen Feng seemed to be scared, Yu Wenbo nodded like a chicken pecking at rice.
“Brother, if you have something to say, don’t do it. There are some misunderstandings between us, but these misunderstandings have not reached the point where they cannot be eliminated…” Yu Wenbo explained, trying to calm down his emotions. Judging from the situation, Chen Feng’s skills have been completely incredible.
Even the killer with a gun can’t help him. This can only explain one problem. Chen Feng is a legendary warrior!
When it comes to warriors, he can’t solve the problem at all, and it must depend on Yuwen Chengying.
“You’re right, our misunderstanding is not to the point where it can’t be eliminated.” Chen Feng suddenly recovered his aura. In fact, he hadn’t thought about Yu Wenbo before coming.
It is not that he is afraid of Yu Wenbo.
It was because Yuwenbo didn’t offend him much, and insisted that the offense was that Yuwenbo broke his newly bought car. As for the killer hired by Yuwenbo, he did not have the slightest impact on him.
Let him kill Yuwenbo, or make Yuwenbo crippled… that would be too violent.
However, the lessons that should be given still have to be given.
“Our car, you broke it.” Chen Feng asked lightly.
“Yes… I broke it.” When asked by Chen Feng, Yu Wenbo felt a cold sweat on his forehead, and at the same time he felt extremely regretful. All the problems today stem from his dog-eyes. .
At first sight Chen Feng was driving an Audi A6, so he thought about occupying the parking space of Chen Feng, but instead of occupying the parking space, Chen Feng slapped a few times.
After being slapped by Chen Feng, if he knew better and didn’t care about Chen Feng, the matter could be revealed, but he was blinded by hatred and smashed Chen Feng’s car on the spot.
Not to mention smashing Chen Feng’s car, he also hired a killer and brought Chen Feng home.
It can be said that everything is on his own account.
“The Brother, I …… I was wrong, I apologize to you, sorry!”
“I should not have did not know!”
“I should not be a snob low people!”
“Pop,” said, Yu Wenbo will It was a slap on his face.
This scene frightened Wang Tao and Liu Tian behind them. When did they meet, Yuwenbo, who has always been known for its arrogance and domineering in Zhonghai, is so low to others.
Seeing Yuwenbo’s tendency to slap himself a few more times, Chen Feng said lightly: “Well, you don’t have to pretend to be in front of me.”
“I’m here not to see you pretending to be.” Hearing this, Yuwenbo Immediately stopped the movement in his hands.
“Brother, what do you mean…” Yu Wenbo turned his tentative gaze to Chen Feng. At first, when Chen Feng appeared, he thought that Chen Feng was running to kill him, but now it seems that Chen Peak has another purpose.
“My car can’t be broken by you in vain.” Chen Feng said lightly.
Yuwenbo was full of excitement, and immediately hurriedly said: “Brother, I will send someone to bring you a new car now.”
“Also, to express my apologies to you, my Lamborghini, from now on, is Brother, yours.”
Yu Wenbo said, he took the key from the table and handed it to Chen Feng respectfully.
Chen Feng smiled faintly: “Li Le.”
“What’s wrong, Brother Feng?” Li Le came to Chen Feng after waking up like a dream.
“Lamborghini, will it open?” Chen Feng asked with a smile.
Hearing Chen Feng asking this question, Li Le was shocked, and immediately nodded with excitement: “Yes!”
Yuwenbo’s Lamborghini, but the top domestic limited edition, worth more than 10 million sacred car.
“I will bring the key here. From now on, his Lamborghini is yours.” Chen Feng said calmly. Yu Wenbo’s Lamborghini is not only a compensation for Li Le’s slap today, but also a compensation for Li Le. Le has rewarded him for so long.
Li Le’s expression suddenly trembled after hearing the words: “Brother Feng, this…this is not good, it is too expensive…”
“If you don’t open it, it will be broken.” Chen Feng said lightly.
Hearing this, Yu Wenbo’s eyes widened, as if he couldn’t believe it. Chen Shengeng said something like this. That’s a Lamborghini with more than ten million dollars. Even if you don’t want to give it to everyone, you can sell it again.
Li Le’s mouth twitched frantically. If someone else says this, he has no doubt that the other party is bragging, but this is from Chen. Feng said it, but he couldn’t doubt it.
If he did not accept this Lamborghini today, Chen Feng would definitely smash the car on the spot.
“Okay, Brother Feng, I’m driving this car!”
In the end, Li Le took a deep breath and took the car key from Yuwenbo.

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