Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 463

Chen Feng’s act of giving more than ten million luxury cars to Li Le without blinking his eyes surprised everyone in the field.
After the surprise, there was another envy.
No one thought that Chen Feng would be so generous in his shots. Seeing him and Li Le, they were just ordinary friends, but they turned out to be more than ten million luxury cars.
“The car incident is over.”
At this moment , Chen Feng said lightly.
Hearing what Chen Feng said, Yu Wenbo was just about to breathe a sigh of relief, but unexpectedly, Chen Feng added: “Next, let’s talk about the matter of sending a killer to kill me.”
“Kill… killer… …”
Yu Wenbo’s tongue knotted, and the whole person was about to cry, thinking that a car could completely eliminate Chen Feng’s anger, but unexpectedly, Chen Feng was still thinking about the killer.
“Feng… Brother Feng, do you have a place to stay?” Yu Wenbo asked with pain.
“Huh?” Chen Feng raised his brows.
“What do you think of the villa I live in?” Yu Wenbo continued to ask. Until now, I can only hope that the house he lives in Donggong No. 18 can calm Chen Feng’s anger.
Hearing Yu Wenbo’s question, Chen Feng’s expression turned weird. Yu Wenbo seemed to have misunderstood what he meant. His original intention was that he wanted to know Yuwenbo to ensure that he would not be harassed in the future.
But unexpectedly, Yu Wenbo misinterpreted his meaning, thinking he was talking about trouble.
“It’s okay.” After scanning the decoration of Donggong Villa, Chen Feng smiled and nodded. This Donggong Villa is indeed good. Although it is less than Royal One, it is also the most upscale one in Zhonghai City. Batch.
Of course, it doesn’t matter if it is not upscale.
Anyway, it’s something for free, don’t let it go.
“From now on, this villa is yours, Brother Feng.” Yu Wenbo said reluctantly. At this moment, he felt his heart dripping with blood and gave Chen Feng a Lamborghini. It was nothing, ten million. It is his pocket money for two or three months.
But this Donggong villa, don’t think he bought it for 50 million, but if it is listed on consignment, it can buy at least 300 million!
Three hundred million was given to Chen Feng for nothing. Can he not feel bad?
Chen Feng nodded in satisfaction. Yuwenbo is so acquainted, then he wants to give Yuwenbo a face. As for the guarantee, what guarantee is needed for the villa?
If Yu Wenbo wanted to deal with him again, he would definitely weigh his own level first.
Moreover, at this point, Yuwenbo must have guessed his identity as a martial artist, and if he guessed his identity as a martial artist, would he not believe in Yuwenbo and dare to deal with him?
“Let’s go.” Chen Feng turned his gaze to Li Le. Now that he has obtained enough benefits, he should also go. After all, it is already so late. Although this villa is now his, he can If you don’t want to live in the room where Yu Wenbo lived, you have to clean up at least.
“Brother Feng, these two guns…”
At this moment, Li Le took out two guns from behind. After Chen Feng subdued the two big black men in the back row, he took the two guns to be safe. Received it.
He was leaving now, he couldn’t bring back something like a gun, but when he gave it to Wang Biao, he always felt that it was not so.
“Give it to me.”
Chen Feng stretched out his hand and took the two guns from Li Le.
Then the palms were slightly closed, and the two pistols made of steel, like toys, began to deform slowly. In a piercing creak, the two pistols turned into two iron bumps at a speed visible to the naked eye.
In this scene, the eyes of brothers Yu Wenbo and Wang Tao and Wang Biao almost fell off.
Yu Wenbo took a deep breath, and now that he can finally understand why Wang Biao would have been planted with a gun.
In the face of such non-human beings, Wang Biao was of no avail even with Gatling.
Gently throwing the two iron bumps behind him, Chen Feng clapped his hands, turned around and looked at Li Le, and said, “Let’s go.”
Li Le calmed down from shock, nodded hurriedly, and followed Chen. Behind the peak.
When leaving, Li Le didn’t hesitate to drive his Lamborghini.
After watching Lamborghini walk away, Yu Wenbo breathed a sigh of relief. He immediately touched his back and found that his back was already wet with cold sweat.
Looking at Wang Tao and Liu Tian behind him, they were even worse than him.
After Chen Feng left, several people slumped to the ground like a mass of mud.
“Brother Biao, what happened just now?” Yu Wenbo shifted his gaze to Wang Biao. Although Wang Biao had just betrayed him, he did not dare to be dissatisfied with Wang Biao at this moment. It was because of Wang Biao. The killer identity is secondly because of the hand that Chen Feng exposed before he left, and the two pistols. It is said that the iron lump is an iron lump when it is pinched. It is not strange that Wang Biao betrayed him against such a person.
“Just now…”
Wang Biao traced a lingering fear on his face, and then slowly retelled what had happened in the car.
After hearing that Chen Feng had subdued the three top killers in less than two seconds, there was another silence in the court.
“Bo Shao, do you want to tell Uncle Yuwen about this matter?” Wang Tao couldn’t help asking. Chen Feng’s current strength has completely exceeded his cognition.
If you want to retaliate against Chen Feng anymore, you must take the action from Yuwen Chengying.
“I’ll tell my dad about this in person, don’t talk too much.” Yu Wenbo gave Wang Tao a cold look, his eyes full of warning.
By now, he can be 100% sure that Chen Feng is the legendary warrior, and his realm is definitely not low.
Thinking that he had offended a warrior, Yuwenbo’s bowels of regret suddenly turned green, but at this time, regret was useless, and the most important thing was to report it to Yuwen Chengying.
It is not terrible to offend a warrior. What’s terrible is that he doesn’t know the details of this warrior.
After driving Wang Tao out of the villa, Yu Wenbo stepped aside, took out his cell phone, and dialed Yu Wen Chengying’s number.
The matter of the martial artist is classified, even the Yuwen family, only a few people know about it. Wang Tao and several people are not qualified to know.
Soon, the phone was connected. The matter involved the martial artist. Yu Wenbo didn’t dare to conceal the slightest, so he told all the things that happened.
Yu Wen Chengying on the other end of the phone was silent from start to finish. It was not until Yu Wenbo finished speaking that Yu Wen Chengying calmly said three words: “I see.”
“I will be back now.” Yuwenbo wanted to explain a few more words, but was interrupted coldly by Yuwenchengying.

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