Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 464

Half an hour later, Yu Wenbo appeared in another wealthy area in Zhonghai City.
Compared with Donggong Villa, the overall decoration of this wealthy area is obviously more low-key.
However, the security level here is dozens of times higher than the security level of the East Palace Villa.
There are more than a dozen guard posts just outside the villa.
After entering the main entrance of the villa, there is a post with three steps and one guard at five steps.
Many of the security guards in the sentry post had their waists bulged high, apparently holding hot weapons such as pistols.
This is the base camp of Yuwen Chengying. On weekdays, Yuwen Chengying lives and works at home.
Although he was Yuwen Chengying’s own son, Yuwenbo had to go through layers of investigations and body searches to confirm that Yuwenbo did not carry any dangerous items before entering Yuwenbo.
“Father.” After entering the living room, Yu Wenbo’s attitude suddenly became respectful. In the outside world, he has always been arrogant and domineering, but in front of this father, he is more docile than a pet cat.
Yuwen Chengying glanced at Yuwenbo, then spoke lightly.
After Yuwenbo sat on the sofa, Yuwen Chengying said again: “There are materials on the table, look for yourself.”
“Yes, father.” Yuwenbo nodded obediently, and then picked up a stack of materials on the marble table in front of him. .
This information is obviously the result of a half-hour call between Yuwen Chengying and him.
The content of the data is naturally information about Chen Feng.
Without any accident, Yu Wenbo widened his eyes when he saw Chen Feng’s first line of information.

My son-in-law?!” Yu Wenbo was almost shocked. He couldn’t even think of killing him. Such a non-human who can squeeze his pistol into iron bumps turned out to be a son-in-law before.
And he is a well-known door-to-door son-in-law in Cangzhou.
Of course, this fame is not a good reputation, but notoriety such as useless.
Yu Wenbo forcibly suppressed the shock in his heart, and his eyes continued to move downward.
Soon, he saw the words that Chen Feng had beaten Bai Wenli and Chu Celadon on the same stage in China Overseas University.
Seeing this, Yu Wenbo’s pupils shrank again.
Bai Wenli’s grade in the circle is not much lower than him.
Bai Xiaotian’s Laozi, Bai Xiaotian is also a giant at the same level as his father, Yu Wen Chengying.
In Zhonghai, these two people are stomping feet, and can make half of Zhonghai tremble.
It stands to reason that Chen Feng violently beat Bai Wenli in front of tens of thousands of people, and at least the Bai family wanted to ask Chen Feng for an explanation.
But in the end, the decision made by the Bai family was to close Bai Wenli for fifteen days.
“Father, the identity of Chen Feng’s door-to-door son-in-law is a fake?” Yu Wenbo couldn’t help asking, and only in this way could it make sense. Why didn’t the Bai family dare to trouble Chen Feng.
Yu Wen Chengying shook his head: “The identity of his son-in-law is true.”
“Really?” Yu Wenbo’s eyes were puzzled.
Seeing that Yu Wenbo couldn’t figure out where the problem was, Yu Wenbo couldn’t help being a little disappointed. He sighed and said, “Continue to look down.”
“Yes, father.”
Yu Wenbo nodded, and his gaze continued to move down. Soon, he saw all the things in Chu Mansion tonight.
After seeing Chu Celadon accepting Chen Feng’s gift in public and expressing his liking, Yu Wenbo’s eyes burst into jealousy.
Like the thousands of young talents in Zhonghai, his dream lover is also Chu celadon.
After all, Chu Celadon is the most perfect woman in Zhonghai.
With a unique family background, a state-of-the-art appearance, and a good cultivation…
No matter from which point of view, Chu celadon is the best choice for a good wife and a good mother.
But now, Chu Celadon showed a good impression of a door-to-door son-in-law in public.
How can Yuwenbo not be jealous?
“Just now, another gossip came out of the Chu family, do you want to listen?” Yu Wen Chengying asked lightly.
“Father, say you.” Yu Wenbo took a deep breath, suppressing the anger in his chest.
“That Chen Feng is now Chu Celadon’s boyfriend.” Yu Wen Chengying said.
“Impossible, the Chu family would not allow a door-to-door son-in-law to be with celadon.” Yu Wenbo clenched his fists. Although the information stated that Chen Feng was divorced, his identity as the door-to-door son-in-law was displayed there.
A wealthy family like the Chu family is the most respected. They will never allow a tainted person to be with a proud girl like Chu Celadon.
Yuwen Chengying shook his head and sighed, “How come, you still don’t understand, that person’s true identity is not a door-in-law at all.”
“Father, I…”
“A door-in-law, Will the Chu family’s eldest lady be so favored?”
“A door-to-door son-in-law will make the old fox Bai Xiaotian dare not even fight against him ?” “A door-to-door son-in-law, will you easily subdue the three professional killers you hired ? ”
Yu Wen Chengying asked calmly for three consecutive times, and immediately turned Yu Wen Bowen’s complexion into blue and red.
“Perhaps because that guy is a martial artist…”
Yu Wenbo still wanted to quibble, but was interrupted by Yu Wen Chengying with a cold snort: “Martial artist?”
“There are more martial artists in this world, and it may be favored by the Chu family, Bai The warriors who are afraid of the family will come over only those few.”
“Those few, either have a high level or a deep background.”
“Father, do you mean that guy has a high level? But, that guy. It looks like I’m the same age…” Yu Wenbo is still confused. He only heard Yu Wen Chengying say that there are warriors in this world, but he knows the specific information about warriors. not much.
“Idiot!” Even if Yuwen Chengying had a good temper, he was very angry by Yuwenbo.
“Why don’t you think about it, he has a deep background?” Yu Wen Chengying hated that iron is not a steel.
Yu Wenbo looked aggrieved: “Father, if he really has any deep background, how can he be a son-in-law?”
“Who said that if he has a background, he can’t be a son-in-law?” Yu Wen Chengying scolded.
Yu Wenbo was speechless for a while, a person with a normal background, who would be the son-in-law?
Anyway, if you change to him, you definitely won’t.
Is it not fragrant to be the eldest master of Yuwen’s family?
Being a door-to-door son-in-law, who knows how much anger is going to be felt
“He is from the Chen family.” Yu Wen Chengying sighed. According to Yu Wenbo’s IQ, if he didn’t mention it, he might not be able to guess the true identity of Chen Feng for a lifetime.
“Chen family? Which Chen family?” Yu Wenbo was shocked.
“Which Chen family could it be?!” Yu Wen Chengying stared.
Seeing Yuwen Chengying look like this, Yuwenbo suddenly became excited and cried out:
“The Chen family of Yanjing?!”
“How about it?”

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