Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 465

“Father, you… don’t scare me.” Yu Wenbo’s tongue knotted, and his speech was a little uncomfortable.
Yuwen Chengying once told him that there are six big families in China that can’t be messed with. Among these six big families, Chen Jiadang ranks first.
“Do you think I will scare you with this kind of thing?” Yu Wen Chengying said with a gloomy face. In fact, he does not have evidence that Chen Feng is the Chen family. The reason for saying this is just speculation based on existing information. .
But even if it is speculation, it is still indispensable.
Chen Feng’s identity can never be as simple as the son-in-law.
“So… what should we do now?” Yuwenbo’s voice was crying. On the three-quarters of Zhonghai’s land, the Yuwen family can be regarded as the No. 1 family. Relying on the Yuwen family, he opened up Yuwenbo. Luxury cars live in luxury houses, and you can play with any goddess you want.
But now, he offended the Chen family.
The Chen family can drive the Yuwen family to the bottom with no effort.
“Huh, what else?” Yu Wen Chengying snorted coldly. “During this time you stay at home and don’t go anywhere. Don’t tell anyone about Chen Feng. If anyone asks When you get up, you just pretend you don’t know, and I will solve the rest.”
“Father, then… That Chen Feng won’t trouble me?” Yu Wenbo asked tentatively.
“It shouldn’t. You handled this matter wisely. You showed your sincerity when you confessed your mistake. The other party saw your sincerity and had no insolvency against you, so you should be spared your life. “Yu Wen Chengying said in a deep voice. Although Yu Wenbo was stupid, he was not so stupid as to be too stupid. After knowing that something could not be done, he confessed his mistake to Chen Feng in time and offered compensation.
To put it nicely, this is to know the current affairs, and to put it awkwardly, this is called counseling!
But it was because of counseling that he came back.
“Thank you father.”
Hearing Yuwen Chengying’s analysis, Yuwenbo finally put his heart back in his stomach.
While Yu Wen Chengying was investigating Chen Feng, Feng Songdao on the other side was not idle either.
Almost as soon as he came out of the Chu mansion, Songdao Feng got the information about Chen Feng.
The information in Matsushima Maple’s hands is generally the same as that of Yu Wen Chengying, and even in some places, Matsushima Maple’s information is more detailed than Yu Wen Chengying’s.
In the presidential suite, Maple Matsushima sat on the sofa with Erlang’s legs upright. Standing in front of him was naturally the big broker Li Yi. At this moment, Li Yi hung his waist and looked at Maple Matsushima with a flattering expression: “Master Matsushima, this It is all the information of that Chen Feng. From the current point of view, that Chen Feng must have some other identity.”
Matsushima Maple narrowed his eyes and did not speak, his fingers tapped the tabletop rhythmically, as if What in meditation is general.
“By the way, Master Songdao, there are two people on my side who happen to know that Chen Feng. If Master Songdao needs it, I can call them over for questioning.” Li Yi said respectfully.
Hearing Li Yi’s words, Matsushima Feng opened his eyes and said faintly: “Call here.”
“Yes, Master Matsushima.”
Li Yi nodded, then walked out the door and waited outside the door. Li Shiping and Wang Shiyuan called in.
At this moment, both of them looked cautious.
Especially after entering the presidential suite, I saw Maple Matsushima with his eyes narrowed slightly.
The Matsushima Maple in front of him, although his appearance is shameful and even ugly, his identity is no one dares to ignore.
In addition to being the son of the chairman of the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce, Maple Matsushima is also the third in line heir to the Songdo Chaebol, one of the top ten chaebols in Japan.
Roughly estimated, the current Matsushima Maple’s net worth has long been over 100 billion.
And he will inherit the Songdo Consortium in the future. Once he inherits the Songdo Consortium, his net worth of 100 billion will double tenfold!
Reached a trillion!
At that time, Maple Matsushima was the figure standing at the top of the world.
Even the heads of some small countries are not necessarily comparable to him.
Li Shiping wiped the cold sweat from his head and spoke first: “Master Songdao, you are looking for me…”
“Do you know Chen Feng?”
Before Li Shiping finished speaking, Songdao Feng interrupted Li Shiping lightly.

Yes .” Li Shiping nodded, but he was puzzled. He didn’t understand why a big man like Matsushima Feng would care about an ant like Chen Feng.
“What is your relationship?” Matsushima Feng continued to ask.
“We…Chen Feng is my subordinate.” After pondering for a while, Li Shiping spoke carefully. He couldn’t talk nonsense before he figured out Songdao Feng’s intentions.
“Subordinate?” Matsushima Feng frowned slightly, and immediately raised his head, looking directly at Li Shiping: “What kind of person do you think Chen Feng is?”
Li Shiping was a little flustered, until now, he I didn’t understand that Feng Chen and Feng Chen were enemies or friends.
Li Shiping couldn’t help but turn his gaze to Li Yi, as if he wanted to ask for help, but Li Yi didn’t squint at this moment, and didn’t mean to give Li Shiping a hint.
“Don’t be afraid, tell the truest thoughts in your heart.” Matsushima Feng smiled faintly.
“Yes, Master Matsushima.” Li Shiping wiped the cold sweat from his head.
Immediately he said: “I think Chen Feng is a villain who seeks to be shameless and profit-only.”
“Little man?” Matsushima Feng’s mouth raised a touch of playfulness.
“Not bad.” Li Shiping nodded, “Master Matsushima, you should know that this guy was originally a door-to-door son-in-law.”
“Master Matsushima, think about it, a few normal men will give up their dignity and do it. door-law’s. ” ” do door-law of the guy before, when the status of the woman at home, but even the dogs do not like. ” ” he lied to you to today, he had been doing door-law, is because of love. ” ” it was It’s ridiculous!”
“If he really went to be a door-to-door son-in-law for love, how could he divorce his wife?”
Li Shiping became more excited as he spoke , and all the stars splashed.
“That guy and his former wife after the divorce, and dragged his father’s relationship, his father introduced him to let up in the sea here, hold my girlfriend father’s lap.”
“Hold my girlfriend’s father thighs no problem, He still coveted my girlfriend, Master Matsushima, do you think such a person is shameless?”
Matsushima Maple’s eyes jokingly did not agree with Li Shiping, but instead turned his gaze to Wang Shiyuan next to Li Shiping.
Today’s Wang Shiyuan is wearing a black tulle evening dress. This evening dress perfectly reveals her bumpy devil figure.

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