Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 467

Li Shiping gritted his teeth and took the Immortal Pill from Li Yi. Li Yi has already said this. If he refuses, it will be a question of whether he can survive tonight.
“Count your acquaintances.”
Li Yi smiled and patted Li Shiping on the shoulder before leaving calmly.
Li Shiping returned to the presidential suite with great heart.
At this time, Wang Shiyuan had faded away from the tulle evening dress. She was only wearing a pale yellow bathrobe, with large areas of white skin exposed to the air.
Seeing Li Shiping coming in, Wang Shiyuan’s pretty face was flushed with crimson.
Although the relationship between men and women has long been established with Li Shiping, in the past six months, the number of times she and Li Shiping have done such things has been counted with one hand.
“Let’s take a shower, after the shower… Let’s go to bed early.” Wang Shiyuan said with a bit of shyness in her tone.
Li Shiping paused, and a reluctant smile stretched out from the corner of his mouth: “It’s about taking a bath, don’t worry about it.”
“Let’s drink some bar first.”
Li Shiping said, he took out a bottle of red wine, two from the wine cabinet. goblet.
For five-star hotels like this, red wine is a must-have item, and the quality of red wine is generally not low.
For example, the bottle Li Shiping is holding now is the famous Lafite among the red wines. Although it is not a treasure of the 82nd year, it is not much different.
After opening the bottle, Li Shiping immediately poured two glasses of red wine, and then without a trace, he put the Immortal Pill given by Li Yi into one of the goblet and brought it to Wang Shiyuan.
Without much thought, Wang Shiyuan accepted the red wine glass in Li Shiping’s hand.
“Shiping, you said that Chen Feng’s trash, how did you know Chu celadon?” After receiving the glass, Wang Shiyuan did not drink it immediately, but asked a ghost.
Her biggest question today is how did Chen Feng get to know a young lady like Chu Celadon.
“I…I don’t know.” Li Shiping shook his head in a panic. At this moment, he dared not look at Wang Shiyuan at all.
“I don’t know?” Wang Shiyuan glanced at Li Shiping with some suspicion, and suddenly said: “Li Shiping, are you hiding something from me?”
Almost subconsciously, Li Shiping struck a spirit, and immediately, he Qiang smiled and said:
“Shiyuan, what do you think, how could I hide something from you.”
“Better not.” Wang Shiyuan glanced suspiciously at Li Shiping. For some reason, after Li Shiping walked out the door, it was obviously changed. Something is wrong.
She could see that something was wrong, but she couldn’t tell what was wrong.
Out of trust in Li Shiping, Wang Shiyuan didn’t think too much, but picked up the red wine in the glass and drank one of them.
After witnessing Wang Shiyuan drinking the red wine, Li Shiping’s hanging heart finally let go.
But then, an inexplicable complexity came to my mind.
“World Ping, why am I a little dizzy?” Soon after the red wine with Shenxian Pill was drunk, Wang Shiyuan felt a dizziness rushing into her mind.
“Maybe the wine is a bit strong.” Li Shiping said complicatedly, “Sleep for a while.”
Then, Li Shiping put his hand on Wang Shiyuan’s fragrant shoulder, and slowly pressed Wang Shiyuan to lie down. On the bed.
At this moment, Wang Shiyuan’s beautiful eyes were full of misty colors, her complexion was flushed, and her two slender legs began to swing uncomfortably,
“Shiping, I’m so hot…”
Wang Shiyuan’s red lips lightly opened, and the fragrance of incense sandalwood was constantly venting.
This breath slapped on Li Shiping’s face, and Li Shiping’s heart suddenly became energetic, and his lower abdomen was hot.
But soon, Li Shiping gritted his teeth and suppressed the flame in his lower abdomen.
He took out his cell phone and sent a text message to Li Yi.
A minute later, Matsushima Kaede in a bathrobe walked into the room with a smile.
“Master Songdao.”
Seeing Feng Songdao, Li Shiping bowed his head respectfully again.
But Songdao Feng didn’t even look at Li Shiping. At this moment, his eyes were completely attracted by the restless body on the bed.
Matsushima Maple licked her lips, making no secret of her lustful gaze.
Seeing Li Shiping still looking at him, Matsushima Feng immediately waved his hand not boredly: “Go away.”
“Yes, Master Matsushima.”
Li Shiping nodded humiliatingly, and immediately left the room.
Inside the room, Matsushima Feng rushed forward impatiently and pressed Wang Shiyuan’s body under her.
“Shiping, I’m so hot, give it to me.”
Wang Shiyuan clung to Matsushima Feng like an octopus. She was in a state of drunken consciousness and did not realize that it was not Li Shiping at all that was pressing on her… …
“It’s done?”
Outside the presidential suite, Li Yi stood blankly. Seeing Li Shiping come out in despair, the corner of Li Yi’s mouth raised another joking.
Li Shiping did not answer, but nodded stupidly.
“I know you are uncomfortable now, so I prepared a surprise for you.” Li Yi said, and took out a room card from his pocket: “802, it’s a second-line young model, go by yourself.”
Li Shiping glanced at Li Yi, instead of picking up Li Yi’s room card, he turned and walked aside.
“I don’t know how to praise.” Li Yi smiled disdainfully, and threw the room card aside.
After more than two hours, the door opened and Feng Matsushima walked out of the room ruddy.
“Master Matsushima, how is it?” Li Yi immediately hunched his waist, his face showed a wretched smile that all men know.
“Not bad!”
“Very good!”
“Li Yi, you did a good job of this matter.” Feng Matsushima’s face was refreshed. Although the actual battle only took a few minutes, Wang Shiyuan’s beautiful legs , But he played for nearly two hours.
“Hehe, Master Songdao is satisfied.” Li Yi smiled, as long as he is comfortable with Songdao Feng, he will be in Zhonghai in the future, and it is not because of wind or rain.
“Her boyfriend, have you taken care of it?”
Matsushima Feng asked. For Li Shiping, who is also a man, he looked down on him in his heart.
But look down on it, look down on it, after all, he slept with Wang Shiyuan in front of Li Shiping, and he still had to make sure that nothing went wrong.
“Processed, processed, don’t worry.” Li Yi answered hurriedly.
He had already figured out Li Shiping’s temperament, his appearance was glamorous, but in his bones, he was an eggless counselor.
“Yosi.” Matsushima Feng nodded in satisfaction, and then returned to his room with his hand.
Seeing Songdao Feng entered his suite, Li Yi took out his mobile phone and prepared to call Li Shiping back.
But halfway through the text message editing, Li Yi heard the movement inside the house.

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