Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 468

After swallowing, Li Yi put the phone back, turned and sneaked into Wang Shiyuan’s suite.
On the big sexy bed, Wang Shiyuan was lying naked, her eyes blurred.
It seems that Wang Shiyuan’s white skin is a little red because of having just experienced the battle.
This scene immediately irritated Li Yi.
Almost without thinking, Li Yi walked to the door, closed the door, and locked it.
Then he took out his phone, panting heavily, and adjusted his position. Then he came to the bed…
An hour later, Li Shiping reappeared at the door of the presidential suite. At this time, his expression seemed calmer.
Seeing that no one was standing at the door, Li Shiping took out his room card and prepared to open the door to enter.
But at this moment, the door of the room opened before him.
“Li Yi?!”
After seeing Li Yi walking out flushed, Li Shiping’s mind suddenly filled with blood, and his eyes became blood red.
He is not stupid, Li Yi looks like this in front of him, if he still can’t guess what happened behind, then his brain will grow for nothing.
“Li Shiping, I warn you, don’t be impulsive, your girlfriend will wake up soon!”
Seeing Li Shiping’s tendency to do something, Li Yi suddenly lowered his voice to warn.
“You TM slept with Shiyuan?!” Li Shiping breathed fire in his eyes, and his teeth creaked. He didn’t expect that Li Yi would climb onto Wang Shiyuan’s bed after Songdao Feng left.
This is not to treat him as a man at all!
“What about after sleeping?” Li Yi sneered, as if he didn’t tell Li Shiping at all.
“You…” Li Shiping angrily grabbed Li Yi’s collar, and he was about to do it subconsciously, but after meeting Li Yisen’s cold eyes, Li Shiping was instantly persuaded.
“Let go.”
Li Yi gave Li Shiping a cold look.
Although his eyes were still angry, the strength in Li Shiping’s hand was relieved.
“I will add another 500,000 yuan to you!” “If you count Master Songdo’s one million, that’s a total of one and a half million. This price is enough to sleep second-tier stars. You better not be too greedy!” Li Yi sneered and said, for a soft egg like Li Shiping, a big stick with candied dates is the best way to make him feel scared first, and then give him a little sweetness, and he can definitely subdue his order.
As expected by Li Yi, after Li Yi said this, Li Shiping suddenly looked sullen, and put his hand holding Li Yi’s collar weakly down.
“Hmph, I will transfer the money to your account in a while.” Li Yi snorted coldly, and immediately, he took another cold look at Li Shiping and said:
“Also, let me remind you that I still have it in my hand. In the video, if you don’t want your cuckold to make everyone know, you better be honest!”
After saying this, Li Yi turned and left without looking back.
Li Shiping, who stayed in place, glanced bitterly at the direction where Li Yi had left, and then turned around and entered the suite… The next morning, Chen Feng came to Kangmei Group as usual.
As soon as I arrived at the door of the company, I saw Yu Wenbo shivering in the cold wind.
Feng !” Seeing Chen Feng, Yu Wenbo’s expression suddenly became flattering, and even his name became Brother Feng.
Before Chen Feng could speak, Yu Wenbo walked up to Chen Feng in a few steps: “Brother Feng, you broke your car last night, I’m really sorry.”
As he said, Yu Wenbo took out a bunch of car keys from his pocket: “Brother Feng, this is the car I asked you to pick up overnight last night. It is exactly the same as your original car.”
“Your efficiency is quite fast. “Looking at Yu Wenbo with a blue nose and swollen face, Chen Feng teased him.
“That’s, do things for Brother Feng, can the efficiency be unpleasant?” Yu Wenbo chuckled and slapped Chen Feng’s flattery.
Immediately afterwards, he said again: “Brother Feng, the transfer procedures for my villa are almost finished. I’ll send them to you in a while and you can sign.”
“Okay, no problem.” Chen Feng smiled faintly. , Yu Wenbo’s attitude reversed so quickly, it can only explain one truth, he knows his identity.
Although I don’t know how he knew it, there is no doubt that he definitely knew it.
Otherwise, he would not be so diligent.
“Chen Feng?”
Just as Chen Feng secretly guessed, a surprise voice sounded behind him.
Hearing this voice, Chen Feng frowned subconsciously.
“It turned out to be you, I’m not mistaken!” In the next second, the master of the surprise voice came to Chen Feng.
It was Lin Lan.
“Chen Feng, why are you here?”
Compared to before, Lin Lan’s attitude was obviously more than 8,000 times more enthusiastic.
This enthusiasm is naturally related to what Xia Mengyao said a few days ago.
After knowing that Chen Feng was a child of the Chen family, Lin Lan had been racking her brains every day for the past few days to reconnect Chen Feng and Xia Mengyao.
“Chen Feng, you are here to find Mengyao, right?” Seeing Chen Feng frowning and not speaking, Lin Lan continued to speak with joy.
“No, I work here now.” Chen Feng said lightly.
“Go to work?” Lin Lan was taken aback for a moment, and then smiled: “Chen Feng, are you really good at joking, do you still need to go to work with your identity? If you want to, you can directly buy Mengyao’s company, yourself As a director…”
Lin Lan’s tone suddenly stopped in the middle of speaking.
Because Chen Feng showed his employee ID without expression, the employee ID clearly marked the four characters belonging to Kangmei Group.
Seeing these four characters, Lin Lan suddenly choked.
After a long while, she said somewhat sullenly: “You really come to work.”
“Why, is there a problem?” Chen Feng raised his eyebrows.
Lin Lan hurriedly shook her head: “No…no problem.” Without waiting for Chen Feng to speak, Lin Lan smiled again: “Chen Feng, you can come here to work. Mom is very happy. This proves that you still have feelings for Mengyao. ”
Since you still have feelings for Mengyao, should the matter of your remarriage be put on the agenda?” Lin Lan’s eyes rolled and said, since she knew Chen Feng’s true identity, she has been in the past few days. The only thought in my mind is to remarry Xia Mengyao and Chen Feng.
Once Xia Mengyao and Chen Feng remarry, she will be the in-laws of China’s most powerful family.
Not to mention that in this life, that is, in the next life, she can live without worry.
“Remarry?” Chen Feng raised a sneer at the corner of his mouth. When she hadn’t revealed her identity before, Lin Lan was anxious to divorce Xia Mengyao.
Now that her identity was exposed, Lin Lan eagerly came up again and asked her to remarry Xia Mengyao?
As if seeing the sarcasm at the corner of Chen Feng’s mouth, Lin Lan said with a sullen expression: “Chen Feng, it was my mother’s fault before. But now, if mom knows it’s wrong, you give her a chance and Mengyao. Opportunity.”
“After all, you have three years of relationship. It would be a shame to just give up like this…”

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