Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 475

After Chen Feng left, Yu Wenqian was full of anger, and she immediately spread her anger on Yu Wenbo.
“Yuwenbo, you’re a dumb thing! As for sucking that bastard’s flattery like this ?!” “Sister, look at what you said, why I flattered, I’m doing good interpersonal relations.” Yuwenbo flipped over. With a blank eye, Yu Wenqian is good at everything, the only bad thing is that her temper is too straight, perhaps because she has been practicing Jianzong since she was a child, so she is completely ignorant about humanity and sophistication.
No matter what you do, it depends on her temperament.
To describe it in one sentence is, life and death are indifferent, do what you don’t agree with, want me to flatter you, flatter you? Sorry, this is impossible!
The people from Jianzong have this kind of personality.
Yuwenbo has long understood.
“Interpersonal relationship? That guy just beat you with a bruised nose and swollen nose. Are you telling me about interpersonal relations now?” Yu Wenqian was quite a little angry. She just arrived in Zhonghai today and saw Yu Wenbo’s blue nose and swollen nose. I almost didn’t recognize Yu Wenbo.
She didn’t expect that the arrogant Yuwenbo would have such a miserable day to be beaten by others.
As an elder sister, Yu Wenqian wanted to help her younger brother. She planned to go to Chen Feng’s trouble in the morning, but Yu Wencheng stopped her.
The reason for stopping her is simple. The person who hit Yuwenbo is the Chen family, and the Yuwen family can’t afford it.
At that time, she had a lot of fire. What happened to the Chen family? Can the Chen family hit people casually?
“Sister, didn’t I tell you that I was beaten because I was wrong first. I not only provoked Brother Feng, but also found a killer to assassinate Brother Feng. I did these two things, Brother Feng. It’s fine if you didn’t kill me. It’s nothing to beat me.” Yu Wenbo said with a serious face, this time being taught by Chen Feng, he has completely transformed him.
He used to be arrogant and domineering, and arrogant, but after meeting Chen Feng this time, he has seen what it means to have a heaven outside, and there are people outside the world.
Perhaps in Yu Wenqian’s opinion, he made this series of actions for the flattery of Chen Feng, but only he knew that he really planned to change his mind.
“Huh, having said so much, you are just afraid of that bastard.” Yuwenqian snorted. Actually, seeing Yuwenbo’s changes, she was also very happy as an older sister, but she couldn’t accept it for a while. Yu Wenbo, who was once arrogant, will show such a humble posture in front of another young man.
“Sister, I’m afraid that Brother Feng is not normal? Didn’t you see that the scene where Brother Feng shot in the East Palace villa that day, two guns, less than a second in the hands of Brother Feng, became two iron Pimple, can you do it for you?” Yu Wenbo said with some envy.
“Yes!” Yu Wenqian raised her neck, blurted out and debuted almost without thinking. She can’t be taken lightly by Yu Wenbo, even if she can’t, she must say yes.
“Fart, sister, don’t think I don’t know your strength.” Yu Wenbo smiled disdainfully and did not show mercy to Yu Wenqian. Although Yu Wenqian has been practicing in Jianzong since childhood, Yu Wenqian’s strength so far, But as long as the early stage of Anjin.
People in the early days of Anjin wanted to squeeze two pistols into two iron bumps in just one second, which was simply fantastic.
“You…even if I can’t now, I will be able to do it sooner or later in the future.” Yu Wenqian was still a little unconvinced. She always felt that Chen Feng played some tricks at the time, or used external force to turn the two guns into two. It’s impossible to do that with Chen Feng’s own strength alone.
“Then wait until you can do it in the future.”
Yu Wenbo gave a haha, although Yu Wenqian is also a rare genius, I am afraid it will take at least ten years to do like Chen Feng.
“Uncle Ying, how did you just let that guy in?” Unable to Yu Wenbo, Yu Wenqian shifted her gaze to the middle-aged warrior somewhat unrestrainedly.
The middle-aged warrior’s full name is Du Haiying.
Sword sect genius like her travels, sword sect will usually be equipped with a guardian who is one or two levels higher than her.
Du Haiying’s martial art realm is in the middle stage of the dark power, and because of the practice of martial arts, his strength is much stronger than the general stage of the dark power, even in the late stage of the dark power, it can be comparable.
Just now she asked Du Haiying to guard the gate. Logically speaking, Chen Feng should have no chance to come in, but Chen Feng was just wandering in the Treasure Pavilion grandiosely.
“Miss, I didn’t put that person in just now, but he came in by himself.” Du Haiying smiled helplessly. He still hasn’t figured out how Chen Feng calmly resolved his punch, even though he did it. The fist took only one-tenth of its strength, but no matter what, Chen Feng couldn’t resolve it so easily.
“I came in by myself?” Yu Wenqian stunned, and immediately said: “You mean you can’t stop him?”
“Uh…It’s not that you can’t stop him, but, how can I put it, the young man was very strange…” Du Haiying talked about the situation again, but in front of Yu Wenqian, he naturally couldn’t admit that he was inferior to Chen Feng, and only said that he was careless before letting Chen Feng in.
After listening to Du Haiying’s explanation, Yu Wenqian nodded slightly. It turned out that Du Haiying was careless and allowed Chen Feng to come in. It was not because of Chen Feng’s strength that even Du Haiying could not stop it.
“Uncle Ying, who do you think is better between me and that guy?” Yu Wenqian couldn’t help asking.
Seeing Yu Wenqian’s serious look, Du Haiying was so ashamed that he couldn’t tell that Yu Wenqian was on the bar with Chen Feng. If he dares to say that Yu Wenqian is better than Chen Feng, Yu Wenqian will definitely turn his head. Will trouble Chen Feng.
“Miss…From the current point of view, that guy’s strength should be slightly stronger than you.” After considering it for a while, Du Hai spoke politely in English. In fact, the strength just shown by Chen Feng is still coming. , Even if it is him, he is not necessarily Chen Feng’s opponent, as for Yu Wenqian, it is more than ten streets behind Chen Feng.
If you really meet Chen Feng, she will definitely be beaten by Chen Feng.
But of course, he couldn’t say it truthfully. If he said it truthfully, I am afraid that Yu Wenqian’s body would be completely damaged, and the serious point would even affect Yu Wenqian’s martial arts mind.
Yu Wenqian didn’t hear the euphemism in Du Hai’s English. The only thing she heard was that Chen Feng was better than her. Although unhappy, it was not unacceptable.
Yu Wenqian turned her head and turned her gaze to Yu Wenbo, she said with a proud face:
“Yu Wenbo, have you heard? That guy’s strength is only better than your sister, your sister just needs to work hard a little , You can hang that guy up and fight. If you have the time to please that guy, it is better to please more to please sister.”

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