Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 480

Lin Xuan frowned deeper. He looked at Lin Wu behind: “Lin Wu, what’s the matter? Didn’t you book the banquet room here?”
Lin Wu has always been in charge of the birthday banquet of Lin Xiaoxian. Xuan didn’t know.
“Yes, I booked the banquet hall here.” Lin Wu walked up confusedly and asked the doorman, “Your manager is Yang Tianguo, right? I called him the day before yesterday. , He said he would reserve a banquet hall for me.”
“By the way, my name is Lin Wu.” Lin Wu reported his name.
After the two doormen looked at each other, they took out the pager and started calling Yang Tianguo.
“Manager Yang, here is a gentleman named Lin Wu who said that he had booked a banquet hall with you a few days ago. Is there such a thing?”
“Lin Wu?” The voice over there was startled for a moment, and then said: “I didn’t He has heard this name, and he has never booked a box with me.”
“Okay.” After hanging up the communication with Yang Tianguo, the doorman raised the pager in his hand and said to Lin Wu: “Sorry, Lin Sir, our Manager Yang said that we have never heard your name.”
“Fart!” Lin Wu was angry and exploded directly: “I called him the day before yesterday, and the call records are here.”
” Call again. “At this time, Lin Xuan spoke coldly. He didn’t expect this incident to happen. In addition to Lin Xiaoxian’s own family, there were also many business partners in Lin Xiaoxian’s birthday party. These people will immediately The meeting will be there. If the place for the birthday banquet is not booked after arriving, then the Lin family’s face will be completely lost.
“Yes, brother.” Lin Wu answered in a deep voice, and immediately took out his mobile phone and began to dial Yang Tianguo’s number, but after a long time, the line was always busy.
“This dog, he blacked me out.” Lin Wu cursed angrily.
Lin Xuan’s face was a bit ugly: “What did you do? You can’t handle such a small thing.”
“Big brother, I was wronged. When I called my grandson the day before yesterday, the grandson told me about it. I must give the largest ballroom stay, who would have thought …… “Lin Wu look of anger, immediately, he angrily walked in front of two doorman:” I put the grandson shout down “! ” the Sir, please take self-respect! We Manager Yang said that he doesn’t know you.” The two doormen’s expressions also became cold. In fact, judging from Lin Wu’s performance, he did not lie. He had indeed booked the banquet hall with Yang Tianguo. of.
The reason why Yang Tianguo said that was also very simple. The banquet hall ordered by Lin Wu was booked by someone else. Yang Tianguo couldn’t explain it to Lin Wu, so he said that he didn’t know Lin Wu.
Yang Tianguo wanted to pass them and dismissed Lin Wu.
As doormen, they naturally figured out Yang Tianguo’s mind.
“Fart! How could the grandson not recognize me! You let me in, and I will confront him personally.” Lin Wu was furious, and said that he was going to push.
The two door boys snorted and pushed Lin Wu away.
“Sir, if you do this again, I will call the security guard.”
“You scream, you think I am afraid of you…”
“Lin Wu!” At this time, Lin Xuan yelled and blushed. Lin Wula came back.
“This little brother, today is my father’s 80th birthday.”
“Because of my brother’s negligence, three days ago, I notified all the guests who came to celebrate the birthday of the birthday location is here, in a few minutes, they will It’s coming, if we are shown to them, we are stopped at the door, and my father’s birthday feast will not be passed today.”
“So can you please help me, my little brother, and tell Manager Yang, let Manager Yang Free up a banquet hall for us.”
Although there were only two little doormen standing in front of them, Lin Xuan’s tone was very polite.
Lin Xuan’s tone immediately softened the attitude of the two doormen: “Mr. Lin, tell you the truth, it’s not that we’re not accommodating and didn’t notify you of Manager Yang, but instead informed Manager Yang and he also gave you. There is no room for a banquet hall.”
“Because our Golden Horse Hotel is reserved by Dong Wang.”
“Dong Wang doesn’t say anything, no one dares to vacate the banquet hall for you.”
“Dong Wang? Which Wang Dong?” Lin Xuan frowned. Although Zhonghai is small, because it is the Huaxia Economic Center, the most important thing is all kinds of bosses and rich people. Anyone who hits a brick can produce several billionaires. Come.
And there are countless billionaires surnamed Wang, so Lin Xuan really doesn’t know which Wang Dong the door boy said.
“Zhongsheng Group knows?” The door boy didn’t just say, but asked.
“Zhongsheng Group?” Lin Xuan was shocked when he heard these words. Zhongsheng Group, isn’t the Fortune 500 group in the world where Lin Yue is?
“Lin Yue, do you have a chairman named Wang in Zhongsheng Group?” Lin Xuan turned his head and asked.
“Yes…Yes.” Lin Yue nodded, but her expression was somewhat unnatural. Zhongsheng Group only had one chairman named Wang, the one she introduced to Xia Mengyao last time on the blind date.
But because of Chen Feng and Xia Mengyao, the relationship between Wang Dong and her is now very stiff, and it can even be said to be an enemy.
“Do you know this Wang Dong?” Lin Xuan did not notice the unnatural expression on Lin Yue’s face, but asked with expectation.
“Know, but not familiar.” Lin Yue chuckled.
“Unfamiliar?” Lin Xuan frowned: “Can you speak? If you can speak, just talk to this Wang Dong and let him make a floor of the banquet hall for us.”
The Golden Horse Hotel has a total of five floors of banquet halls. If Lin Yue knew that Wang Dong, freeing up one floor should not be a problem.
“Brother, I’m afraid that won’t work. I and Dong Wang are still celebrating the festival…” Lin Yueqiang said with a smile. In fact, the relationship between her and Wang Defa is more than just celebrating the festival. Wang Defa has already proposed on the board of directors. She is about to fire her as the deputy general manager.
“Festival?” Lin Xuan’s face darkened, and when Lin Yue said that, things were almost impossible.
“Mr. Lin should go to other hotels, it should be too late to book now.” The door boy said lightly.
Lin Xuan’s expression was gloomy for a while. If only the Lin family’s own family is okay, the key is that there are still many Lin family business partners. These people will come over soon. At this time, temporarily changing the hotel will definitely cause dissatisfaction among these people. Will also be ashamed.
“Change the place, Xuan’er.” At this time, Lin Xiaoxian spoke lightly. As the protagonist of today’s birthday banquet, he shouldn’t have to worry about this kind of thing, but the facts are in front of him, but he can’t help but say nothing.
“Yes, father.”
Lin Xuan replied respectfully, but he was a little aggrieved. Judging from the content of the banners outside the Golden Horse Hotel, Wang Defa contracted the Golden Horse Hotel today to celebrate the birthday of his elders.

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