Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 481

Both are celebrating the birthday of the elders, but their family can’t even enter the door of the Golden Horse Hotel.
This kind of gap, they are the younger generation, and the elder Lin Xiaoxian, who has passed his life, naturally has it.
“Why let us go to another hotel? We have already booked a banquet hall with them, and now they transfer our booked banquet hall to others, and let us book the hotel ourselves. How can there be such a reason.” Lin Ya grumbled dissatisfiedly.
But no one in the Lin family dared to agree, after all, the situation was better than others.
Wang Defa is the chairman of the Zhongsheng Group. His net worth is conservatively estimated to be around one billion yuan, while the Lin family is just a small family doing renovations. The entire family’s business adds up to two to three billion.
And Wang Defa is not a magnitude at all.
“Sister Mengyao, do you want to talk about it?” Seeing that everyone was about to leave, Lin You suddenly spoke.
Seeing everyone looking at him, Lin You still didn’t change his face: “Sister Mengyao isn’t the president of Kangmei Group? If she declares herself, that Wang Dong should give her face.”
“Yes, how do we treat her? I have forgotten this. Mengyao is now the president of Kangmei Group. She is not much worse than Wang Dong in terms of status.” Xie Yunfang also pretended to agree with him. In fact, she just planned to say this, but that In this situation, she was a bit suspicious of revenge for Xia Mengyao when she said this.
But now Lin You opened her mouth first, and she didn’t have any worries when she said this.
Many relatives of the Lin family have turned their attention to Xia Mengyao. Indeed, as Xie Yunfang said, today’s Xia Mengyao is no longer what it used to be. The identity of Kangmei Group’s president is no worse than Zhongsheng Group’s vice chairman. Only Xia Mengyao is most suitable.
If Wang Defa gave Xia Mengyao face, it would be great. If he didn’t give Xia Mengyao’s face, they would lose nothing.
“Kangmei Group?”
“Mengyao, are you now the president of Kangmei Group?”
Lin Xiaoxian looked at Xia Mengyao in surprise. This was the first time he had a conversation with Xia Mengyao today.
“Well, grandpa, I am now the president of Kangmei Group.” Xia Mengyao nodded obediently.
“Good! Good! Good! Haha.” Lin Xiaoxian said three good words with a gratified expression before bursting into laughter.
In this scene, Tang Ruoxue and Lin You and the Lin family juniors looked jealous. Unexpectedly, after three years, Lin Xiaoxian still prefers Xia Mengyao. After hearing that Xia Mengyao became the president of Kangmei Group, it was more than five million. happy.
“Xuan’er, we’re not here anymore, let’s change places.” Lin Xiaoxian laughed heartily.
At this moment, for him, it is not important to live there. What is important is that Xia Mengyao became the president of Kangmei Group.
As for Xie Yunfang and Lin You’s proposal to let Xia Mengyao go to Wang Defa… How can he not see the careful thinking of the two at his age?
The two asked Xia Mengyao to find Wang Defa, apparently because of his longevity considerations, but in fact, I am afraid that they were embarrassed by seeing Xia Mengyao.
“Grandpa, why don’t I go talk to him.” Xia Mengyao glanced at Lin Xiaoxian hesitantly and said. The guests of the Lin family have already come one after another. If they were asked to change places at this time, they would definitely be dissatisfied with Lin Xiaoxian. Will also be ashamed.
She didn’t want Lin Xiaoxian to lose face.
“What? Are you afraid of shame on grandpa?” Lin Xiaoxian smiled kindly, and said: “Meng Yao, grandpa is already eighty years old, half of his body is buried in the loess, shame is not ashamed, not at all important.”
“But…” Xia Mengyao is still a bit entangled, Lin Xiaoxian may not care, but as a junior, she can’t care about it. She doesn’t want Lin Xiaoxian’s last birthday, and was criticized.
“It’s nothing, let’s go.” Lin Xiaoxian interrupted Xia Mengyao with a smile.
At this time, Lin Yue also echoed:
“Mengyao, let’s listen to your grandfather’s words. Let’s change the place. You have met Wang Dong from the Golden Horse Hotel last time. Go ahead and tell him that he might not give You face.”
“I know?” Xia Mengyao was shocked, and immediately remembered the scene of the last blind date.
It turned out to be Wang Defa, no wonder Lin Yue said that he had a holiday with her.
Although the two didn’t say anything clearly, everyone in the Lin family could see a lot through their expressions.
Obviously, something unpleasant happened between Lin Yue and Xia Mengyao and Wang Dong.
With this unhappiness, Xia Mengyao went to Wang Dong, which naturally became empty talk.
“Let’s go.” Xie Yunfang and Lin You couldn’t help being a little disappointed. At this moment, they even blamed Lin Yue. If Lin Yue didn’t talk too much, they could still watch Xia Mengyao make a fool of himself, but Lin Yue just said something.
“Wait.” Just when everyone was about to leave, a voice that surprised everyone was rang.
“Let me talk about it.”
Chen Feng stood up calmly.
Everyone looked surprised.
“You go?” Lin You frowned, “Brother-in-law, can you go? Do you know Dong Wang?”
“Have a fate.” Chen Feng said lightly. Last time he was in the Hongye Club, he did. I have seen Wang Defa and even embarrassed Wang Defa in front of a few people.
“One side of the fate? One side of the fate will others listen to you?” Xie Yunfang snorted disdainfully. For Chen Feng, she hadn’t seen Chen Feng since she hit the door, but didn’t want to be now, but Chen Feng jumped out by herself.
And as soon as he jumped out, he said such absurd things.
“That is, brother-in-law, Wang Dong is a billionaire with a wealth of billions. There are more people who have a relationship with others, but not everyone can remember it.” Lin You said calmly, his words on the surface It seems to be persuading Chen Feng not to make trouble for himself, but in fact he is mocking Chen Feng for being too self-confident.
“How do you know that he won’t remember me?”
Chen Feng smiled faintly. He couldn’t guarantee anything else, but in terms of Wang Defa’s impression of him, he could absolutely guarantee that Wang Defa would still remember him, and I wish I could see him again.
“Mengyao, this is the man Wei Guo picked for you?” At this time, Lin Xiaoxian squinted his eyes and spoke. In fact, he paid attention to Chen Feng since he first saw Chen Feng, but unfortunately, Chen Feng He looked like an invisible person, with a very low sense of existence. From entering the gate of the Lin family until now, he has been observing Chen Feng, but he hasn’t been out of sight.
Until now, Chen Feng suddenly emerged.
“Grandpa, I’m Chen Feng.”
Before Xia Mengyao introduced, Chen Feng stood up with a smile. He bowed slightly and said respectfully: “Grandson-in-law Chen Feng, I wish my grandfather a blessing like an evergreen tree in the East China Sea and a long life. No old pine.”
“I accept your blessing.” Lin Xiaoxian nodded slightly, and then said again: “You said you want to take the next floor of the banquet hall from Wang Defa, how confident are you?”

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