Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 483

“I admit, your son-in-law is very good at fighting. What about it? The current society is a society under the rule of law. It is not a society where whoever has the strongest fist is powerful. If he can fight, can the police and the army be able to fight?
” I really want to annoy the Golden Horse Hotel. People only need to report to the police. He won’t even think about it for the rest of his life.” Xie Yunfang said coldly. Although Chen Feng’s strength is surprising, as she said, what can he do?
The current society is a society that fights money and relationships, not a society that fights fists.
The Golden Horse Hotel wants money and money, and also has a relationship. They want to play Chen Feng, which is just a phone call.
“Hehe, keep watching.” Lin Lan laughed, fighting for money and ties with Chen Feng, and the Golden Horse Hotel might be more than a thousand miles away. Among other things, the 50 billion invested by Chen Feng in Cangzhou is enough to buy more than ten Golden Horse hotels.
“What are you looking at? Look further, the police should be here.” Seeing Lin Lan’s face still calm, Xie Yunfang would inevitably feel a little uneasy. If Chen Feng really has any trump card to level the Golden Horse Hotel, she should be the one who is ashamed.
“Dad, let’s go quickly. If the police arrive later, we won’t be able to leave.” Xie Yunfang turned his gaze to Lin Xiaoxian again. After all, today is Lin Xiaoxian’s birthday. Lin Xiaoxian probably doesn’t want to be caught by Chen Feng. Involved.
“What are you going on?” Lin Xiaoxian glanced at Xie Yunfang: “I still want to see the methods of my grandson-in-law.”
Because Lin Xiaoxian’s voice was calm, everyone in the court did not hear what Lin Xiaoxian said was actually happening. To ridicule Chen Feng, he is still looking forward to Chen Feng’s performance.
Chen Feng brought down seven or eight security guards in less than five seconds, and soon alarmed the senior staff of the Golden Horse Hotel.
A minute later, a few middle-aged men in suits and shoes hurried over.
“Yang Tianguo!”
Seeing the middle-aged man headed by him, Lin Wu’s expression suddenly became cold.
“What’s the matter?” Yang Tianguo looked at the two standing doormen with a gloomy expression.
“This kid said he wanted to see Dong Wang. We didn’t let him in, so he rushed in. Captain Liu and the others blocked them, but were brought down by this kid in less than five seconds…” The two doormen explained hurriedly. In the middle of the conversation, Chen Feng interrupted faintly:
“Correct, it’s not that I want to see Wang Defa, but I asked Wang De to send it down to see me.”
Yang Tianguo ignored Chen Feng, but turned his gaze to fall to the ground in pain. The groaning Captain Liu, his pupils tightened when he saw that Captain Liu and others were injured. Captain Liu and others were all from professional security companies. Their skills are no longer comparable to those of some veterans. It’s bad, but in Chen Feng’s hands, he was knocked down in less than five seconds. Chen Feng is a freak at home…
“Call the police.” After taking a deep breath, Yang Tianguo let out two deep voices. A word, before being unable to judge Chen Feng’s true strength, calling the police is the best choice.
“I advise you not to call the police.” Chen Feng smiled faintly and glanced at Yang Tianguo.
“Are you scared?” Yang Tianguo looked at Chen Feng in a deep voice.
“I’m not afraid.” Chen Feng shook his head.
“I just think it’s a waste of time to call the police.”
“If you’re smart, you’d better let Wang De find out when you come down to see me, or return the banquet hall we originally booked to us.”
Hearing that Chen Feng’s purpose was the banquet hall, Yang Tianguo’s expression suddenly became more gloomy. It was impossible for him to vacate a banquet hall for the Lin family. If he is vacated for the Lin family, who will explain to Wang Defa?
He still has a balance between the vice Dong of Zhongsheng Group and the young Lin family.
Yang Tianguo suppressed the anger in his heart and was about to open his mouth to reject Chen Feng. At this time, a figure with a big belly appeared in his sight.
“Wang Dong, why are you here?” Yang Tianguo hurriedly greeted him, and the middle-aged man with a big belly in front of him was Wang Defa, who had taken charge of the Golden Horse Hotel today.
“Hmph, I heard that someone wants to see me? Who is it?” Wang Defa didn’t use his eyes to look at Yang Tianguo. Instead, he snorted dissatisfiedly and turned his eyes to the Lin family.
Many people in the Lin family buried their heads for fear that Wang Defa might be offended.
“Why, dare you say that you dare not recognize it?” Wang De sneered, his expression full of disdain.
He was about to turn around and leave, but there was a faint voice behind him: “It’s me.”
Hearing this voice, Wang Defa’s body was shocked.
Immediately he turned around, looking at Chen Feng with an extremely ugly expression: “It’s you?!”
“Why, don’t you know?” Chen Feng smiled slightly, seeing how Wang De found out. Obviously, when he was on a blind date that day, he gave Wang Defa left a deep impression.
“Yes! How could I not know!” Wang Defa gritted his teeth and glared at Chen Feng, as if wishing to swallow Chen Feng raw.
“I didn’t expect that you would dare to appear in front of me.” Wang De looked at Chen Feng coldly. He was frightened in public by Chen Feng that day. It was the most embarrassing thing in his life. So afterwards, he thought of trying I wanted to find Chen Feng and teach Chen Feng a lesson, but I never thought that after that day, Chen Feng seemed to have evaporated, and there was no figure.
Until today, Chen Feng finally appeared in front of him.
“Why didn’t I dare to appear in front of your eyes?” Chen Feng’s smile was still flat, and this confident appearance made Wang De angry.
“Leihu, Leibao!” Wang Defa beckoned coldly.
“Wang Dong.” Behind him, two men with big waists in black suits stood up.
“Unload his legs!” Wang Defa smiled grimly, he wanted to teach Chen Feng a lesson he will never forget!
“Yes, Dong Wang!” The two bodyguards in black suits walked towards Chen Feng calmly.
“Wang Dong, this kid is very powerful, ask your people to be careful.” Yang Tianguo hurriedly reminded.
“Awesome?” Wang De sneered, “Leihu and Leibao are from the Northwest Sirius Special Brigade. Pack one…”
Before Wang De finished speaking, the two strong figures flew across. I went out and hit the marble wall of the hotel.
This scene immediately made the sneer at the corner of Wang Defa’s mouth completely solidified, and the hideousness in his eyes was instantly replaced by a touch of incredible horror.
Leihu and Leibao… actually lost? !
Didn’t even hold on to one move? !
Wang Defa swallowed hard, and he couldn’t believe what he saw before his eyes.
Yang Tianguo on the other side also had a numb scalp. The two bodyguards, Wang Defa, were hired heavily. Their annual salary generally started at 5 million yuan. But now, the two of them are in Chen Feng’s hands. Didn’t even last a round.
What kind of freak is Chen Feng?

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