Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 484

Lin You looked sluggish, even speaking a bit uncomfortable, although he knew that Chen Feng was very good at fighting, but when he saw Chen Feng defeating two professional bodyguards with one move, his There was still a shock in my heart.
“Can we free up a floor of the banquet hall now?” “Chen Feng smiled and looked at Yang Tianguo.
At this time, Yang Tianguo was full of cold sweat, facing Chen Feng’s gaze, he would nod subconsciously, but when he thought that there was Wang Defa beside him, his head But he couldn’t order anymore.
If he really vacated Wang Defa’s banquet hall to Chen Feng today, he might lose his position as a manager tomorrow . As if he could see Yang Tianguo’s embarrassment, Chen Feng looked at him. Moved to Wang Defa: “Wang Dong, free up one floor of your banquet hall. “The tone seems gentle, but in fact it is full of undoubted dominance.
Wang Defa’s complexion flushed: “You… don’t deceive people too much!” ”
” Go too far? “Chen Feng smiled faintly, “I deceived people too much, so what about you?” “I was humiliated by Chen Feng again in public, but Wang Defa didn’t dare to put a fart at this time. He could only vent his anger on Yang Tianguo, who was aside: “What about you President Hu?” ! Isn’t she going to control it? ”
Wang Dong, President Hu, she is still on the way, she will come right away.” “Yang Tianguo wiped the cold sweat on his head and hurriedly calmed down. The president Wang Defa said is the real owner of the Golden Horse Hotel.
The reason why Wang Defa was able to contract the entire Golden Horse Hotel this time was also Mr. Hu’s way. .
Xie Yunfang panicked when he heard that the person in charge of the Golden Horse Hotel was about to come over: “Dad, or let’s go quickly, while the matter hasn’t become a big deal…”
“Go? Where are you going?” Lin Lan snorted and said, “Xie Yunfang, don’t you want to see how my son-in-law manages the Golden Horse Hotel? Now the owner of the Golden Horse Hotel is coming, but you said you want to go, you are gone , Who would come to see my son-in-law to settle the Golden Horse Hotel.”
“Lin Lan, the owner of the Golden Horse Hotel is no better than Wang Defa. If people want to kill your violent son-in-law, you just have to say something, don’t be too rampant!” Xie Yunfang lowered The voice warned that she didn’t know where Lin Lan was emboldened, but she had more or less heard of the identity of the owner of the Golden Horse Hotel, and the rumors were related to the richest man in a certain place.
A giant of this level is simply not something a small Lin family can afford.
“Ramp?” Lin Lan smiled disdainfully, and said: “When the owner of the Golden Horse Hotel comes over, you will know that I am rampant.”
“Lin Lan, you will die alone if you want to die. Can the Lin family be dragged down?!” Xie Yunfang was about to be blown up with anger. Lin Lan, a hillbilly, who gave her the courage to say this? Liang Jingru?
“You Lin family? Xie Yunfang, you have a surname of Xie. Where does your face say that you belong to the Lin family…”
“Okay, stop arguing .” Lin Lan wanted to say a few more words, but was interrupted lightly by Lin Xiaoxian.
“If he can balance the owner of the Golden Horse Hotel, then I will recognize him as a son-in-law. If he can’t balance, then from now on, he won’t even want to step into the gate of my Lin family for half a step.”
Lin Xiaoxian’s tone was calm, but loudly. , Lin Lan and Xie Yunfang dare not say any more.
A few minutes later, a big red Lamborghini stopped at the door of the Golden Horse Hotel.
A tall lady in a black dress got out of the car.
“Mr. Hu.”
As soon as the woman entered the door, Yang Tianguo led others to greet her with a respectful attitude.
“What’s the matter?” The woman frowned and looked at Yang Tianguo and asked. When she was shopping nearby, she received a call from Yang Tianguo, saying that someone had come to the Jinma Hotel to make trouble. After hanging up the phone, she rushed over. .
“Mr. Hu, you can count as coming.” Before Yang Tianguo opened his mouth, Wang Defa had already walked over, preemptively.
“Mr. Hu, today is my eighty-five-year-old mother’s happy day. In order to celebrate her birthday, I Specially booked all the banquet halls of your Golden Horse Hotel, but someone insisted that I vacate him a floor of the banquet hall. I didn’t make it. He also beat my people and threatened me personally. Mr. Hu, this matter. ? you tube does not ” look at Wang made his face look angry, the young woman could not help Liu Mei wrinkled deeper:” Wong Tung & Partners, if the situation is really as you say, then I will give you a …… ”
” peak brother! ” saying Halfway through, the voice of Miao Ling suddenly stopped, and she turned into an incredible expression.
“Siyuan.” Chen Feng was also a little bit stunned. He didn’t expect that the boss behind the Golden Horse Hotel would be Hu Siyuan.
“Brother Feng, why are you here?” Hu Siyuan asked subconsciously. She wondered why Chen Feng appeared here.
“Today, my grandfather’s birthday.” Chen Feng smiled.
“Your grandpa…”
“Mr. Hu, do you know this kid?” At this moment , Wang Defa leaned forward.
Hearing Wang Defa’s tone, Hu Siyuan’s pretty face suddenly became cold: “Wang Dong, please be polite. Brother Feng is my friend, not a kid.”
“Mr. Hu, you…”
Wang Defa was shocked. What is Hu Siyuan? Would you maintain this kid like this?
“Yang Tianguo, what is going on?” Hu Siyuan looked at Yang Tianguo with cold eyes. Judging from the situation of the seven or eight security guards lying on the ground, Yang Tianguo obviously had a conflict with Chen Feng before she came. .
“Mr. Hu, this is the case. Your friend, his grandfather, wants to let Wang Dong vacate him a floor of the banquet hall, but there are many guests here. If you vacate a floor for your friend, Wang Dong There is no way to entertain the guests, so…”
Yang Tianguo bit his head to explain, but when he finished speaking, he was interrupted by a cold voice: “Yang Tianguo, you mean we have to obey Did Wang Dong grab the first floor of the banquet hall?” The speaker was Lin Wu.
“I didn’t mean that.” Yang Tianguo glanced at Lin Wu and hurriedly denied it.
“Isn’t that?” Lin Wu sneered: “I called you three days ago to book the banquet hall. At that time, you promised me that you would reserve the first floor of the banquet hall for me, but after I came today, The banquet room left for me gave this shit Wang Dong, and now you still say that we rob the banquet hall from this shit Wang Dong…”
“Hehe, is this what your Golden Horse Hotel does?!”
“Is what he said is true?” Hu Siyuan’s eyes were extremely cold. She knew that Wang Defa had contracted the Golden Horse Hotel. Yang Tianguo called her at that time, but Yang Tianguo did not tell her. Before Wang Defa, there had been someone
Booked the first floor banquet hall of the hotel, “Yes…it’s like this…” Yang Tianguo’s forehead was covered with cold sweat, with Lin Wu by his side, he just wanted to deny it but couldn’t deny it.

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