Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 485

“You can roll.”
“Ah? Mr. Hu, what do you mean by this?”
“I said you can roll!” Hu Siyuan looked cold.
Yang Tianguo was shocked immediately: “Mr. Hu, no, you can give me another chance…”
Hu Siyuan glanced at Yang Tianguo coldly. If Yang Tianguo’s mistake did not involve Chen Feng, she could still give it to Yang. Heaven had a chance, but Yang Tianguo’s mistake involved Chen Feng, but it was impossible for her to give Yang Tianguo a chance.
Hu Siyuan turned his gaze to Wang Defa again, and Wang Defa hurriedly said: “Since Mr. Hu and this brother are friends, then I will free up my banquet hall for this brother.”
Wang Defa softened.
He had to accept softness. From Hu Siyuan’s attitude towards Yang Tianguo, it can be seen that Hu Siyuan and Chen Feng are definitely not ordinary friends. If he is not accepting softness at this moment, Hu Siyuan will never give him a good face.
“No need.”
Hu Siyuan said calmly. no need? Wang De stunned. What does Hu Siyuan mean by these words? Is she going to stand here?
Although happy in his heart, Wang Defa’s face did not show it: “Mr. Hu, let’s make room for this brother. After all, this brother has brought so many people over…”
“Wang Dong, I miss you. I don’t understand what I mean.” Hu Siyuan interrupted Wang Defa mercilessly: “I said no, you can roll too.”
“I gotta go?!” Wang Defa’s eyes widened, and his eyes were full of incredible.
“Yes, you get out, Golden Horse Hotel does not welcome you.” Hu Siyuan looked at Wang Defa coldly, and said: “Now, please immediately, immediately, get out of Golden Horse Hotel with your family!”
Cold, domineering!
Don’t give Wang Defa any face at all!
“Mr. Hu, don’t you think that this is a bit too much?!” Wang Defa’s complexion flushed. He was a deputy director of a Fortune 500 company anyway, but now Hu Siyuan told him to take his family out.
If he really got out of here today, how would the relatives and friends he invited today think of him?
“Excessive?” Hu Siyuan sneered: “I was too much, what can you do with me?”
Wang De was so angry that he couldn’t speak. If others dared to talk to him like this, he would never swallow so much. , But who is Hu Siyuan?
The only daughter of the former Suzhou richest man Hu Jinghai and the future heir of the Hu family, this status is not something he can afford. He dares to trouble Hu Siyuan today, and tomorrow he will be kicked out of the board of directors of Zhongsheng Group.
“Kick me out of their family.” Hu Siyuan was too lazy to talk nonsense with Wang De, but gave orders directly.
The many security guards who were waiting on the side didn’t dare to say anything more, so they sent Wang De out.
“I’m really sorry, Brother Feng, for making such a thing.” After clearing Wang Defa’s relatives and friends from the Golden Horse Hotel, Hu Siyuan came to Chen Feng again.
“It’s not in the way.” Chen Feng waved his hand. If he had known that the Golden Horse Hotel was Hu Siyuan’s property, he would not have caused so much trouble. Just give Hu Siyuan a call and he would do everything.
“Yeah.” Hu Siyuan nodded slightly, glanced at Xia Mengyao, Lin Xiaoxian and others, and said: “Brother Feng, the hotel banquet hall is now empty. You, your sister-in-law and grandpa can go up.”
“Trouble you, Si Yuan.”
“No trouble.” Hu Siyuan smiled. In fact, it stands to reason that the Golden Horse Hotel should be Chen Feng’s property, but Su Zhaoxi gave the Golden Horse Hotel to the Hu family’s management. The Golden Horse Hotel can be taken back.
After arranging the reception for Chen Feng, Hu Siyuan turned and left. After all, Xia Mengyao is still here. If she is too close to Chen Feng, it will inevitably make Xia Mengyao think more.
Although Hu Siyuan had tried her best to keep her distance from Chen Feng, her actions still made many Lin family think more.
The first one to jump out was naturally Lin You: “Brother-in-law, what is your relationship with this President Hu?”
Before Lin You looked at Chen Feng, his eyes were almost full of contempt, but now, Lin You looks at Chen Feng’s There was a touch of jealousy in his eyes.
Yes, jealous.
At this moment, Lin You was indeed a little jealous of Chen Feng, especially after seeing Hu Siyuan’s enthusiasm for Chen Feng, he couldn’t control himself.
Hu Siyuan’s looks and appearance are both top-notch, and because of her birthplace, her temperament is also excellent, even some first- and second-tier female stars standing in front of her will feel ashamed.
But it is such a top-quality woman who has shown such an intimate attitude towards Chen Feng, a door-to-door son-in-law, how can he not be jealous?
“Friendship.” Chen Feng said.
“Friendship? She would be so good to you with friend relations? Would you hesitate to offend Wang Defa for you?” Lin You looked suspicious.
“Believe it or not.” Chen Feng smiled faintly. Lin You is hostile to him, he can naturally see that, but he still disdains to care about little kids like Lin You.
“Grandpa, let’s go in.” Chen Feng turned his head and looked at Lin Xiaoxian.
“Well, let’s go in.” Lin Xiaoxian glanced at Chen Feng, did not comment too much on Chen Feng’s previous actions, nor did he ask about the relationship between Chen Feng and Hu Siyuan, as if he was indifferent to everything.
Lin Xuan assisted Lin Xiaoxian upstairs, and Xie Yunfang and Lin Ya followed behind.
At this time, Lin Lan said with a strange yin and yang: “Xie Yunfang, what are you doing up there? Didn’t you say you want to leave before? Why don’t you leave now?”
Xie Yunfang’s footsteps stopped, and his face turned red. Although Lin Lan would have been guessed at this time to ridicule her, when Lin Lan jumped out, she still inevitably felt embarrassed.
If she had known this, she hadn’t ridiculed Chen Feng just now.
“Mom, don’t say a few words.” Xia Mengyao frowned Liu’s eyebrows and glanced at Lin Lan. Today’s Lin Lan can be said to have taken the four words of selfishness to the extreme.
In other words, not only today, Lin Lan has always been very smug since knowing Chen Feng’s true identity.
“Well, let’s go in.” Xia Mengyao said lightly, Xuan even followed Lin Xiaoxian into the elevator.
Lin Lan followed Xia Mengyao closely, and she didn’t dare to say more.
Although Hu Siyuan vacated the entire three-floor banquet hall of the Golden Horse Hotel for Lin Xiaoxian, because Lin Xiaoxian invited not many people, only the first banquet hall was used for the birthday banquet.
At the birthday banquet, many Lin family members came to Xia Mengyao and Chen Feng. The purpose of these people was roughly the same as Xie Yunfang’s. They all wanted to put their younger generations into the Kangmei Group.
In this regard, Xia Mengyao declined one by one.
Many people also hit Chen Feng with their attention, trying to figure out the relationship between Chen Feng and Hu Siyuan from Chen Feng’s mouth, and Chen Feng just haha ​​and dealt with it casually.

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