Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 49

Inside a living room on the top floor of the hotel.
Sun Guifang and Lin Dajun were in charge of receiving buyers, while Lin Lan stood bewildered, her smile a little stiff.
She was hiding this from the Xia family. After all, she was not very glorious. If Xia Yunsheng knew, it would not be impossible to drive her out of the Xia family in a rage.
But compared to Xia Yunsheng, Lin Lan was more afraid of Sun Guifang at this time. If Sun Guifang shakes her ugly things out, she will surely be forever.
Soon, many buyers began to sit up. A few of them were older than Lin Lan. They were all wealthy businessmen who had been married several times. However, although they were old, they were extremely wealthy. So This auction is also inevitable.
“Mrs. Lin, why haven’t you seen Miss Xia come out?” a fat and rich middle-aged man squinted his eyes. The middle-aged man’s name is Zhou Dakang, a well-known diamond king in Cangzhou City. There are only two listed companies under his control. Three.
Zhou Dakang is not interested in Yuquanshan’s project. He came here because he coveted Xia Mengyao’s beauty.
Lin Lan paused, and just wanted to talk, Sun Guifang smiled before her: “Zhou, Mengyao, she has a thin face. She is not suitable for this kind of occasion. If you want to see her, auction it for a while. When you’re in, you bid a few more times and you will see her every day.”
“Hey, how did I hear that Miss Xia and Mrs. Lin are having an awkward situation. This matter was advocated by Mrs. Lin. Miss Xia did not agree…” Zhou Dakang said with a smile. Naturally, no one can come here to participate in the auction. Stupid, so they know something about Lin Lan and Xia Mengyao’s situation. The auction of Xia Mengyao on the first night is likely to be Lin Lan’s behavior alone, and it has nothing to do with Xia Mengyao. Then, they paid out but couldn’t get anyone. Isn’t it a joke?
“Mr. Zhou, look at what you said, Mengyao had a little awkwardness with her mother, but after all, they are two mothers and daughters. There is no hatred overnight. After two days, Mengyao has figured it out. She is sure I’m back.” Sun Guifang explained with a smile, long before the auction, she thought about how to deal with these buyers’ problems.
“You don’t seem to understand what I mean? I mean, if I really auction off Miss Xia’s first night, will Miss Xia agree to it? And Miss Xia’s husband, the two have not divorced yet?” Zhou Dakang continued I asked him this question, but also the voice of most buyers in the venue.
“Mr. Zhou, you are worrying too much. Since we dare to auction Mengyao’s First Night, then we must have a perfect plan. If nothing else, Mengyao herself will definitely agree to it.”
“As for her husband, everyone who is doing it must know that he is an out-and-out rubbish! If he knows that everyone here is participating in the auction, he would definitely not even dare to put a fart. Maybe, when the time comes, He will take the initiative to send Mengyao up.”
Sun Guifang said calmly.
“Well, that’s true.” Everyone nodded. They all read the “Poor Son-in-Law’s Journey to the Giants”, so they knew Chen Feng very well. Even if they weren’t as useless as the newspaper said, they would definitely not be much different Go, for Chen Feng, they didn’t take it seriously.
The only thing to worry about is Xia Mengyao himself, but Sun Guifang has promised this, and they also relaxed. Sun Guifang has to dare to break the contract. They have a way to make the Xia family pay the price. At least Lin Lan, the initiator of the auction, will not be for the rest of his life. I want peace.
“Well, then you won’t waste your time, this auction will officially start.” Sun Guifang smiled.
“Everyone has seen Mengyao’s photos. I was always the school’s flower in college. Let’s not say anything else. In the world of Cangzhou, our Mengyao is definitely one of the best beautiful women. Marry such a beautiful woman. Home, the bosses are justified in face.”
“In addition, everyone knows that Mengyao is now the person in charge of the Yuquanshan project. I don’t need to say much about the value of the Yuquanshan project. So marrying Mengyao home is equivalent to marrying a money maker. I have nothing to say. People refute?” Sun Guifang asked with a smile.
“Haha, no one refuted, Mrs. Sun said that Miss Xia is indeed a treasure.”
“That is, even if Miss Xia is not the person in charge of the Yuquanshan project, I am willing to marry her and go home.”
“Who can marry Miss Xia is definitely the ancestor who burned the incense.”
Sun Guifang felt more confident after hearing the comments from everyone in the audience. However, Sun Guifang was not proud, but sighed, pretending to be sorry: “But Mengyao, she is good at everything, but there is something wrong.”
“Why did Mrs. Sun say this?”
“Is there anything wrong with Miss Xia? Why didn’t I find out?”
“Oh, bosses don’t know, Mengyao is a child, she has a hard life, and she is unfair to others. She should be a good girl like her, she should find a dragon who is like everyone to form a family. But by the way, this child married a wimpy who delivered food. After three years of marriage, not to mention suffering and suffering, but also being ridiculed by outsiders every day. My aunt looks distressed.” Sun Guifang sighed.
“That trash, it’s best not to let Lao Tzu touch, otherwise Lao Tzu will definitely interrupt his dog legs!”
“Hmph, it has delayed Miss Xia’s three years of youth, and interrupted his dog legs are light!” Someone snorted coldly.
Seeing that her remarks succeeded in causing everyone to hate Chen Feng, Sun Guifang couldn’t help but smiled, and then said: “But you can rest assured that Mengyao and the child’s life is hard, but there is one thing she did. By the way, that was three years of marriage, and she had been sleeping with the trash and didn’t give the woman the most precious things to the trash. So till now, the child is still in perfect shape and is a big girl. ”
Sun Guifang’s remarks were public praises, in order to highlight the value of Xia Mengyao and tell everyone not to worry, Xia Mengyao is still a virgin, and everyone can naturally hear the meaning of the words.
This also made everyone’s minds more fiery. Whoever married Xia Mengyao would marry a cash cow and go home, and this cash cow is still the number one beauty in Cangzhou.
What’s more commendable is that this big beauty, even if she has been married once, is still a big girl. It can be said that Xia Mengyao is just a piece of pie falling from the sky, and everyone wants to eat it!
Seeing that the desire of many buyers in the audience was successfully aroused, Sun Guifang raised a smile on the corner of his mouth and said: “Since the bosses can’t wait, let’s start the auction now. Mengyao’s first night, the reserve price is 5 million, every time The price increase shall not be less than 500,000 yuan.”

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