Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 50

“Eight million!”
As soon as the voice fell, Zhou Dakang raised the sign with an expression that he was bound to win.
Sun Guifang’s pupils shrank. Although she had been mentally prepared for the first night of Xia Mengyao’s auction this time, there would be a high price increase, but she still did not expect that at the beginning, someone would increase the reserve price by three hundred. Million.
“Zhou Dakang, don’t be ashamed of eight million in there. A goddess like Miss Xia must go up ten million. I will give out 11 million!” Off the stage, a middle school who is not in harmony with Zhou Dakang. The young man sneered and held up the sign. Although he also coveted Xia Mengyao’s beauty, but more, he wanted to get involved in Yuquanshan’s business. As long as Xia Mengyao was married and invested in Xia Mengyao, he could get the money back sooner or later. .
“Sun Sheng, this auction has just begun. Lao Tzu is just warming up. I will only pay out 8 million? Lao Tzu will pay out 12 million! And no matter how much your grandson wins, Lao Tzu will be one million more than you! ”
Zhou Dakang snorted coldly, and did not back down. The output value of his two listed companies has long been over 100 million, and tens of millions is as simple as eating and drinking water for him.
Sun Sheng’s expression changed. Zhou Dakang was so hard-headed, he really wanted to follow him to the end?
Everyone in the court looked at each other, and no one thought that at the beginning, Zhou Dakang and Sun Sheng were on the bar.
“Twenty million!”
At this moment, a light and fluttering sound rang out from the audience, and everyone took a deep breath. Who TM increased the price so hard, adding 8 million!
Everyone could not help turning their heads, and then realized that the placard was a young man with red hair. At this moment, the young man was still holding a sexy and enchanting Ukrainian girl in his arms. The young man’s big hand was squeezing the girl’s chest without any shy. The fullness of the girl made her pretty face flush.
Seeing everyone looking at him, the red-haired young man was not timid, but increased the strength in his hands a little bit, jokingly said: “Boss, see what I do, continue.”
But no one in the court continued to bid, and Zhou Dakang and Sun Sheng’s expressions became a little ugly.
“Shao Zhang, don’t you have a fiancee?”
Sun Sheng asked dryly, this red-haired young man was named Zhang Dongchen, the heir of the Zhang family in the east of the city. The Zhang family is very powerful in Cangzhou. The family assets have already exceeded 10 billion, making it a veritable first-line family.
There are rumors that Zhang Dongchen himself is extremely lustful. Almost all the beautiful girls in seven or eight universities in Cangzhou City have been played by him. Moreover, Zhang Dongchen himself has the baby relatives ordered by the Zhang family. He will come, everyone. did not expect.
“If you have a fiancée, you can’t come?” Zhang Dongchen asked frivolously, “Everyone here, there are still many yellow-faced women at home, aren’t they here too?”
As soon as these words came out, many middle-aged people in the field blushed a little. Indeed, some of them have not completely separated from their original partners. This time, they came with the idea of ​​luck. In case of success, you can Raise Xia Mengyao as a junior, or divorce him directly.
“Shao Zhang, you laughed.” Sun Sheng smiled and said: “Since Shao Zhang has also taken a fancy to Miss Xia, then Sun will not join in the fun. I wish Zhang Shao and Miss Xia will eventually get married.”
Sun Sheng withdrew, and Zhou Dakang’s face was filled with unwillingness, but when he thought of the terrifying forces behind Zhang Dongchen, he didn’t dare to fight anymore. He was afraid that he would fight again and his body would float on tomorrow. On the Cangjiang River.
The face of Sun Guifang on the stage was a little uncertain. The appearance of Zhang Dongchen was also not as expected. Among the people she asked Lin Dajun to send the invitation, there was no Zhang Dongchen, because Zhang Dongchen already had a fiancée, and his fiancée was there. His family is also one of the first-line families in Cangzhou. If Zhang Dongchen really photographed Xia Mengyao’s first night, then his fiancee would definitely not let Xia’s family go, let alone her.
As for driving Zhang Dongchen out, she didn’t dare to do it with Sun Guifang’s 100,000 courage.
“If Zhang Shao pays 20 million, will anyone increase the price?”
Sun Guifang asked in a cold manner, she hoped that at this time, someone could suppress Zhang Dongchen’s limelight, but everyone in the field bowed their heads.
In order to be jealous of the wind, it is not worthwhile to take fate.
“Twenty million once…”
“Twenty million twice…”
Sun Guifang glanced at everyone again, but still no one increased the price.
“Twenty million, three…”
“thirty million.”
A faint voice sounded from behind, and the audience was silent for an instant.
Are there any people who are not afraid of death and dare to take food from Zhang Dongchen’s mouth? Who is it? !
Everyone’s eyes widened, and they all looked back.
However, he saw a handsome young man in a white suit approaching with a smile. Behind the young man, there was a beautiful and sexy woman who looked very docile.
Shen Junwen? ! !
Many people took a breath.
Why is this big Buddha also here? !
The playfulness on Zhang Dongchen’s face also disappeared for the first time, replaced by solemnity.
Sun Guifang was a little at a loss. She didn’t expect that Shen Junwen would come. When Lin Dajun was asked to send the invitations, she was just trying to try. She didn’t report any expectations for Shen Junwen to come, even if Shen Junwen was single. Sun Guifang didn’t think that Shen Junwen would like Xia Mengyao.
Because behind Shen Junwen is the Shen family!
The only super first-line family in Cangzhou, the Shen family!
Shen Hongchang, the richest man in Cangzhou, came from the Shen family!
Shen Junwen is the nephew of Shen Hongchang.
Shen Hongchang has no children, so he loves Shen Junwen, his nephew very much.
Moreover, Shen Junwen is also extremely excellent. He has been named the city’s top ten young people for many times, and his talent in business is also amazing. The Qingquan Wine Industry he founded took only five years to become Cangzhou City. The leader of the liquor industry.
The dragon among the typical people.
“Shen Junwen! Are you fighting with me?” Zhang Dongchen clenched his fists and asked fearfully.
“Struggle?” Shen Junwen smiled disdainfully, and said: “Zhang Dongchen, are you incomprehensible about the word dispute? Two people have similar strengths and want the same thing, that’s called dispute.”
“And you, what kind of strength, don’t you have any compelling points in your heart?”
“I just told you directly, Xia Mengyao, this woman, I want it! Lao Tzu, the king of heaven, is here, and Lao Tzu is all these words.
Very arrogant!
However, no one dared to refute, because the person behind Shen Junwen was called Shen Hongchang!
Zhang Dongchen clenched his teeth and was surrounded by a strong sense of humiliation.
“Shen Junwen, don’t deceive people too much.” Zhang Dongchen roared lowly.
“If you don’t agree, you can increase the fare. I didn’t stop you.” Shen Junwen sneered and said.
“Okay! Then I will pay forty million! Come on!”
Zhang Dongchen looked a little crazy, he didn’t lack money, but he didn’t allow it, and he was beaten in the face.
Shen Junwen raised his brows and said lightly: “50 million.”
“Sixty million!”
Zhang Dongchen’s voice was hoarse and his eyes were blood red.

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