Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 499

“By the way, Xiaofeng, I am looking for you this time to send you something.” Shi Pojun returned to business.
Chen Feng was taken aback: “Give me something? What?”
“A sword.”
“Yes, the sword used by the ancestor .” The ancestor? That is his master Xiao Guozhong.
“Brother Shi, why do you want to give away the sword my master used?” Chen Feng was even more puzzled.
“You have to ask the leader of Nangong, he gave the sword.” Shi Pojun smiled.
Nangong leader?
Chen Feng was shocked, why did this man give himself a sword?
If he remembers correctly, the Nangong leader referred to by Shi Pojun is named Nangong Xiong. He is one of the three deputy leaders of the headquarters of the Yanjing War League. He holds the power of life and death in the Xingtang of the War League. Many domestic matters are determined by Nangong Xiong.
The last time Jin Jiazong lord Zhao Qianqiu was summoned into Beijing, it was Nangong Xiong who was behind him.
This time, Nangong Xiong gave him another sword, and it was the sword that Xiao Guozhong had used. What did it mean?
“Haha, Xiaofeng, don’t think too much about it. The reason why the leader of Nangong gave you the sword is because tomorrow is a gambling battle between the China Shipping Chamber of Commerce and the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce, and you don’t have a weapon to take advantage of it.”
“It happens to be the sword of the ancestor. Idle in the Zhanmeng
Armory , instead of letting this sword grow moldy there, it’s better to let it go out with you to drink the blood of the grandsons of the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce.” Shi Pojun smiled heartily , Xiao Guozhong’s sword is already in the war. The weapons depot has been idle for decades. The last time I saw blood was when Xiao Guozhong broke through the Grand Master and stepped through the gate of Shenyin Mountain.
That time, Xiao Guozhong used this sword to slay one of the three giants in the Japanese martial arts world into a river of blood, and the mountain gate was closed for ten consecutive years.
Now that this sword is born again, it will naturally be used on Shenyin.
“Big Brother Shi, I understand what you mean, but Master’s sword, I’m afraid I can’t afford it now…” Chen Feng smiled bitterly and said, Xiao Guozhong’s sword, for the Zhanmeng, is like a family heirloom. Very important meaning, if he took this sword, he would take over Xiao Guozhong’s mantle…
But who is Xiao Guozhong?
When one of the world’s nine great masters, he proclaimed in the dark and turbulent years of China, and killed the Japanese nation alone, killing Shenyin, one of the three giants in the Japanese martial arts world, to a peerless and ruthless person.
Is the sword used by such a legend really qualified to take over the sword used by myself today?
What should I do if I humiliate this sword?
“Xiaofeng, don’t belittle yourself. You are the closed disciple of the ancestor. No one is more qualified to use the sword of the ancestor.” Shi Pojun’s tone was serious. He naturally understood the meaning of Chen Feng’s words. Chen Feng was afraid that he would be insulted. Xiao Guozhong’s reputation, but in his opinion, Chen Feng’s worries are completely unnecessary. Although the people of Qianshui Chamber of Commerce are strong, Chen Feng will never be weak there.
Among other things, the fact that Chen Feng was already a master of martial arts at the age of twenty-five has crushed ninety-nine percent of the talents of the world.
There is a big reason why Nangongxiong gave out this sword. It was Chen Feng. If he is not satisfied with Chen Feng, let alone Xiao Guozhong’s closed disciple, he is Xiao Guozhong’s own son, Nangong. Xiong would not send out the sword.
“Then trouble Big Brother Shi, send me the sword.” Chen Feng said, Shi Po has already talked about this point. If he doesn’t accept the sword, he will be a little bit overwhelmed.
“Okay, wait for me for half an hour.”
Half an hour later, Chen Feng saw the sword sent by Shi Pojun.
This is an ancient sword that is four feet long, the sword body is clear and shiny, and even a human figure can be printed.
What’s more peculiar, the ancient sword itself exudes a kind of chill, which can be felt even if it is a few meters away.
Shi Pojun said with a smile: “According to the ancestors, the name of this sword is Chengyou, and it is the work of ancient sword-making master Ouyang Ye. Although the quality of the sword is still a few grades from the magic sword, it can blow up. Broken hair is not a problem.” After speaking, Shi Pojun waved at will, saw the sword shadow flash, and directly cut a bee just passing by in half.
The cut of the bee was smooth as a mirror.
What’s more peculiar is that even if it was cut in half, this bee still buzzed with its remaining wings, as if it didn’t feel that it had been cut in half.
Chen Feng’s pupils shrank, and with his eyesight, it was natural to see that it was not that the bee’s vitality was tenacious, but that Cheng You was too sharp!
It was so sharp that even if the bee was cut in half, the bee would not feel the slightest pain.
“Good sword!”
Chen Feng sighed infrequently. He had practiced swordsmanship, but he had never owned his own sword. It was not that he didn’t want to find it, but that most of the ancient swords he found were of poor quality.
If he used his full strength, the sword body of the poor quality ancient sword could not withstand his energy at all, and the sword body itself would collapse first before cutting the enemy.
Not hurt, hurt yourself first!
This is why Chen Feng has not had his own weapons.
The Chengyou in front of him… the quality is naturally qualified. Let alone Chengyou’s material is an extraterritorial meteorite, let’s talk about the caster of Chengyou, Ouyang Ye, who is a famous swordsmith in ancient times.
The ancient sword he forged and forged was not bad, and any one, today, could be auctioned for hundreds of millions of dollars.
A famous ancient sword like Chengyou, not to mention hundreds of millions, even billions, will not be auctioned.
The real priceless treasure!
“Brother Shi, thank you Nangong leader for me.” Chen Feng solemnly took over Cheng You from Shi Pojun. Although he had never met Nangong Xiong, he owed Nangong Xiong a lot of favor.
“Leader Nangong knows that you can say this. He asked me to tell you. Thank you. You just need to use Chengyou to bleed the grandsons of the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce.” Shi Pojun smiled. Nangong Xiong is fighting. One of the main fighting factions in the league, he is most uncomfortable with the Japanese martial arts world, so as long as there are people from the Japanese martial arts world, he will try to find faults for those in the Japanese martial arts world. .
In this gambling battle between the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce and the China Shipping Chamber of Commerce, if the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce does not allow the disciples of Shenyin and Daosheng to participate, if the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce allows Shenyin and Daosheng’s disciples to participate, it is impossible for Nangong Xiong. Sit and watch.
“By the way, the leader of Nangong also asked me to bring you a sentence. Although the gambling between China Shipping Chamber of Commerce and Qianshui Chamber of Commerce is nominally a friendly exchange activity organized by the people, it actually involves The face-to-face battle between the martial arts circles of the two countries .” “Therefore, many people in the martial arts circles of the two countries will pay attention to the outcome of this gambling battle. In addition, the officials also attach great importance to this gambling battle. In the name of maintaining order, several elders are sent over to supervise the whole process.”

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