Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 500

“So, Xiaofeng, you must behave well. The brighter you behave in this gambling battle, the less the Chen family dare to do anything to you.” Shi Pojun solemnly instructed, the factional dispute within the Chen family , He cannot participate directly, but he can stand on Chen Feng’s side and make suggestions for Chen Feng.
For Chen Feng, this gambling battle is a good opportunity.
Although in name, the gambling fight is only a private fight between the China Shipping Chamber of Commerce and the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce, but in fact, the gambling fight involves the martial arts circles of the two countries, and even the official of the two countries!
If Chen Feng can make a blockbuster in a gambling fight, then he will definitely be noticed by the people above. Then, it will be difficult for the Chen family to want to do something against Chen Feng.
“Brother Shi, don’t worry, I will be cautious this time.” Chen Feng nodded solemnly. Even without Shi Pojun’s words, he would go all out for this gambling fight.
Nothing else, just for Chengyou in your hands!
“Ah, caution is necessary, but do not give yourself too much pressure.”
“This Dudou, the Chamber of Commerce in the sea here is very well prepared, Qin Jian Zong care relationship to the first day of your over.”
“That The strength of this genius is indeed very strong. He is the number one genius of Jianzong in a hundred years. Among the younger generation, there are few opponents of him.”
“China Shipping Chamber of Commerce is here to prepare to use that genius as a killer.”
“So then, you If you can show your strength, try not to show your strength.” Shi Pojun said in a deep voice, Chen Feng is a master of martial arts, it is too shocking, if the Japanese martial arts world knows, Huaxia will have a A twenty-five-year-old martial arts master, the martial arts world of Japan will probably mobilize most of the power of the martial arts world to kill Chen Feng in the cradle.
Even in Huaxia, there will be many warriors with ghosts in their hearts who will do something to Chen Feng.
Fortunately, so far, only a few high-level officials in the Zhan Meng know that Chen Feng is a master of martial arts. These high-level officials have followed Xiao Guozhong in the past, and they are regarded as the direct line of Xiao Guozhong. Under normal circumstances, they Will not actively leak information.
Especially at this juncture, if they divulge the news that Chen Feng is a master of martial arts, then on the Japanese side, the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce may directly abandon gambling or temporarily change the rules.
In short, in any case, they will not let Chen Feng play.
Because the master of martial arts and this gambling battle are like a nuclear bomb.
Strictly speaking, Chen Feng is the biggest killer of China Shipping Chamber of Commerce in this gambling battle!
“Well, I try my best to control my strength to the realm of dark power.” Chen Feng smiled, Shi Pojun’s words gave him a lot of confidence.
Originally, he was worried that the strength of the warriors of the China Maritime Chamber of Commerce will be too much worse than the strength of the warriors of the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce. It may appear at that time. He has more than one choice. Now that Shi Pojun says this, he doesn’t need to worry too much. Up.
“The rules of gambling and fighting, the Chu family should have already told you. Both sides send ten warriors, draw lots to determine the order of the stage, and then start the fight.”
“After the fight, the loser will directly step down, and the winner can choose to step down or not. Choose to stay on the stage and continue to fight with the next draw…”
“Which side of the warrior is the last standing on stage, even if which side wins.” Shi Pojun said.
“Where is the gambling place?” Chen Feng asked.
“Island Melai.”
“Island Melai?” Chen Feng frowned. Why hadn’t he heard of this island.
“A small island on the high seas.” Shi Pojun smiled and said: “It does not belong to China, nor does it belong to Japan. It was originally a small island opened up for tourism. This time it was rented by the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce. I got down and used it for fighting.”
“Tomorrow you and the other nine warriors of the China Shipping Chamber of Commerce should pass by together.”
“Big Brother Shi will pass tomorrow?” Chen Feng asked, the place where the gambling was placed outside the open sea, he had to worry about a problem. : On the Japanese side, will you send killers to ambush? After all, Melai Island does not care about the location, and something really happened, and China couldn’t support it immediately.
Shi Pojun shook his head: “I won’t go there tomorrow. I want to sit in the
Zhan League .” “However, on the side of the Wu League, deputy leader Zhang will be allowed to maintain order on the scene. Deputy leader Zhang is an official representative. If the situation arises, you can find Deputy Leader Zhang.”
“Okay.” As if knowing what Chen Feng was worried about, Shi Pojun smiled and said:
“Don’t worry too much. There is no such madness in Japan. It’s a big deal, but compared to the friendship between the two countries, gambling is nothing at all, and the Japanese side will not take a big deal to do it with you.”
“I understand.” Chen Feng smiled, and the Japanese martial arts community It doesn’t know how to do it, but whether someone in the Chinese martial arts world will do it is not certain.
Not long after Shi Pojun left, Chen Feng received a call from Chu Celadon.
Chu Celadon came to him at this time because it was for gambling.
In this gambling battle, there are a total of four warriors from the Chu family. Now the other three warriors have arrived at the Chu Mansion, and Chen Feng is the only one left.
After giving Chu Celadon an exact time, Chen Feng returned to the hospital and told Xia Mengyao to pay attention to safety.
According to Chu Celadon, this gambling battle will take at least three days. If you count the two days of sailing on the high seas, it will probably take five days in total.
In five days, no one knew what would happen.
Although Xia Mengyao now has the strength of a Ming Jin martial artist, the people he offends are much better than when he was in Cangzhou. These people could not be simpler to deal with a Ming Jin martial artist.
So Xia Mengyao must be careful in everything.
After thinking about it, Chen Feng took out his cell phone and dialed Huang Laosan’s number.
“Little boy, what’s the matter?” Huang Laosan’s lazy voice came from the other end of the phone.
“Has Zewen come out of retreat?” Chen Feng asked straightforwardly. Among Huang Laosan’s four disciples, Chen Zewen was the strongest. Half a month ago, Chen Zewen said that he had a sign of breaking through the mid-term of the dark power, so he went I started to retreat, and I don’t know if I have left.
“It’s out, what’s the matter?”
“I want him to protect Mengyao secretly for a few days.” Chen Feng said.
“Meng Yao? Your wife? Where are your kid going?” Huang Lao San asked in surprise.
“Go to fight.” Chen Feng smiled faintly, “You have to go too.”
“Hey, fight? I like it.” Huang Laosan came to be interested.
“Let Zewen come over first, and you will go to the Chu Mansion with me in a while.” Chen Feng said, this time on Melai Island, he must bring Huang Laosan with him, in case something is irresistible. , Huang Laosan can be his greatest support.

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