Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 502

This man with a firm face is naturally Chu Yifei.
Following Chu Yifei, the young martial artist and the bodyguard of the Chu family hired by the Chu family for this gambling fight.
“Brother Chu, what kind of sect is Chen Feng you mentioned before? Why haven’t I heard his name before?” Halfway through the road, behind Chu Yifei, a young man in a Taoist robe suddenly spoke.
It seems that the young man in Taoist robe would ask this question. Chu Yifei smiled and said: “Chen Feng is not a child of any school, he is a martial artist.”
” Martial artist?” Hearing Chu Yifei’s words. , The young man in Taoist robe and the other two young men beside him frowned.
The Chu family actually let a casual martial artist join them in a gambling fight?
“Brother Chu, most of the casual martial artists have not accepted the orthodox martial arts inheritance. Under the same realm, their strength is much weaker than the strength of the sect warrior…” The
Dao-robed youth was talking, but a clear voice was in his ears. “Brother, why did you come here?”
A crisp voice with a little bit of anger, immediately attracted the eyes of the young man in Dao-robed robe.
First there was a fragrant breeze, and then, a pretty face that hadn’t been applied with any powder, but was like a fairy in the painting, caught the eyes of the young man in the robes.
A bright color flashed across the eyes of the young man in the robes, is this Chu celadon? How come real people are so much more beautiful than photos?
” Something happened on the road. It was delayed for a while.” Chu Yifei explained with a smile. Immediately, he asked again: ” Where is Chen Feng? Is it there?”
” Here , Brother Chen is already on it.” Chu Celadon grinned. Smiled.
“It’s fine when you arrive.” Chu Yifei nodded slightly and was about to introduce the identities of the three young men in Dao-robed celadon to Dao Chu Celadon, but didn’t want to. The young man in Dao-robed celadon smiled and said, “This is Miss Chu Celadon, right?”
Chu Celadon looked at him. I glanced at the Dao-robed youth, and immediately felt surprised. I had never seen this Dao-robed youth. How did this Dao-robed youth know himself?
Although I was surprised, Chu Celadon’s face did not show it.
She nodded gently and said: “I am Chu Celadon, you are…”
“Longhushan, Zhang Tianyu!” The young man in Dao Pao smiled and announced his name.
Dragon Tiger Mountain!
Hearing this name, Chu Celadon couldn’t help but be surprised. This robed young man looked plain and ordinary, but he didn’t expect that he was from Longhu Mountain, the sacred place of Taoism.
“It turns out to be Master Zhang… Celadon has clumsy eyes. I didn’t recognize the Master Zhang before. Please forgive him.” After relieving from the surprise, Chu Celadon smiled and said that the people of Longhushan are out, and they usually like to be called by others. For the heavenly master.
The decree in front of him is obviously a pivotal figure in Longhushan, calling him a heavenly master, no mistake can be made.
“Miss Chu is polite, you don’t know Zhang…it’s normal. After all, Zhang has been practicing in Longhu Mountain all year round, and the number of times he has come to the secular world is countless.” Zhang Tianyu stood with his hands in his hands, his tone quite proud.
But when Chu Celadon heard this, she was even more puzzled. The number of times she has come to the secular world is very few. How did that Zhang Tianyu know her?
As if seeing Chu Celadon’s doubts, Zhang Tianyu smiled again and said, “Miss Chu is curious about how Zhang met you?”
“Well, she is a little curious.” Chu Celadon smiled and nodded.
Zhang Tianyu shook his head and smiled without explaining. He directly took out the latest Apple mobile phone from his pocket, then clicked on the phone screen and entered the three characters Chu celadon.
Suddenly, a lot of photos and materials appeared . The young singer, actress, national goddess… Chu Celadon blushed for a while, but she did not expect that Zhang Tianyu met her in this way.
“Miss Chu, although Zhang is a cultivator, Zhang is not the kind of nerd who does not leave his house and only knows how to practice. On weekdays, Zhang also goes online and learns some external affairs through the Internet.” Zhang Tianyu Said with a smile.
“It’s true that Miss Chu said that Zhang is still a fan of Miss Chu. Zhang likes those songs that Miss Chu sang.”
“Thank you Zhang Tianshi for your love.” Chu Celadon bowed slightly. The martial artists in the sect are not the same.
She originally thought that the warriors in the sectarian world were mostly martial idiots who were obsessed with cultivation, but Zhang Tianyu showed her the normal side of the warriors.
A few minutes later, a group of people boarded the top deck.
Chen Feng and Huang Laosan were talking on the bow.
At this moment, Chu Yifei’s full-bodied voice sounded behind him: “Brother Chen Feng!”
“Brother Chu.”
Chen Feng turned his head and smiled slightly.
“I’m sorry, Brother Chen Feng, I made you wait a long time.” Chu Yifei strode to Chen Feng, but Zhang Tianyu and the other two young men in Taoist robes didn’t mean to move. They just stood in place and looked at He looked at Chen Feng with his eyes.
“Big Brother Chu is polite, I just arrived.” Chen Feng first smiled at Chu Yifei, and then looked at Zhang Tianyu and others: “These are…”
“They…they are our Chu family invites Tomorrow, they will join you on the stage to participate in a gambling fight.”
“This is the big disciple of
Yu Changqiu, the master of the Xingyi Sect, Hu Qixing. ” “This is the second disciple of the gossip sect master Yang Qianshan, Yang Xianming. ”
” this …… ”
When it was Zhang Tianyu’s turn, before Chu Yifei could speak, Zhang Tianyu took the initiative to stand up: “Longhushan, Zhang Tianyu.”
“Master…Zhang Xianzun.” When
Zhang Xianzun was mentioned, Zhang Tianyu’s expression was obviously a lot more proud.
But after Chen Feng heard these three words, he was dumbfounded for a moment.
Zhang Xianzun?
This young man in front of him is actually a disciple of Zhang Xianzun?
“Do you know the master?” Zhang Tianyu frowned and said as if seeing Chen Feng’s astonishment.
“Do not know.” Chen Feng subconsciously shook his head, he immediately added:. “However, Zhang Tian heard the name”
Zhang days encyclical nodded slightly:. “The original name of the family division is heard,”
“Family Division in Budokan Jie is famous, you’ve heard of his name, but it’s normal.”
Chen Feng smiled slightly, Zhang Xianzun really deserves the four words of prestige in the martial arts world, but this prestige was created by Zhang Xianzun’s strength. It has nothing to do with the decree in front of me.
“I heard Big Brother Chu say that you are a martial artist?” Zhang Tianyu looked at Chen Feng again. Chen Feng’s background was his most concerned issue.
Chu Yifei said he was a martial artist?
Chen Feng frowned slightly, and immediately figured it out. Chu Yifei said this naturally to conceal his identity as a child of the Chen family.
“Well, I am a martial artist.”
Chen Feng nodded lightly. Since Chu Yifei has made up a lie, then he has just followed the lie made up by Chu Yifei.
Hearing Chen Feng’s personal confession, Zhang Tianyu’s brows frowned suddenly deeper: “What realm are you now?”

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