Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 503

“In the early days of Anjin.”
Chen Feng frowned, and then spoke lightly.
In the martial arts world, it is actually an impolite behavior to rashly ask about the martial arts state of others.
Zhang Tianyu was born in a famous school like Longhushan, so he must understand this truth.
But he understands this truth, but he still asks like this. That can only explain one problem, Zhang Tianyu, he has an opinion!
As for why there are opinions, Chen Feng can probably guess some, it is nothing more than his identity as a martial artist.
In the martial arts world, the status of casual martial artists is not very high.
Most of the casual cultivators are inferior products eliminated by the sectarian warriors.
They don’t have good talents for cultivation, and they don’t have enough resources for cultivation, and some are just longing for martial arts.
But martial arts practice, yearning is not enough.
You have to have talents, resources, and mentorship…
With these things, you can be stronger than others and can be promoted to a higher level.
Without these things, you can only be reduced to the bottom of the martial arts world.
San Xiu martial artist is the bottom of the martial arts world.
Disgusted by official organizations, and underestimated by sect warriors…It can be said that Sanxiu warriors are a character who doesn’t care for his father and his mother does not love him.
From Zhang Tianyu dare to ask him blatantly about the realm of this’fashion martial artist’, it can be seen how low the status of the casual martial artist in the martial arts world is.
“In the early stage of Anjin?”
Zhang Tianyu’s tone was somewhat startled, “Are you really in the early stage of Anjin?”
“It’s like a fake replacement.” Chen Feng lied without a red heart. His true state is naturally not the early stage of dark Jin, but the early stage of Hua Jin!
In the early days of An Jin, he just made up casually.
But even if it was made casually, Zhang Tianyu was shocked enough.
“It’s not bad for a casual martial artist to be able to cultivate to the early stage of Dark Jin at this age.” After realizing that he was a bit gaffe, Zhang Tianyu quickly recovered.
However, Chen Feng’s ability to cultivate to the early stage of An Jin at this age is not just as simple as what he said is right.
Strictly speaking, it should be an evildoer!
After all, a genius like him, supported by the resources of the sect, and taught by the old master himself, at the age of twenty-five or sixty-six years old, can cross the threshold of the mid-stage dark power.
Now he is almost 30 years old, still in the mid-stage of Dark Jin.
But even if he hasn’t broken the threshold of the mid-term dark power in five years, he is one of the few geniuses in Longhushan.
If Chen Feng is placed in his environment, it is hard to guarantee that Chen Feng will not do better than him.
Thinking of this, Zhang Tianyu couldn’t help putting away his contempt for Chen Feng.
Although Chen Feng’s realm is lower, Chen Feng’s talent is still worthy of recognition. In the future, Chen Feng may not have the opportunity to break through to the realm of martial arts master.
If Chen Feng really breaks through to the realm of the master of martial arts…
Zhang Tianyu’s expression changes slightly, and he looks at Chen Feng again, with a touch of kindness on his face:
“Tomorrow’s gambling fight, you can do your best. If you don’t fight the opponent, you To admit defeat is to don’t hold on to it, it will hurt your foundation. ”
Don’t hold on to it?
Chen Feng’s face is weird. Is this decree caring about himself?
Why did his attitude change so quickly?
Although surprised in his heart, Chen Feng did not show it on his face. He smiled and said:
“Senior Brother Zhang’s kind words, Chen has written it down. If Chen is not against the opponent tomorrow, he will admit defeat.”
“Well, you have. This enlightenment is good.” Zhang Tianyu nodded slightly, Chen Feng’s attitude made him very satisfied, and he felt a kind of teachable child.
“Chen Young really not Xiangman, the keys to victory tomorrow Dudou, in fact, in my genius who with Gladius, and how can these early Anjin, in fact, is exhausting day for those of State Warrior.”
“You those The more the physical strength of the Japanese warriors is consumed, the greater the probability that the genius of Jianzong and I will stand at the end.”
“So, tomorrow, you, the early warriors of the dark power, will consume the physical strength of those Japanese warriors as much as possible tomorrow. , To increase the odds of winning for me and the genius of the sword sect.”
Zhang Tianyu’s expression was a bit proud. Although his words were straightforward and even a little harsh, they were also true.
Among the ten martial artists invited by the China Shipping Chamber of Commerce this time, the only one who can enter his magic eye is Wang Gan of Jianzong.
Except for Wang Qian, the other warriors are all in the early days of Anjin.
There was only one realm difference between the early stage of Anjin and the middle stage of Anjin.
But for the martial artist, the difference in this realm is the difference between cloud and mud.
This is the watershed between ordinary genius and extreme genius.
Those who can enter the middle stage of the dark power before the age of thirty are extremely talented!
This is an unquestionable fact!
“Senior Brother Zhang, don’t worry, I will try my best to consume the physical strength of those Japanese warriors in tomorrow’s gambling battle.” Chen Feng said solemnly, Zhang Tianyu said these words clearly, he wanted to determine the status of his protagonist.
Chen Feng naturally wanted to give Zhang Tianyu a face.
“Very good.” Zhang Tianyu’s face was full of satisfaction, and Chen Feng, a martial artist who was a martial artist, had a degree of cognition that exceeded his imagination.
Originally, he was still thinking about dismissing Chen Feng and making Chen Feng aware of the gap between him and him…
Now it seems that dismissal is unnecessary.
Chen Feng has realized the gap between himself and him.
What Zhang Tianyu and Chen Feng said fell into Chu Yifei’s ears without a word. However, Chu Yifei did not refute it. He just looked at Zhang Tianyu’s performance with a weird face throughout the whole process. He was very curious if it was Zhang Tianyu. Knowing that the real cultivation base of the’San Xiu Wuzhe’ in front of him is at least in the late stage of An Jin, what expression will Zhang Tianyu look like?
After Zhang Tianyu left.
Chu Celadon couldn’t help but look at Chen Feng: “Brother Chen, are you really just in the early days of Dark Jin?”
Although she doesn’t know much about the martial artist, she knows what realms the martial artist probably has.
According to the analysis of the Chu family, Chen Feng’s real state is likely to be the late stage of Anjin, not the early stage of Anjin.
If it were the early days of Dark Jin, the Chu family would never use Chen Feng as a killer.
Outsiders think that Zhang Tianyu is the killer of the Chu family this time, but only the top of the Chu family knows that Chen Feng is the biggest killer of the Chu family for this gambling fight!
“Tomorrow you will know.”
Chen Feng smiled, whether he was in the early stage of the dark Jin, and he will be on stage tomorrow.
It doesn’t make much sense to say this now.
After sending Chu Celadon away, the surrounding area finally became quiet.
However, Chen Feng did not return to the cabin. He saw a familiar figure at the dock just when he boarded the cruise ship. Now, he wanted to make sure that he had made a mistake.
After going around for a while, Chen Feng descended from the top deck to the fourth deck.
Compared with the top deck, the field of vision on the fourth deck is significantly reduced.
However, on the fourth deck, there are many more people walking back and forth than on the top deck.
There are beautiful welcoming guests with fruit plates, handsome sailors in uniforms, and of course, more casual tourists.

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