Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 504

“Sir, do you come out to play alone?” Just as Chen Feng searched for the figure in the crowd with his eyes, a delicate voice rang in his ears.
Chen Feng turned around subconsciously, only to find that there was a woman with heavy makeup in front of him.
The woman’s dress is very sexy, with a pink waistcoat on the upper body, and a pair of sky blue Qi B hot pants on the lower body. Except for these two pieces of clothing, the woman’s whole body has no strands.
Under the light, the woman’s snow-white skin is very conspicuous, and the two slender and straight legs are even more eye-catching.
Although the figure of the woman who was posted suddenly was very sexy and hot, Chen Feng only glanced at it and lost interest.
Seeing Chen Feng turning her head without saying anything, the woman suddenly became anxious. She grabbed Chen Feng and said, “Sir, can you meet me? My name is Liu Xuan.”
“The night is long, and the husband is playing on the boat alone. How boring… it’s better to let Xiaoxuan accompany you.” While the woman said in a charming voice, she used her delicate body to stick a few points in front of Chen Feng’s body. Rubbing Chen Feng’s body.
In response, Chen Feng’s response was simple and rude, with only one word:
“Get out!” With that, Chen Feng pushed the sexy woman away.
After being staggered by Chen Feng, the sexy woman suddenly became annoyed and angry. Seeing many eyes from around her, the sexy woman bit her silver teeth and made a decisive decision.
She screamed: “Come on, catch the pervert!”
Pervert? As soon as these two words came out, the crowd suddenly became agitated, and many people gathered around.
“Beauty, what’s the matter? Do you need help?”
The hot body of the sexy woman attracted a few hot-blooded youths with hot belly.
“Need! Help me catch that pervert!” The sexy woman with silver teeth bite, pointing at Chen Feng, her beautiful eyes full of anger. satyr?
Several passionate young men glanced at Chen Feng, and then walked up to Chen Feng in unison, and surrounded Chen Feng in the middle.
“Get away.” Chen Feng frowned and glanced at several people.
“Get out of the way?” A young man wearing a hip-hop hat and earrings sneered. “If you don’t explain things clearly, don’t even think about going anywhere today!”
“Yes, if you don’t explain things clearly, you will be anywhere today. Don’t even think about going !” “Explain what?” Chen Feng glanced at the earring youth lightly.
“That lady said you are a pervert…”
“If she said you believe it?” Chen Feng coldly interrupted before the earring youth finished speaking.
The young man with earrings became a little embarrassed and angry: “That lady is so beautiful, how could she lie!”
“Pretty?” Chen Feng sneered: “If you are beautiful, you won’t lie?”
“You…” The young man with earrings stuck.
“! You are pervert”
At this time, sexy woman stood up, she looked cold Chen Feng: “You just do not pay attention while I touched my ass.”
Chenfeng Ping Jing said: “? Evidence of it.”
“No Evidence!”
“How can there be evidence for this kind of thing?!” Liu Xuan asked sharply, breathing fire in her eyes.
With her expression, many onlookers who had originally held a neutral attitude began to waver.
“This little girl is right. How can there be evidence for this kind of thing? She doesn’t know that the young man is a pervert.”
“Yes, I also think this young man is a pervert. You can tell by looking at his dress. It’s not a serious person.
Chen Feng listened to many onlookers’ comments. I have to say that this sexy woman is a little clever. Her trick is very simple, which is to use the pressure of public opinion to buckle the pervert. On his head.
And, often at this time, there is no evidence, but the greatest evidence!
Liu Xuan couldn’t help being a little proud to see many passers-by on her side.
In fact, her original plan was not like this.
Her original plan was to seduce Chen Feng’s.
As for why Chen Feng was seduced, the reason is very simple. Chen Feng got off the top of the cruise ship. There are only a dozen tickets for the top of the cruise ship, and each one is only sold to VIP customers at the price. Starting at 30,000!
A person who can afford VIP tickets worth 30,000 must be a very valuable local tyrant.
How can such a local tyrant come down from the top of the cruise ship alone, how can she not seduce? Her calculations are very good. But what she didn’t expect was that Chen Shengeng was so unkind, facing the seduction of a stunner like her, Chen Feng pushed away!
“I will give you two choices now. ”
First, call the police.” ”
Second, it’s private.” ”
Go ahead, which one to choose?” ”
Liu Xuan looked at Chen Feng coldly. She was sure that Chen Feng would choose to be private. After all, Chen Feng is a local tyrant in the top-floor luxury cabin. For such a local tyrant, face is often a hundred times more important than money.
If Chen Feng chooses to be private, she can take a lot of money from Chen Feng.
Taking 10,000 steps back, even if Chen Feng chooses to call the police, she will not suffer a big loss.
“He didn’t choose either.”
Just as Liu Xuan was thinking about how to blackmail Chen Feng, an abnormally cold voice sounded in the court.
Chu celadon, like an iceberg queen, appeared in the sight of everyone.
The audience fell silent for an instant.
Everyone’s eyes widened, their eyes full of weirdness.
The famous Chu celadon was also on this cruise ship!
Not only were many tourists stunned, Liu Xuan was also frightened at the moment.
Chu Celadon!
It turned out to be Chu Celadon, the national goddess!
He was on the same cruise ship as Chu Celadon, the goddess of the nation.
Liu Xuan was too late to think about why Chu Celadon appeared on the cruise ship. At this moment, Liu Xuan needed to think about what Chu Celadon meant just now.
‘He chooses neither.’
Is he Chen Feng in Chu Celadon’s mouth?
Does Chu Celadon know Chen Feng?
Just as Liu Xuan was thinking about what Chu Celadon meant, Chu Celadon walked up to Liu Xuan expressionlessly. She looked at Liu Xuan coldly: “You said Brother Chen is a pervert?”
Brother Chen? !
Hearing this name, Liu Xuan was shocked again in her heart. really!
Chu Celadon knew Chen Feng and had a close relationship with Chen Feng!
Although there was already a huge wave in my heart, at this moment, Liu Xuan could only bite the bullet and admit: “Yes…he just touched my ass.”
Hearing Liu Xuan’s admission, Chu Celadon’s pretty face didn’t show the slightest surprise. At the beginning, she didn’t believe in Liu Xuan.
First of all, she doesn’t think Chen Feng is such a person.
Secondly, even if Chen Feng suddenly became muddled, he would not like Liu Xuan’s rouge and vulgar fan.
“Do you have any evidence?” Although Liu Xuan was already certain in her heart that she was slandering Chen Feng, Chu Celadon’s face was not too obvious.
“No…no.” Liu Xuan shook her head a little, and began to feel uncomfortable in her heart.
“You have no evidence?” Chu Celadon sneered suddenly.

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